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The 95 best reunion phrases

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Reunion phrases express feelings in a few words that occur when the lives of two people who miss each other intersect again. Throughout the centuries, there are many writers, thinkers and artists of all kinds who have reflected on a fact apparently as simple as seeing each other again after having spent some time separated; for example, Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson or Desmond Tutu.

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The most inspiring reunion phrases

Recovering contact with that person we missed open the gates to a path. The reunion phrases that many important people have written describe that need, the process and the satisfaction of seeing each other again. Below you will find a selection of these reflections and aphorisms.

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1. We only part to meet again (John Gay)

Farewells are often necessary to mark the beginning of a new stage in life.

2. The reunion can also be with your fears, and these will help you forge a brave spirit

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On those reunions that generate important psychological changes. This anonymous phrase expresses it.

3. Photography rejects the purpose of the trip, which until now is to reunite with the strange and unfamiliar (Marchall McLuhan)

Reunion phrase that brings us closer to an idea different from the one we usually have about this concept.

4. There are reunions that make you rethink your life

When something comes back into your life and profoundly disrupts it.

5. Rediscovering the truth in these times is something really valuable

...since we tend to constantly lose track of it.

6. I don't understand the concept of rediscovering oneself, when does one really lose oneself?

Or maybe we were just distracted.

8. We should meet again to march together to new successes (Giuseppe Garibaldi)

Justifying the need for rematch with others.

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9. Be nice to people on your way up, as you will most likely meet them on the way down (Jimmy Durante)

Reunions that we would like to avoid.

10. Do not walk away without having words of love to think about during your absence, lest you never meet again (Jean Paul)

This phrase invites us to rethink how we estimate our gifts.

11. If we could know where and when we will meet again, we would be more tender with our friends when we say goodbye (Ouida)

But life puts us in situations to learn the value of our friendships.

12. Defeats help us to find ourselves again

These experiences will help us to evolve.

13. Rediscovering yourself is finding true love

The most important relationship of our lives.

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14. Listening to our own internal sufferings will prepare us to rediscover and face problems (Thich Nhat Hanh)

A basic training for our personal development.

15. Great spirits always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds (Albert Einstein)

One of those reunions that define our thinking.

16. History shows that most winners meet obstacles again until they succeed.

A necessary reunion to be sure if we have learned the lessons of the past.

17. Rediscovering music is like rediscovering your first love

Those tender sensations and so intense at the same time.

18. The passing of time teaches you that meeting old loves only brings you loneliness

When there are still pending issues.

19. To find peace, it is necessary to lose yourself and find goodness in the world again.

Getting rid of negative impressions and regaining a new perspective is important to be happy.

20. Take refuge in reunions with loved ones

true friendship he can come to save us.

21. Human beings are capable of traveling the world a thousand times just to meet their loved one again.

About the need to connect.

22. Forgiving yourself and others will help you rediscover true happiness

...since that path requires personal growth

23. The power of knowing where to look to rediscover yourself is incredible.

Sometimes it usually happens that we have always known but we spend a lot of time distracted.

24. The main event of our life is the day when we find in old acquaintances a mind that startles us (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

About people who inspire us.

25. We are all afraid of meeting people who suggest fears we had as children.

There are crossroads that are unwanted.

26. The best reunion is with the person you didn't want to say goodbye to

a reconciliation with the past

27. Finding yourself again is synonymous with being lost

There are unions with people without whom we feel disoriented for a long time.

28. The beauty of nature is that we can find and rediscover hidden things in the most beautiful places.

This reunion phrase reminds us that anything can happen in the least expected places.

29. Take the time necessary to rediscover those people who mean a lot to you

Because it's easy to get lost, but it's always possible to get back on track.

30. Sometimes dreaming there is also the possibility of meeting again

Rediscovering ourselves with those things we fantasize about.

34. Life is a succession of crises and moments in which we have to rediscover who we are and what we really want (Jean Vanier)

Another phrase that reminds us of the importance of knowing who we are.

35. The pain of parting is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again (Charles Dickens)

An emotion that overshadows any previous one and above all the memory of the reasons for the separation.

36. Luck is only a matter of opportunities to prepare meetings (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Meetings very well arranged.

37. The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both change (Carl Jung)

When the situation transforms us.

38. I have to face life with a newfound passion. I must rediscover the irresistible will to learn, live and love (Andrea Bocelli)

On the reunion with our desires.

39. I knew I couldn't face the future unless I was able to rediscover the past (Gene Tierney)

Encounters that allow us to settle past accounts and start all over again.

40. We need to rediscover the idea of ​​the common good and work together to build a home (Jonathan Sacks)

Go again for those circumstances that favored us.

41. I do not invent anything, I rediscover (Auguste Rodin)

Because in our daily walk we get distracted, so what seems new to us is always there.

42. Our vision is to rediscover the spirit of the Renaissance (Maurizio Seracini)

Return to the longed-for past.

43. Yes, nice to white people, they need their humanity to be rediscovered (Desmond Tutu)

A phrase of reunions with peace.

