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Life Coach and Transformational Mentor

I help you discover that within you you have all the tools you need to achieve your personal and professional goals. You will learn to BE to DO and finally HAVE. Increasing your assessment, your Self-belief, improving the management of your emotions. Ultimately I will teach you to shine.. Not to dazzle but to light up your life ✨

General Health Psychologist

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I would like to help you in whatever the problem for which you come to consult. Whether it's because you feel depressed, nervous, worried... for having problems in your relationships, for the difficulty of controlling certain behaviors (for example: aggressiveness), low self-confidence, problems identifying, expressing or managing your emotions... The therapy model that I use fundamentally is Cognitive-Behavioral (Cognitive Restructuring, Behavioral Activation, Problem Solving, Self-Instruction Training...) as well as Third Generation (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness...). My main objective is to adapt the treatment to the patient, always taking into account his personality characteristics, his past experiences and other important factors. In this way, the therapy is totally personalized and adapted to the needs of each individual, guaranteeing better results. Currently, my focus of work is Clinical Psychology, although in a complementary way I am carrying out training in current techniques to be able to offer a service of the best quality possible.

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General Health Psychologist

My name is David Díaz, born in Tenerife, lagoon and living in the south of Tenerife, El Médano. I feel like a lucky person, I chose to study psychology because it's what I like, I'm good at it and most importantly, it allows me to have the life I want. I studied at the ULL (University of La Laguna), I did a year of Erasmus in Germany, Leipzig Universität and later I spent a year taking the Leonardo scholarship, a year of internship in Köln (Cologne).

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