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Psychologist Juan Gálvez Pozo (Quito)

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I am a professional in clinical psychology and work from psychoanalytic theory. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a mention in Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis in association with the French EPHEP. My experience is shaped especially by individual attention with adults, young adults and adolescents. The most common reasons for consultation that I have worked with are mood disorders in general, especially depression and also anxiety. Much of my experience is also in dealing with conflicts in interpersonal relationships, family and divorce. Another important point in my work has been addressing sexual harassment and abuse and bullying. At present I also work with people (at the moment children) diagnosed within the autistic spectrum. The way I work allows us to go beyond the initial demand of the person who consults to give way to a deep and particular work, without recipes or general remedies. The person who decides to start treatment has the opportunity to find relief in the first place and beyond this an important, significant, lasting life change. Privacy and confidentiality are essential. Open and unprejudiced listening allows discomfort to have a suitable place to unfold and transform.

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Ethics and commitment to my work are the most important values. I am moved by a fascination with subjectivity. I maintain continuous training and control with colleagues beyond the academic space.

I work individually, although recognizing the environment of each person. My approach is psychoanalytic and I find in this theory and practice the most appropriate way to approach human suffering and choice. This conception of subjectivity allows me to hold a place for each person and not for "lost" diagnoses or cases.

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