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Lina Maria Piedrahita Zuluaga

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I specialize in accompanying WOMEN in their process of self-knowledge, healing, self-love, personal development, among others. I am a comprehensive psychologist; I am interested in the emotional, physical and interpersonal well-being of my clients. Throughout my life, I have been passionate about understanding the complexity of the human being and the multiple dynamics that are built in social relationships. I am convinced that self-knowledge work generates a better quality of life and therefore better links between people. I have worked in psychological support centers, psychiatric institutions and in private practice throughout these years.

I characterize myself for being a sweet person, very empathetic, analytical and perceptive. I seek to go beyond concrete problems to provide a holistic and systemic view of what is happening; In order to provide the individual with multiple views and ways to get to solve what he is living.

In addition to having completed a master's degree in clinical psychology where I acquired multiple theoretical tools and practical, I have extensive knowledge of meditation, yoga, astrology, energy centers (chakras) and art therapy; Which month I like to include in my psychotherapeutic practice, if the patient is interested.

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