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I am a doctor specialized in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I support the person to know himself to be able to resolve and control conflicts, emotional problems and trauma. I worked in various communities such as: Olivar del Conde and Xochimilco. I worked in institutions such as: San Rafael Psychiatric Hospital, MENDAO Psychiatric Institute, San Bernardino, Children's Psychiatric Hospital, Youth Integration Center. I gave classes in the career of Psychology at the Universidad Iberoamericana and supervised their field work. I did my master's degree in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association. And the doctorate in Center for Higher Studies ELEIA.

Meter. Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist, I like my patients to feel satisfied with my work, I consider that the relationship between patient and therapist must be very important, as this motivates the patient to change and leave their patterns behind behavioral On the other hand, in session I like that you as patients commit to wanting to fight against yourself and thus achieve the goal. I like that they always take something with them, and not just come and talk. Psychotherapy is a construction that you yourself are forming, until you reach the modification. I invite you to try a session and if you don't like it, you won't pay me.

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Bachelor of Psychology

Verified professional

Psychologist specialized in brief, family and addiction therapy, with knowledge and management of. application, interpretation and integration of projective and psychometric tests, forensic expert, 15. years of experience in face-to-face and online crisis intervention by phone and remotely. Ability to manage psychoeducational and therapeutic groups. Teacher at the baccalaureate, undergraduate and graduate level.

Lic. in Psychologist & Life Coach

My mission is to facilitate the integral development of the individual, physically, emotionally and spiritually, reinforcing the level of personal identity of each one through self-knowledge and recognition of their own identity, considering different variables, situations and personal aspects, which will allow you to improve your quality of life, even in uncertainty.

Clinical Psychologist

I am Priscila Lunguinho and if you allow me, I will be your bedside psychologist. @ psicoterapias1 Unfortunately, at some point in life we ​​all go through such difficult situations that it seems that we will not overcome. Certain problems or situations generally arrive without prior notice, take us by surprise, such as for example: the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or even the betrayal of the partner. Other situations that give so little warning are abuses, earthquakes, economic crises, all these situations that we know as crises or traumatic events. When we find ourselves in any of these situations, we can generally lose control, our mind feels unable to organize and think clearly. As your bedside psychologist, I will accompany you and give you tools so that you can get out of these moments more I will easily guide you to help yourself, reconnect with your being, return to emotional well-being and why not? return to spiritual wellness in a loving and compassionate way with yourself. You will not be alone on your way, you will understand self-knowledge and support for your pain and feelings.

Master's degree in psychology

I specialize in accompanying WOMEN in their process of self-knowledge, healing, self-love, personal development, among others. I am a comprehensive psychologist; I am interested in the emotional, physical and interpersonal well-being of my clients. Throughout my life, I have been passionate about understanding the complexity of the human being and the multiple dynamics that are built in social relationships. I am convinced that self-knowledge work generates a better quality of life and therefore better links between people. I have worked in psychological support centers, psychiatric institutions and in private practice throughout these years.

Clinical psychologist

** (ONLY INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION) ** WOMAN, how much time do you spend? Many times we tend to be so busy that we give ourselves little time for self-care, feeling sad, angry, frustrated, confused, exhausted, even with some sensations in our body that we have no idea how handle. It may be that the above has to do with: • You are in the middle of some relationship (s) where you do not feel comfortable. • you feel that you demand too much or little of yourself in your daily activities. • you feel uncomfortable with your appearance or the way you behave • you feel short of patience. • you consider that it is difficult for you to make decisions... or any other situation for which you feel that you no longer have ideas about how to react.

Degree in psychology

I am a Clinical Psychologist, a mental health professional. I am passionate about my work that is why I constantly update myself to obtain the optimal tools to support you and have better results, my goal is for you to achieve find what stops you or keeps you in certain ways and you have not made progress, I offer you a guided discovery oriented towards your objectives and goals, I accompany you in this meeting of your life to improve and modify those thoughts that stop you, through a constant psychological and behavioral review, applied a day day. I attend online and in person. We adjust the price based on your resources, in order for you to find your peace of mind and serenity in this difficult stage that humanity goes through. I work from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm on an agenda basis. The published price applies to users within the country of Mexico, adjusted per session if necessary. Outside the country, Mexico, the sessions have a different cost, only with Spanish speaking. And I also adjust it if necessary. I give a special discount to covid-19 people. Ascertainable.

