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Psychologists in Mexico City

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Bachelor of Psychology

There are times when we feel that the things we are experiencing are overwhelming us, that we do not have many options and we let ourselves be carried away by our emotions. But this is something that can change, especially if you have already made the decision to go to therapy. In the process we are going to work with your own objectives and if we consider that you are not clear about them, we are going to build them. Due to the situation we are currently experiencing, I do online therapy, which can be adjusted to the schedules that best suit you.


At the Self Care Clinic we are a team of mental health professionals with master's degrees in the clinical and social areas. We provide tools to improve your problems, we are here to take care of you and guide you in your personal process with qualified experts. We provide face-to-face and online psychotherapeutic care. Do not hesitate to contact us. We also focus on the dissemination and promotion of mental health through training courses and workshops for the general public, students and health personnel.

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Holistic Psychologist | Clinical Psychology Metrics

If you want to heal childhood wounds, work on your self-knowledge, self-esteem, anxiety management, relationships as a couple, life project, personal development, among others, allow me to accompany you in your process therapeutic. Rest assured that it will be one of the most valuable investments for your life.


My work is aimed at facilitating the use of tools that support your emotional and professional well-being, a Humanist approach, warm and confidential.

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Psychologists in Mexico City

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