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The 60 best phrases of The House of the Dragon (House of the Dragon)

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The House of the Dragon is a series on the HBO channel, which in turn is a spin off of the famous series 'Game of Thrones', inspired by the medieval fantasy book series by George R.R. Martin. The plot centers on the Targaryen family, the house of the kings of Westeros and their biggest conflict in hundreds of years. years, the division of the family by the Iron Throne, which led to the war known as 'The Dance of dragons’.

If you are interested in delving into this work of fiction and the ideas and themes that are dealt with in it, you will like this compilation of The best phrases of The House of the Dragon.

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The most memorable phrases from The House of the Dragon

Following the story of 'Fire and Blood', this story follows the life of Rhaenyra Targaryen, the heir to the throne and her fight with her half-siblings for the kingdom. In its first season, thousands of emotions and nostalgia for this fantasy world were unleashed, leaving us with a series of memorable quotes about The House of the Dragon.

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1. To allude to a storm, you can sail towards it or go around it. But you should never wait for his arrival.

A way of referring to facing our problems.

2. You're young. You'll learn.

It is common for young people to feel like they know everything.

3. What are children but a weakness? Crazy? A futility? Through them, you imagine cheating the great darkness of its victory.

Not all arrivals of children are welcome.

4. Some would say that it is too big for our world.

Power, however great it may be, sooner or later ends up collapsing.

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5. In those days, House Targaryens stood at the height of their strength with ten full-grown dragons under their yoke. No power in the world could resist.

About the golden age of the Targaryens in Westeros.

6. We have real bellies, you and me. Childbirth is our battlefield. We must learn to face it with integrity.

The way they viewed royal women.

7. King's Landing will learn to fear the color gold.

Daemon doesn't play games, for him, everything is resolved on the battlefield.

8. Maybe my prince will remember when I knocked him off his horse.

Ser Criston's greatest strength, but also weakness, is his self-confidence.

9. If you want to be restored as heir, you will have to kill me.

A threat from a young Rhaenyra, who fears not even her own blood.

10. Let's drain our cups to these three strong boys.

In English, 'strong', a form of mockery for the children of Rhaenyra who are presumed to be bastards.

House of the Dragon Quotes

11. There is a child in the queen's womb. I know it. And my heir will soon put an end to all this bloody anguish.

All hope placed on a baby who didn't get to see tomorrow.

12. You may know the right thing to do, but love stops your hand. Love is a ruin.

Could it be that love is a weakness or is it a strength?

13. Until your mother gives birth to a son they are stuck with me.

Daemon securing his place as possible heir to the Iron Throne.

14. I want to fly with you on a dragon, see the wonders beyond the Narrow Sea, and eat cake.

A simple dream in the mind of the young princess, with her best friend, Alicent.

15. The gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patience for absolute power.

A form of criticism towards the soft character of King Viserys.

16. Many of those who are tested only wish they had saved themselves.

Not all the experiences we want to live are pleasant.

17. Every man standing around the Painted Table urges her to plunge the kingdom into war. Rhaenyra is the only one who has shown restraint.

Rhaenys speaking in favor of Rhaenyra as future queen.

18. He didn't let his temper guide his judgment.

Getting carried away by a bad mood makes us act impulsively.

19. For the world of men to survive, a Targaryen must sit on the Iron Throne.

About the prophecy of the long night, where only a Targaryen can bring peace to the world.

20. The idea that we control dragons is an illusion.

A warning from the king that no one wanted to listen.

21. Do you think the kingdom will ever accept me as its queen?

A doubt that remained in his mind until the last of his days.

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22. Dreams did not make us kings. The dragons did.

A sample of Daemon's warrior and impulsive character.

23. The gods give as the gods take away.

Nothing is permanent.

24. We've always been meant to burn together.

The promise of love between Daemon and Rhaenyra.

25. You know that my oath goes beyond our personal ambitions. A song of ice and fire.

Rhaenyra was a leader, who at the beginning of her, kept a cool head in the face of adversity.

26. After this cruel pregnancy, I wouldn't be surprised if she gave birth to a true dragon.

Without a doubt, Aemma was one of the characters who suffered the most in this story.