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology

My goal is to help you find the necessary tools to restructure your thoughts, so that you can work on the emotions and behaviors that keep you from moving forward. Each person has different needs, so it's important to find the tools that work best for you.


My approach to psychotherapy is primarily aimed at reinforcing qualities rather than focusing on finding fault. Of course, it works with any situation that is obstructing the achievement of the wishes of the person and seeks the socio-emotional balance. The proposal does not stop at human development, but goes further, with flourishing, well-being and satisfaction with a human and positive approach.

Master in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist for adults, couples and adolescents. My mission is to contribute to your emotional well-being by deepening your life situation and discovering new perspectives so that you can achieve your growth and the changes necessary to feel calm and satisfied with your life.

Clinical psychology

I listen with empathy to your feelings and wishes, so that you become the creator of your life. Through 36 years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Teacher, Lecturer, I am satisfied by inviting my patients to the discovery of their Being, which has led them to to live more fully, to live and not only survive, to see how they feel freer and owners of what they feel and decide and thus, to be beings of Light, who Love each other and spread their Love. My life vocation as a Clinical Psychologist and Humanist Gestalt Psychotherapist, is to enable patients, first to Love each other, to admire each other. as wonderful Human Beings and that, consequently, they live with greater awareness, freedom, self-direction, creativity, satisfaction and love. The Psychotherapy of the Being is a space of freedom for you to become the creator of your life. That you can say and exercise the following expression: “It does not matter what they have caused in me in the past, but what I can do for me, in my present in order to take better advantage of my past experiences to be able to live my life more fully in the here and now and be the creator of my present and my future".


A state of well-being is achieved by having good health, both physical and mental. Unfortunately, mental health care has not been adequately publicized; Therefore, professionals have the obligation to help people achieve that state of satisfaction that allows them to fully enjoy their life.

Verified professional

I am a psychotherapist with clinical and educational training with more than 25 years of experience accompanying patients and providing tools to solve situations in different stages of life. My methodology is based on generating a genuine and profound change with my patients, achieving notable advances in the short and medium term.

Master's Psychoanalysis

Specialist with 16 years of experience in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Human Capital. I contribute to the development of the competencies of families generating a transformation reaching their family mission. Through our therapeutic process we will change beliefs and behaviors that at this time do not allow you to move forward in your life. Be the protagonist of your own life and live in peace!

Lic. in psychology

We are a group of clinical psychologists. All of us who work here as clinical psychologists have studied a degree in psychology and have various postgraduate studies. We practice clinical or scientific psychology. All of our treatments are proven effective and backed by scientific studies. We work every day in order to increase people's positive feelings. We provide psychological treatment based on scientific evidence for difficulties related to the regulation of emotions, anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, relationship problems, work problems, violence, grief, sexuality, diseases, we help people to achieve balance in their life and optimize their performance. Perhaps you are in a very difficult situation and you are the victim of really adverse circumstances or you are living with disastrous memories of a past that you can no longer remedy. In our psychological center, you will learn to use the correct psychological tools that will allow you to successfully face and overcome problems, experiences and more.


Verified professional

Our purpose: To help people see solutions to problems and achieve great goals. With more than 10 years of experience, we internationalized in 2019 to bring our services to more people. From the first consultation, your Therapist helps you improve your options and will accompany you to solve problems. Access in the modality of your preference: Online, by video call, chat or telephone; you will be able to express yourself freely. For more information about our team of therapists, visit our site:

Contemplative Psychologist

I specialize in Contemplative Psychology. I have more than twenty years of experience in psychotherapy and graduate training in philosophy and education. Co-founder of the Institute of Contemplative Psychology, A.C., lecturer and speaker at international conferences and colloquia on Contemplative Psychology and Mindfulness.

