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How is self-exclusion for pathological gamblers?

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Gambling addiction, also called "gambling" is characterized by the uncontrollable urge and urge to gamble, gamble, or engage in any type of game of chance that involves bettingboth physically and online.

The popularization of online games of chance, as well as digital casinos and online sports betting platforms, has led to a unprecedented rise in cases of gambling in our country, which constitutes a real public health problem for society Spanish.

The massive advertising campaigns for these new online gaming modalities, starring celebrities who are highly valued and loved by the great majority of society, has done nothing but worsen the problem of gambling addiction and encourage people with addiction to be more and more youths.

In order to overcome a gambling problem or gambling addiction, there are many options and strategies that we can follow; among the most common is the psychological consultation with a professional expert in gambling, and also self-exclusion applied in cases of pathological gambling.

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What is self-exclusion for pathological gamblers?

Self-exclusion for pathological gamblers is a legal mechanism that any person addicted to gambling can take advantage of with the aim of having restricted physical and online access to all types of establishments where the game is practiced.

This means having the entry vetoed both in casinos, bingo halls or physical betting houses as well as in all types of online platforms and websites intended for the practice of games of chance and bets of all kinds.

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Self-exclusion has been shown to be very helpful in overcoming a gambling addiction and is one of the requirements essential that most psychology professionals require of their patients before starting the therapy.

Ultimately, self-exclusion is a tool based on the psychological strategy of stimulus control, consisting of ensuring that it will be impossible for the person to gamble or carry out their addictive behavior in any possible scenario.

Self-exclusion is also helpful in getting the person to stop compulsive gambling and get out of the self-destructive spiral of gambling addiction, through which those affected end up generating huge debts both with their own money and with that of their family.

To achieve this self-exclusion it is necessary to carry out a series of specific steps, below we detail how the process works.

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How does the self-exclusion record work?

Anyone who wants to present their total self-exclusion from gambling in any establishment of the State, you can do it both online and in person in a large number of registries and Offices.

Face-to-face modality

To enroll in a nationwide self-exclusion it is necessary to present the RGIAJ form in the records provided for in article 16.4 Law 39/2015.

By Internet

We can do it by registering at the electronic headquarters of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling.

In addition to that, you can also send the request once we have filled it out using the "self-prohibited DNIe" mobile app, only available for Android at the moment.

Finally, it should be noted that there is also the possibility of self-exclusion from specific online bookmakers asking for information about the process or consulting their web pages.

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Is self-exclusion indefinite?

Self-exclusion from gambling establishments officially lasts indefinitely; nevertheless, the person may unsubscribe from said registry after 6 months.

This measure affects both the national registries and the specific registries of each location and supposes the possibility that the person may gambling again after 6 months, which can lead to a relapse into addiction and the loss of all progress made in therapy previously.

That is why, to avoid the high risk of relapse that exists during the first months of recovery from a case of pathological gambling, self-exclusion is maintained indefinitely both in physical places and in portals on-line.

Looking for addiction treatment?

If you want to start a therapy process to overcome pathological gambling, get in touch with us. In Llaurant la Llum We specialize in treating addictions.

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