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What is a COPLA and examples

What is a copla and examples

the couplet is one of the poetic compositions most important of the Hispanic tradition. His verses have accompanied us throughout our lives and surely, when you see examples, they will resonate with you as something known.

In this lesson from a PROFESSOR we want to explain what is a couplet and give you some examples handy so you can see how it sounds.

the couplet It is a type of composition written in poem that is very common in the Spanish tradition. These compositions have been highly cultivated by hundreds of anonymous authors, of which only his verses have remained. But we can also recognize some of the most relevant writers of Spanish literature, such as Raphael Alberto either Federico Garcia Lorca.

The couplet is composed of stanzas of 3 or 4 lines, usually of minor art (at most they have 8 syllables). The type of language used by the couplet is very street. It deals with the themes in a very direct way, bluntly, but sometimes there are sarcasms that can make this work a comical piece.

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The copla is closely linked to the world of music and singing, for that reason, many of the written verses have been taken to the musical field. On special occasions and ceremonies, the couplets are recited and become a village song, in that situation. Many of the traditional verses of the couplets have remained as proverbs of our Spanish tradition.

In its beginning, the couplet arose in the rural communities, in order to leave the knowledge orally to the next generations.

The examples they are the best way to understand a lesson. For this reason, we want to leave you with some short couplets, so that you can see how their stanzas, their verses, the musicality they emit, etc. are formed. We recommend that, in order to get the most out of the copla, you can recite out loud, to hear for yourself, how the oral tradition sounds.

for me everything is beautiful

For me everything is beautiful

for me everything is the same,

I am a lucky man

that always sings when waking up.

Copla of Mr. Don Gato

There was Mr. Don Gato

sitting on your roof

meow, meow, meow

sitting on his roof.

He has received a letter

in case you want to be married,

meow, meow, meow

in case you want to be married.

with a white kitten

niece of a brown cat

meow, meow, meow

niece of a brown cat.

popular couplet

The woman who loves two

she is discreet and understanding:

if a candle goes out

the other one stays on.

The woman who loves two

He loves them like little brothers:

he puts horns on one,

to the other the pythons.

heaven is from heaven

Heaven is from heaven

the cloud is chalk.

the face of the toad

It makes me laugh.

the moon is cheese

and the sun is sun.

the face of the toad

it gives me a lot of cough.

We hope this article has helped you understand what is a copla, through theory and examples. If you are interested in continuing to learn more about this topic or something similar, do not hesitate to consult our writing section.

What is a couplet and examples - Examples of couplets

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