Postgraduate in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Graduated in Pedagogy, Logotherapist, Existential Analyst and Executive Coach dedicated to the development of people for more than 20 years. More than a profession, I exercise my work as a personal vocation since I realize that through therapies, I can genuinely meet people and that fills my sense and satisfaction lifetime. I am convinced that therapeutic spaces empower the person to have a higher level of self-knowledge and above all to live as a free and responsible individual in the face of what happens to him. From logotherapy, we believe that more than being spaces for confrontation, they are a possibility of reconciliation with oneself. If you are going through moments of despair, questions about your existence, such as lack of meaning, loneliness, anguish or mourning for losses, allow me to be close to you to become your existential friend and between the two of you, find new possibilities and as Victor Frankl affirms: we can, despite everything, say a conscious "Yes" to the lifetime.

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

As a therapist, I can accompany you to make a positive change in your life from today, work with you to understand your behavior and discover how it relates to your thoughts and emotions, creating an action plan that leads to recovery, through the development of emotional skills that allow you to achieve harmony.

PhD in psychoanalysis

If you need psychological help, do not hesitate to agree to explore your unconscious using the technique psychoanalytic to discover the reasons for your conflicts, traumas, desires, fantasies that are housed in your internal world; I can help you work on your emotional problems, we will meet short and long term goals. You need to know yourself and why you are suffering, everything is hidden and stored in your unconscious and you cannot know it, explore it, or understand it unless you accept the therapeutic process professional. I have 20 years of experience with constant updates and availability to help you.

Gestalt psychotherapist

Hello! If you are looking for psychological attention, I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to know my work, I have 17 years of experience and my specialty is Gestalt psychotherapy this approach focuses on closing unfinished issues, learning to live in the here and now, promotes self-knowledge, among other Do not hesitate to request an appointment with me, I offer face-to-face and online sessions.

Master in Family and Couples Therapy.

I have 15 years of clinical experience. I am constantly in training and certifications, which allows me to be very aware of my therapeutic work and the way to make it more effective, but above all more ethical.

Master Therapists

Verified professional

We are a psychotherapeutic center in CDMX formed by psycho[email protected] super cool working so you can connect with your emotions. ♥ ️ We have a podcast called "From another planet" where we talk about mental health, sexual diversity and gender issues.

Psych. Rachel Castillo

My psychological care is aimed at adolescents and adults who, in most cases, have emotional disturbances that require personalized attention in order to raise awareness, face and seek solution options hand in hand with the therapist.

Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

I am a psychoanalyst with 25 years of experience giving therapy to children, adolescents and adults. I am passionate about helping people get to know themselves and find new options that allow them to feel better about themselves. I have my office and I also give online therapy, an option that offers the opportunity to help you even if you are in another part of the world. Call me I'll be waiting for you.

Clinical psychology

Verified professional

Currently, I am a Specialist Psychologist in the Clinical area. In addition, I have formally specialized in Philosophy and Existential Dialogue, Existential Analysis and also as a logotherapeutic psychotherapist. From a first approach to philosophy and psychology, I was intrigued by the inherent confrontation of topics so puzzling and complex, addressing both branches of my profession and was amazed to tie them with my own questioning. On the other hand, this profession created a link towards "otherness" and the recognition of more people with the need to seek their own answers.

Clinical Psychologist

Verified professional

Graduated in Clinical Psychology with more than 10 years. He was trained at the University of the North of the City of Barranquilla, Colombia, his undergraduate degree was carried out at the Metropolitan University of Xochimilco.


My specialty has been to alleviate suffering, I have accompanied many patients with chronic degenerative diseases including cancer diagnoses, and I have learned to accompany in the pain and suffering of people so my objective has been to face, accept and overcome periods of crisis, resignifying and discovering together the meaning of what is being living. Death is inevitable but suffering is not. And I can help you get through it.

Prof. Elena Vázquez Gargallo Avina

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Rubens Nuñez Master Psychotherapist

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Psychologists in Mexico City

Doctorate I am a doctor specialized in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I support the person to know...

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