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Bill Ackman's 70 Best Quotes

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William A. Ackman, better known as Bill Ackman, is a hedge fund manager. He has earned a prominent position as an investor by founding his hedging firm, Pershing Square Capital Management.

If you are interested in knowing his way of thinking and philosophy of life, this compilation of Bill Ackman's best quotes you will be interested

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Bill Ackman's most memorable and motivating phrases

In this article we will look at a selection of Bill Ackman's quotes and thoughts on finances and life in general.

1. You can learn to invest by reading books.

According to Ackman, this is an easy race to learn.

2. I was a bit of a cocky kid.

Recognizing his self-centeredness as a young man.

3. I am not emotional about investments.

For this world, it is necessary to keep a cool mind.

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4. I am always prepared to do the right thing no matter what others think.

Hold on to your values ​​and seek to do the right thing.

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5. I am an extremely, extremely persistent person. Extremely.

Persistence helps us prosper.

6. Investing is a business where you can look very foolish for a long period of time before you are proven right.

Remember that investment gains are seen in the long term.

7. Short-term economic and market forecasting is largely nonsense.

It is almost impossible to measure the prosperity of the economic market in a short time.

8. To be successful, you need to make sure that being rejected doesn't bother you at all.

Failure is part of the search for success.

9. I love what I do. I don't do it for the money.

When we do what we love, we are able to cope with different situations.

10. I have seen very few people in the world achieve anything unless they are optimistic.

Negativity brings us to a point of stagnation, rather than growth.

11. In the investment business you need a high degree of confidence, but you also need a high degree of humility and you have to balance those two…

It is necessary to keep your feet on the ground so as not to fall into a point of no return.

Bill Ackman Quotes

12. Everyone told me it was a really stupid idea to start my own hedge fund right out of business school. That's how I knew it was a good idea.

A great way to use negative reviews as motivation to rise.

13. I believe that good private equity investors create far more economic value than they destroy.

Reflections on the contribution of private investors.

14. What I love about tennis is that I am better now than when I was 20 years old.

Time helps us perfect ourselves.

15. We require a high degree of predictability in the businesses in which we invest due to the highly concentrated nature of our portfolio.

If you are going to enter the world of investments, remember that you must learn to anticipate your movements.

16. Our job is to find great deals.

Businesses that are profitable in the future.

17. What matters is what you do when you make a mistake.

especially if you take it as a valuable lesson or an excuse to stay grounded.

18. I think most investors overdiversify because they are lazy. They haven't done enough research on any of their companies.

Not all investors have a successful future.

19. Our long-term goal is to capitalize our capital at a high rate of return while minimizing the risk of permanent capital loss.

One of your goals to conquer.

20. What the market tells you in the short term is what a certain subset of people believes. That doesn't mean they're right.

Things are constantly changing, even in the stock market.

21. I think that a very good system in a world with many passive investors is one in which there are at least a few entrepreneurial investors, prepared to speak their minds.

Risky people are always needed.

22. Herbalife: Customers are fictitious, business opportunity is a scam, college degree is a fraud.

Speaking loud about the scam of this company, which sells fake products to its customers.

23. If you look at the great frauds of all time, Enron had this ghost trading floor.

Fraud is the most frequent threat in business.

24. I think the reputation of the hedge fund industry has taken a turn for the worse, this dog eat dog thing.

This occurs due to the excessive ambition of some who only seek their own interest.

25. If you think about the typical Herbalife distributor and their level of sophistication, to this day I still don't understand the marketing plan – the real story.

The biggest problem with this company, its dishonesty.

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26. We estimate that our typical holding period will be long-term, typically four years or more.

It is with the passing of the years that the fruits of the investments can be perceived.

27. If you're investing for the long term, you'll want to invest in businesses that have very little debt.

A valuable tip when putting our money on something.

28. We generally invest in very good companies that have lost their way. And with better management, enormous value can be created.

Great value can be found in a lost company.

29. I say exactly what I think. Sometimes he annoys people in the wrong way.

Not everyone is willing to hear the truth.

30. From day one, I was never afraid to ask someone to invest.

Self-confidence is a fundamental factor when entering this field.

31. They haven't done enough research on any of their companies. If they have 200 positions, do you think they know what's going on at any of those companies right now?

It is always wise to invest in companies that you know completely.

32. It is safer to invest in businesses that are not controlled.

Give you a good driving opening.

