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Psychologist Ángel Bolívar Andrade Moscoso (Cuenca)

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Hi, I'm Bolivar Andrade, a clinical psychologist. I studied my career in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. I have a high experience in the area of ​​addictions, as well as in disorders related to consumption, character and dependency. In the several years practicing the profession I have also been able to provide the necessary help to people with couple, emotional, behavioral problems in different spheres of their lives. With the professional background plus the appropriate knowledge to address each of the problems or doubts that are generated on a day-to-day basis, I I would like to be able to help you from the ideal approach so that you can feel comfortable while you develop your skills and overcome your problems. As psychologists we do not have the answers to people's problems but we do have the necessary tools so that you can face them, a flashlight to light the way and accompany you on this journey of discovery and increase. Where the goal is peace, happiness and tranquility. I'll wait for you

Empathy, active listening and great charisma

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