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Psychologist Sebastian Robalino (Quito)

Do your emotions and thoughts feel like an obstacle to the life you dream of? Do you notice that your goals and relationships are in the background? Do you feel like you're stuck in an endless cycle and don't know what to do? | If you are sad, worried and anxious, you cannot concentrate, you procrastinate, you feel guilty and you think that everything is going to go wrong. You doubt yourself, it's hard for you to say “no”, you end up accepting things you don't want, you stay silent when you want to be heard. You see that your life has not progressed as you would like even though you have tried many things. If this is your experience, I can help you.

I am Sebastián, a specialist in evidence-based psychotherapies (scientifically proven to work) | Me The objective is to provide you with specific tools and skills that allow you to face your life effectively. For this we are going to focus on you knowing how to deal with the thoughts, emotions and behaviors you are experiencing. We start with an evaluation where together we will determine what happens to you; choose a treatment according to your needs and establish specific goals that allow us to measure your progress.

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Then we move on to intervention where we focus on you learning the skills and tools you need. When we have achieved the objectives, we will make a relapse prevention plan so that you know what to do in a similar situation in the future | I know it's natural to have questions, so I invite you to contact me and schedule a free 15-minute consultation where you can get to know me and I'll answer any questions you have. have.

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