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Starting the course: after the holidays and starting a new cycle

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September is a start. Somehow we started the year. Although we have gone on vacation in July, the feeling is that it is in September when summer really ends and, in addition, we inaugurate the new academic year.

Everything that we have experienced during the past months is still with us and the new demands cannot wait.. Times of transition, like this, are better when we put an emphasis on taking care of ourselves.

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Starting a new cycle after the holidays

Here are five habits that help us better cope with the early stages of this new stage:

1. Keep as much of the holiday spirit as possible and healthy

During times outside of the daily routine we often discover, or rediscover, something that feels really good to us. Sometimes it's seemingly simple things, like how well we feel when we get the rest we need. Others are true discoveries, a type of reading, or a certain type of exhibition, for example.

come back after the holidays

Given this that has surprised us and suits us well,

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it is worth reflecting on how to maintain it in our daily lives. They are the discoveries that increase our daily vitality, the vitamins of the soul, so to speak.

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2. Put a limit to what now does not serve us

Everything has its precise moment. What is good to do at the right time or period. When it lengthens it ceases to be adaptive, we remain fixed there and we don't face what life brings us in the present moment.

In September life gets going. The digressions, so absolutely necessary, have to materialize in actions. Another example would be the social relationships that we sometimes have during the summer months and that necessarily have to change. Other examples could be related to eating and rest habits that are not useful to us in the maelstrom of the daily routine.

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3. Reflect on what we want for the coming months

In each new cycle there is the opportunity to decide, to some extent at least, where I want to direct my steps. Choose the direction, orient ourselves towards a certain place.

From my point of view we have the possibility to choose where we are going, within a certain margin. Sometimes we decide to stay on the path we are on. The key is knowing that we have the opportunity to do it consciously.

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4. Firmness to maintain what does us good

Often what does us good in our life requires effort to maintain it.

That personal relationships with my environment are rich is something that does not happen alone. Maintaining a job is something that must be planned and requires a considerable level of organization.

In general, in our society the importance of effort to maintain what is good is not transmitted and encourages a certain naiveté about what it means to achieve and maintain these kinds of things in our lives. lives.

5. Enjoy with meaning in the day to day

The overwhelming demand of the beginning of the course sometimes makes us put all our attention to make it go as well as possible and there is a certain enjoyment, a certain joy of living, that we forget to take care of so that it continues present. The lack of what gives us joy, whatever it is, makes us narrow our breath, our eyes, and the demands of this new stage are unattainable and leave us exhausted.

The effort is as important as the enjoyment so that this new beginning is prosperous for us.

In short, with these five habits I propose take charge of the situation. When taking the reins we always have to take into account how we find ourselves, who I am going with, what environment I am in and where I am going. We live in a complex world in which we have to know how to listen both to the context that surrounds us and to ourselves and, in that dialogue, to feel that we are still us, that I am on a significant path for me taking into account my circumstances.

What provides us with vitality is the guide to where we really want to continue and the awareness of the effort involved in starting the course keeps us realistic and focused.
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