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Psychologist Arlette Garrido Cruz (Mexico City)

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My main objective is to accompany you in a professional, empathetic and assertive way in the difficult process of self-knowledge. During my years of experience I have discovered how great is the will of the human being to continue, to get tools and forge a new way of life, but I am also aware of how difficult it is. This space is created so that through the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy the patient finds a way to manage and modify her behavior responsibly. This space is for! Talk about that, about the insurmountable, the impossible, the unbearable!

Rational emotional behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Couples therapy - Modification of self-destructive behaviors - Continuous updating in various areas of mental health. - Effective techniques in intervention in borderline personality disorder (BPD), - Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Panic episodes and suicidal behaviors

In my experience with cognitive-behavioral therapy, I have been able to observe that patients with depression, anxiety or diagnosed with some disorder within their ailments they encounter deep pain, fear, sadness, suffering, anger, frustration, etc. This makes them believe that they will never get out of there, that the pain will never end and that it is unbearable for them. In this space of the hand we have found the mechanisms that have allowed them to free themselves from this feeling of not being able to take it anymore, managing to modify those negative thoughts that they produce so much pain and learning to live with and accept their emotions, recognizing what makes them unstable, and implementing techniques that allow them to accept and overcome their circumstances.

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