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Rubens Nuñez Master Psychotherapist

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I am Rubens Nuñez, Psychotherapist and Coach. With proven experience in more than ten years working with adults, couples and groups with different specialties. From your first session you will see the results, accompanying you in your ability to solve the life challenges that you encounter. This is approached from different in-depth conversations, and dynamics that lead to a deep realization of your today in the world, and how to resolve your conflicts and whatever the issue that ails you (managing your emotions, relationships, anxiety, stress, anguish, difficulties in making decisions, tiredness, depression, insecurity, among others). It is a re-learning to be with yourself in assertiveness and occupy the place that as a human being you deserve. It is a confidential, professional, dynamic space, updated in psychological techniques and theories that promote your integral human development (personal and / or professional).

Trained in Human Development as a Humanist Psychotherapist and Master in Gestalt. I have specialized for more than ten years in issues and consultation in personal, group, business human development. Also with postgraduate specialization in Addictions, Groups, Couples, Mindfulness, for Adults and Adolescents. I am also a life coach and executive attending the personal and professional aspects to achieve the goals and objectives of my clients / clients and patients.

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From a holistic and integrative vision, I will be accompanying you in overcoming the obstacles in life that you are facing. In the same way, you will learn tools that will help you realize, grow and face the challenges of life that touch you.

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Rubens Nuñez Master Psychotherapist

I am Rubens Nuñez, Psychotherapist and Coach. With proven experience in more than ten years worki...

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