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Psychologist Isabel Andrade Moscoso (Cuenca)

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I am a clinical psychologist, lawyer, teacher and pranic healer, with extensive experience in dealing with the different stages of life and difficulties at an emotional and behavioral level, thanks to this and my studies I work based on techniques integrals. It is important to remember that we are beings in the process of growth, learning to know ourselves and face the difficulties of life. life, therefore the moment we meet we can begin to take action in our lives and bring the balance of same. Allow spaces for your growth.

My work is focused on a comprehensive treatment, understanding that we are body-mind-emotions-spirit. Being beings in the process of growth, throughout our lives we will have different difficulties to go through, that is why having a Adequate accompaniment throughout our lives, makes a difference in managing and coping with these, optimizing and promoting a better quality of life. life.

Comprehensive therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy Emotional management Emotional intelligence Behavioral restructuring. Kids. Teenagers. Adults. Older adults. Addictions. Accompaniment-grief therapy. Couple-family therapy. Accompaniment in stage of life. Self-esteem and personal growth Accompaniment-management and therapy of different emotional and behavioral disorders and difficulties. Pranic psychotherapy. Pranic healing. Crystal Healing Therapies in English and Spanish

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