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Lic. Diego Tzoymaher and team

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I have been a clinical psychologist for 17 years, specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy and anxiety disorders. I was the editor of a publication on anxiety disorders, I taught graduate school, I did research on animals and also on humans. Today I lead a team of therapists that is growing steadily. I study acting, an activity that I do as leisure and in an amateur way, and I also had a stint in science journalism. I like to play soccer, cook and travel. I believe that, in addition to theoretical training and clinical experience, life is what shapes a good therapist.

I work from the framework of cognitive behavioral therapy since I believe that science is the best approach to knowledge in general and psychotherapy in particular. I am interested in the processes of behavioral change by which a person can achieve his objectives, passing through, accepting and modifying his cognitive and emotional patterns. I address specific pathologies such as anxiety and mood disorders, as well as vital crises and personal growth processes.

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Experience, training and warmth at the service of personal change

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