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4 exercises that help to be happy from simplicity

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Every human being loves happiness, feel good physically, mentally and spiritually, in family, as a couple or in society. We all seek that maximum state of fullness that makes us feel satisfaction, certainty and fulfillment.

I am going to show you how by modifying certain connections in certain areas of your brain you will feel happiness, harmony and peace.

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What does it mean to feel happiness?

I often receive questions from my patients: Doctor, how can I be happy with all this that is happening to me? And my answer often or depending on the case is to answer with another question, because my goal is always to raise awareness of why people does what he does, it is more effective that a person through the correct guide discovers the secret of absolute happiness, than if someone tells him. Because the human being feels better when the fact of importance for discovering something that he was looking for is attributed to himself.

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So I tell them the following (and please, dear reader, answer this question honestly): To what extent do you want to be happy?

Surely you will say “it is what I want most in this world”, because being happy means that all areas of your life are great: health, love, economics, family, social.

Happy people have a certain drive: the happier they are, the happier they seek to be and the more ways they find to achieve it, because that is his focus, happiness. They are focused on happiness.

What are you focused on right now? Problems, debts, heartbreak, lack, anger, frustration, laziness, discouragement or in gratitude, love, smiles, affection, kindness, patience...

What are you focusing your attention on 24 hours a day, what do you dream about at night?

I want you to observe your life, the life of the people around you, family, friends, partner... What are these people continually talking about? What are they focused on?

The approach to life that you have constantly is the current result of everything that is in your lifewhether genuine or not.

Centuries ago the philosopher Socrates he had a disciple, he said to his teacher: "I am hungry for more knowledge. How can I have more knowledge?" Socrates said that knowledge is already available: "it's easy to get if you really want it."

The disciple replied: "yes, I really want it", and Socrates said "come with me", and they walked out to sea until they reached the ocean. They walked until they were 3 or 4 feet deep and Socrates, a very strong man, took the boy by the head and put him in the water; the young man began to fight and fight until he became incredibly frantic until Socrates pulled him out and asked: "what did you want being underwater?". The answer, of course, was "air", the only thing he could have on his mind was air. Socrates told him "when you want knowledge as intensely as you wanted oxygen, you will have all the knowledge you want."

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Exercises that help you be happy

Apply these exercises to be happy in your day to day life.

1. thanks

Remember when someone gave you a detail, a surprise or did something nice for you. Surely you said "thank you"; remember how you felt gratitude at that moment. When I am grateful you can feel neither fear nor anger, you only feel joy, peace and tranquility, and that is equivalent to being happy.

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2. Smile

It has been scientifically proven that smiles have the power to generate dopamine, endorphin and serotonin neurotransmitters responsible for keeping you in a state of well-being.

3. visualize

Imagine being immensely happy; now describes in rich detail what that happy life would be like. Where would you live emotionally, with whom, what is happening in that place? See it, feel it, maximize the images and add details.

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4. bathe in cold water

By doing so, your lymphatic system will begin to function better, you will feel more energy and vitality throughout your body. body, more mental agility, clarity and focus, plus you will lose laziness and feel great; but don't just stay with the reading, go and experience it. Live a happy life, this is your best time.
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