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Psychologist I Psychotherapist

There are many reasons that can lead you to consult a psychologist: anxiety, depression, phobias, sexual or sexual problems couple, feeling lost at a given moment... but everyone shares something, a discomfort that does not allow you to move forward as you do. would like. I will help you understand why, you will discover the origin of your fears, the cause of your reactions and you will develop new skills to lead a more conscious and satisfying life. Even without apparent cause, the mind can block you, prevent you from enjoying or hinder your personal and professional development. For all this, I encourage you to work on your problems as soon as possible, from a constructive and non-judgmental perspective.

General Health Psychologist, Forensic Expert

Verified professional

I have attended more than a thousand cases helping people to solve their difficulties to improve their lives. As a general health psychologist I am passionate about my work accompanying people in their personal development and in overcoming their difficulties. In this way, the patient becomes the architect of his own destiny. The experience and success in the therapies carried out allows me to face problems of diverse nature and that affect many areas of the person. As a responsible professional in constant training, I offer you my support and help. I do individual, group, couple and family therapy. I work with adults preferably, also with young people and adolescents. Some issues I can deal with are: anxiety, addictions, depressive symptoms, problems family, emotional management, stress, work problems, personal growth, therapy partner, etc. I have studied several Master's degrees such as the master's degree in family intervention and mediation, the Master's degree in psychological expertise and psychology forensic, master's degree in analysis and management of conflicts in the company, I am also a professional technician in labor mediation

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Health Psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in therapies with children / adolescents and couples. Helping to manage anxieties, phobias, fears and different disorders that can appear throughout life. OUR COMMITMENT YOUR WELL-BEING

Psychologist and Personal Coach

My name is Luisa Carrasco, and I am a psychologist and personal coach, as well as director of the Center for Psychology and Coaching, PSICO COACHING ESCÉNICA. I could tell you many reasons why to go to an appointment with us, the experience, the professionalism, the respect, the training. But I will tell you something that is essential for me and that each member of the team feels, and it is love for our work and for people. That love makes us create a safe space for the people we accompany, that love makes us continue to train, growing personally and as therapists to do the accompaniment that people who trust in U.S.

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