44. Our task is not to rediscover nature but to remake it (Raoul Vaneige)

Make it reborn in favor of the whole world.

45. She didn't leave me long enough to discover it, but she left me long enough to rediscover the "big maybe" (John Green)

Nothing heavier than earrings.

46. There is something remarkable in each of us. Take the opportunity to look within and rediscover yourself (Rooplee)

Do it as many times as it takes.

47. We must remember that we always rediscover ourselves, because we are changing forever (Kamand Kojouri)

That eternal constant of change.

48. From one moment to the next, memory goes back to rediscover the past (Munia Khan)

Because in the reunion with past situations there are things to learn.

49. Rediscovering is more than just being remembered. It is being able to dig up the riches, polishing them and allowing them to shine again (Susan C. Young)

It is entering into the total experience of that situation to which we return.

50. It is important to rediscover our potential to achieve everything we set out to do

Getting in touch again with every part of ourselves that has the abilities to move forward.

51. Reunions with old friends are a treasure.

These moments give to tell a thousand stories.

52. Love yourself enough to find yourself again

Take great care of yourself, review your needs and emotions.

53. Let time drag you through the uncertain paths of life, and find a way to find yourself again (Anonymous)

Sometimes we have to trust our intuition more.

54. I had a feeling the evening was beginning to feel too much like a reunion (Gillian Flynn)

That feeling that the person you just met has already been in your life.

55. Couples, true couples, are not the result of chance, but the reunion of two halves of the same soul (Éliette Abécassis)

Romantic phrase of reunions.

56. It is also the madness of love: believing possible the reunion with the communication at the first opportunity between one being and another (Pascal Quignard)

The first step for rapport between two individuals.

57. There is no force that can hold back a child who runs in search of his family. Especially if you know that the reunion barely lasts as long as a hug lasts (Yasmina Khadra)

About short encounters that break our hearts.

71. If you knew how much I missed your smile, you would understand why I'm not willing to let you go anymore.

Some people feel that they cannot be complete without their loved one.

72. The distance between us couldn't end our love but now, my arms won't let you go again

Some loves are so strong that no distance or obstacle can break them.

73. The days without you have been an empty space that I don't want to be in anymore. You do not know how much I miss you

The distance with our special person can be a real hell.

74. There's nothing like looking into your eyes again and remembering all the promises we made before we parted

The reunion can bring out truly deep feelings.

75. Thanks to your memory, I have managed to have a reason to smile all this time.

Sometimes, only the memory of the loved one can help us overcome a separation.

76. Reunion is the sweetest thing we have right now, please promise you'll never leave again

Some memories allow us to forget the anguish of the separation experienced.

77. By your side I have lived the best moments of my life and I will continue to live them now that you are back

A statement full of inspiration that helps us see life with optimism.

78. Seeing you again is remembering my reason for living and why I was able to keep this love alive for so long.

A dedication of love that we can send to a loved one with whom we have met.

79. Meeting you again has been like the arrival of rain in the desert

A truly beautiful metaphor that makes us think about the pleasantness of reunions.

80. I was able to doubt many times because of your absence and be afraid that you would not return, but you have to know that I never stopped loving you.

Perseverance and the fight for the loved one always bring their reward.

81. Reunions make us happy and allow us to fix everything we did wrong in the past with someone special.

An excellent opportunity for a new and better future.

82. Being with you again is like feeling my heartbeat again and its reason for being

An allegory about how some lovers feel that they cannot live without their partner.

83. I look at you from the side as before and I realize that in all this time, my feelings for you have only grown.

Although they may be apart, some people harbor invincible love in their hearts.

84. Now we can pick up our relationship right where we left off.

Some relationships live a second chance when both members of the same decide to resume it.

85. You have no idea how much I missed you, how much I missed your kisses and your looks, and the sound of your voice.

The homesickness in a separation can be really hard for one or both members of the relationship.

86. They say that distance is what makes a relationship stronger. Maybe ours is now, but I never want to see you go again.

Distance tests the strength and commitment of a relationship.

87. I have missed you so much in all this time, that now that I have you again, you seem like the most beautiful of dreams.

Many people who have loved perfectly understand this feeling.

88. The time you were away has been the longest of my life, please don't leave my side again.

Even if we love someone, we must always keep in mind that we are valid and strong by ourselves, without needing anyone.

89. Once again you have come back to make each of my days special, to make me feel alive by making my heart beat.

We must be grateful every day of our lives to that person who fills our lives with happiness.

90. All these days without you have helped me to realize that without your love, my life would have no meaning.

Some people feel this way after a long separation and an expected reunion.

91. Seeing you again is all I want to do (Juanes)

One of the most remembered verses of this Colombian group.

92. Don't ever leave again, because you don't know how much I need you

A prayer that we can dedicate to the person we are in love with.

93. The only thing that matters is that we are together again and that from today, we will never be separated again.

After a long separation, many people commit to never be apart again.

94. From the moment we met again, I was myself again

Some people only feel truly authentic when they are with the person they love.

95. I would give anything to see you again (Juanes)

A feeling with which many of us can feel identified.

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