27. Everyone says that the Targaryens are closer to gods than men, but they say it because of our dragons. Without them, we are just like everyone else.

Does the power of this family lie with their dragons?

28. The next war against the darkness in the North, The Dream of the Conqueror. Viserys shared it with me when he named me heir.

A prophecy to do the right thing, but which became a symbol of ambition.

29. There has never lived a Stark who forgot an oath.

A family that carries loyalty ahead.

30. That "girl" is holding the kingdom together right now.

Not everyone had faith in Rhaenyra's ability as queen.

31. A marriage is a duty, yes. But that doesn't stop us from doing what we want. To fuck whoever we want.

There are marriages that look like a contract.

32. What is this brief mortal life, but the search for the legacy?

Everyone wants to leave their indelible mark on this world.

33. The path ahead is uncertain, but the end is clear.

The end is marked by the well-known 'long night'.

34. You sit in the highest seat of the kingdom, the Grace of him. Proud men don't like looking up.

Those with a glimmer of power seek to overthrow those above them.

35. They are power that man should never have played with. One that brought Valyria her doom.

Viserys talking about people's arrogance towards dragons.

36. A king or a queen. Strong enough to unite the kingdom against the cold and the dark.

The 'promised prince', who could also be a princess.

37. Reluctance to kill is not a weakness.

There are worse things than death for an enemy.

38. Meat without wine is also a sin.

Always enjoying a good meal.

39. You cannot live your life in fear, or you will abandon the best parts of it.

A very valuable advice on not letting ourselves be governed by fear.

40. Exhausting, isn't it? Hiding under the cloak of her own righteousness. But now they see you as you are.

A premonition about Alicent's future, ruled by madness.

41. I only care about my mother. I hope, for my father, that he has a boy. As far as I can remember, it's what she's always wanted.

Rhaenyra held a bit of a grudge against her father for not loving her enough, for not being a man.

42. Feel. This could be my chair one day.

Daemon's arrogance over his position on the throne.

43. Vhagar has a new rider now.

The oldest dragon of all, with an impertinent rider but with great courage.

44. Do you know what color it shines when Oldtown calls its flags to war?

Green. The color that she incited conflict without really looking for it. Or if?

45. The bad moods of the mind can negatively affect the body.

Our negative thoughts can affect health.

46. What are you going to do with the vulture that perches on your thrones?

You have to have a carefully established plan to be able to recover something that we have lost.

47. I'd rather serve as a knight and go into battle for glory.

The fate Rhaenyra preferred to pursue.

48. Soon you will be lying in this bed, Rhaenyra. This discomfort is the way we serve the kingdom.

Aemma trying to make her daughter understand about the duty of bringing children into the world.

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49. Here you are, surrounded by servants, all focused on the baby. Someone has to attend to you.

The princess's worst pain was losing her beloved mother.

50. Tongues will not change the sequence. Let them move.

You always have to turn a deaf ear to the gossip of others.

51. Rhaenys, a woman, would not inherit the iron throne. The lords chose Viserys.

A sample of the macho character of the kingdom.

52. I guess even dragons get lonely.

Do you think dragons are sentient beings?

53. You are the King, but I do not envy you.

Otto assured his king that he did not want his position, but he did want a firm place around him.

54. You can show the kingdom that the crown's strongest days are ahead, not behind.

To guarantee the success of a reign, you have to think about the future.

55. I may have lost an eye, but I gained a dragon.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice something we have to get something better.

56. The Iron Throne is bigger than me, bigger than any member of my family.

There is the belief that it is the throne itself that decides who will be a good ruler.

57. If we don't care about our own stories, she will do the same to us.

If there is something that characterizes the Targaryens, it is their jealousy of keeping their traditions.

58. When I am Queen, I will create a new order.

A plan put together in the mind of the princess, but her way to carry it out will not be easy.

59. Aegon named his dream A Song of Ice and Fire.

A prophecy as old as the conquest of Westeros itself.

60. The only thing that could bring down the House of the Dragon was the house itself.

And we could see it in the season finale of Game of Thrones.

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