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Prof. Elena Vázquez Gargallo Avina

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I am a Cognitive Behavioral and Rational Emotive Therapist from ITREM. I have always been interested in human behavior and the emotional pain we suffer. Therefore, motivated by my vocation to help avoid suffering in people, I have dedicated more than 14 years to rational emotional-behavioral psychological therapy in my private practice. I want you to find well-being and harmony in your life. And for this, I am in constant study and research. Psychiatrists, neurologists and internists support me in my work to provide you with the best mental health option if that is what you require. INDIVIDUAL, COUPLE THERAPY, ONLINE THERAPY WHATSAPP VIDEO OR SKYPE, FAMILY THERAPY. NOTE: During THIS YEAR of 2021 I will be giving therapy ONLY ONLINE. And on SATURDAYS I will give PRESENTIAL THERAPY by appointment.

I have specialized in personality disorders such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders. In addition to supporting the management and control of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, existential anguish, guilt, shame, fear of talking to other people, fear of loneliness, feeling helpless, rejection, humiliation, failure, childhood wounds, panic attacks, low self-esteem, low tolerance for frustration, aggressiveness, anger, procrastination and mourning.

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I put myself in the person's situation, in her beliefs and values ​​to understand her vision of the world, of herself and of others and guide her to get ahead and have harmony in her life. With the clinical experience of more than 14 years, I have come to deeply understand people's behavior and give them a suitable path for their well-being.

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