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Psychologist Hilda Diaz (Miami)

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I have a career of more than 30 years in the field of psychology and 10 years as coaching in the advice of vital projects and development of interpersonal skills. For 20 years I have also worked for various consultants and companies. This allows me to have a deep vision of the labor market that - combined with my experience in Life Coaching and the Specialization in Relationships of the Work - they make my interventions a solid accompaniment for those who want to plan job changes or build their career with greater perspective labor. Outside organizations, life experiences have led me to delve into the psychotherapeutic work of individuals, families and couples having specialized in anxiety disorders, relational problems and emotional. I believe that the approaches in which I have been trained enable results of change, pain relief, calm, learning and/or resilience in the short term. Seeing significant transformations in people, the psychotherapeutic space has increasingly become the place from which I want to contribute both to the growth of others and to myself.

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The approach is holistic, from contextual therapies and Mindfulness, which provide cognitive, emotional, behavioral and balance that are practical and accessible to command the change itself as well as for decision-making. decisions.

From a personal point of view, empathy and commitment are central to my daily work, but above all it is part of my walk through life to respect the values ​​and beliefs of each person without judging. Knowing how to reconcile the professional with the human is a path that is not learned in courses or specializations, it is synthesized from work and personal experience. In this sense I confess that I have lived and worked a lot.

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