33. Do your own research and get a good understanding of the business.

you can't fully enter a place you don't know.

34. I go to the end of the earth; I had a moral obligation.

Without fear of unmasking fraudulent companies.

35. Look for very high-quality businesses. What we describe as dominant, simple, predictable, free cash flow generating businesses.

The types of businesses that work best in your favor as an investor.

36. Invest in businesses you can understand.

If you are in a company that you do not understand, you will not be able to contribute anything good.

37. It could be a fabulous business that has done very well for a long period of time, but if you pay too much for it, you won't get a good return.

We must also be careful with the amount of money we want to offer.

38. You want a company that is pretty immune to what's going on in the world.

That feasible solutions can be found for the different problems.

39. There are very few large investments at any given time.

The flow of growth varies depending on the period in which we find ourselves.

40. You want a business that you can own forever.

That grants good profitability and stability.

41. Invest at a reasonable price.

That does not make you lose, but that is enough to be all satisfied.

42. If you can't predict the cash flows, you don't know how much it's worth. If you don't know what it's worth, you can't invest.

Predicting the values ​​of a company is fundamental to being a good investor.

43. He thought that while capital was a commodity, good investment ideas were rare assets.

There are ideas that can become prosperous businesses in the future.

44. You have to make sure that the management and the people who control the business think of you as the owner and will protect your interests.

If they inject capital into a company, you are part of its management.

45. What motivates people to be successful? Sex. People don't like to admit it, but it's the prime mover.

Sex is a fundamental part of us as people.

46. They clear certain hurdles before they can go public and the shares are liquid, so you can change your mind if you want to sell.

What you need to know before selling.

47. The best businesses are those that do not require a lot of capital to reinvest in the company.

Where more value is given to human talent.

48. The unrevealed secret of McDonald's is that when you sell a restaurant to a franchisee, sales often go up a lot because the franchisees do a better job of running the store.

That is why franchises are more present than other businesses.

49. The President is the CEO of this business we call America.

A comparison to make us understand both roles.

50. What Herbalife has is that it has ghost or fictitious clients.

People who are paid to lie about their fictitious benefits.

51. It is a certainty that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme.

A common scam that every day tries to reinvent itself to attract people.

52. Investing is one of the few things you can learn on your own.

A self-taught investor is one who can learn from the lessons of those above.

53. Ultimately, investors are only as good as their track record.

Especially about the things they can learn from their past.

54. It is how you deal with adversity that determines your ultimate success.

You certainly won't get over yourself if you're in a constant comfort zone.

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55. One of our lessons from past mistakes is to act promptly when we discover new information about an investment that is inconsistent with our original thesis.

Know how to wait for results but act quickly when something needs to change.

56. I have more money than I need. I don't need to work for a living. I do this because I love what I do.

The point where many want to reach.

57. I am a very simple person.

Humility should never be lost, because it is what maintains our humanity.

58. Let me win? That does not exist in my house. Nobody lets anybody win. Fight to the death.

A selfish path where the most cunning wins.

59. You must surround yourself with people who believe in you, in life and in business.

Being with people who motivate and support you.

60. You want a business where it will be difficult for someone tomorrow to set up a new company to compete with you or put you out of business.

A business that makes people prefer the original product.

61. Humility comes from mistakes.

To know that we are human and we cannot control everything.

62. I want to have one of the best investment records of all time, why not?

A professional and personal goal.

63. I work on behalf of investors that I like and for whom I want to do well. I am a competitive person.

What motivates Ackman to seek excellence.

64. We invest according to a strategy that makes the need to rely on short-term market or economic assessments largely irrelevant.

Placing the highest value on the hope of future growth.

65. Why not own the top 10 or 11 investments, instead of the 12 to 25 ideas?

As a recommendation, Ackman advises us to aim for interesting and profitable ideas.

66. Invest in listed companies, listed companies. Why? Because those businesses tend to be more established.

The businesses where you prefer to invest.

67. If I think I'm right, I'll take it to the end of the world until I'm proven right.

Never give up on your goals.

68. Investing is something where you have to be purely rational and not let emotions affect your decision making, just the facts.

Impulsivity is the worst enemy of every investor.

69. You want companies to have what people call barriers to entry.

What we need to look for in companies.

70. Ready to propose a change of management, a change of strategy, a change of costs. structure, capital structure.

The kind of people that are often needed in the investment world, to stay in line.

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