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Psychologist María De Jesús Anda Montero (Mexico City)

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I am a Professional Coach; also Psychotherapist at Master's level. I offer you my experience, my listening, my understanding and my method to find better options in your life. I will accompany you in your self-discovery so that you take control of your life. I will help you identify your strengths and find the wealth in you to successfully achieve your goals. I will support you so that you discover that you are capable of turning problems into opportunities. You have the right to live with well-being, without guilt, without remorse and fully. With self love everything is possible. On the ride of your life. Do you realize that you have strengths that have led you to achieve goals and objectives, but there are also moments in which you have experienced situations that do not favor you and you would like them to be different? Asking for help is the first step in finding solutions.

From the following situations, identify one or more conditions that are affecting you: ▢ You worry too much. what interferes with your work, your relationships and other aspects of your life. ▢ Your insecurity in certain situations causes you discomfort ▢ You feel guilty for actions that you consider were incorrect ▢You find it difficult to control your emotions in situations that they dislike ▢You feel deep sadness for some event you have experienced. ▢You have goals you want to achieve but you don't know how to do it. ▢You can't fall asleep and spend the day exhausted.

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▢You have been hurt and you have a lot of grudge. ▢Your relationship with your partner is deteriorating, due to some event or perhaps for no apparent reason, and there have been more and more difficult times. ▢You think that the behavior of someone close to you (partner, children, etc.) is not appropriate and you don't know why they act that way. ▢You lack the appreciation that you think you deserve. ▢You are successful in your profession, you have a family that you love and they love you but you feel that you are not happy. My purpose is to help you find better options to solve any of the situations you identify.

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