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The 75 best phrases of George Lucas

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George Lucas Jr. is a celebrated American filmmaker and businessman, born in the idyllic town of Modesto, California during the year 1944.

Throughout his career as a filmmaker, Lucas has collaborated on numerous blockbusters, some of which are as relevant as: “Star Wars ”,“ American Graffitti ”,“ Indiana Jones ”or“ Jurassic Park ”, some works with which he undoubtedly achieved maximum recognition within the world of cinema.

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Phrases and reflections of George Lucas

Away from the cameras, George Lucas is a man with a big heart, as he is currently committed to donate up to half of his fortune to charity, an act that no doubt greatly honors him as person.

Below we have made a compilation with The 75 best phrases of George Lucas, some very interesting quotes with which you will be able to discover many aspects about him that perhaps you were unaware of until now.

1. You just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.

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Throughout our lives work will always be present, because even if we have great wealth in one way or another we will always have to work.

2. Technology continues to advance, making it easier for artists to tell their stories and paint the images they want.

Thanks to new technologies, scenes can be made that would once be impossible, currently the use of these technologies is really widespread within the world of cinema.

3. One thing about "Star Wars" that I'm really proud of is that it stretches the imagination. That's why I like Star Wars toys.

Thanks to the famous saga of this well-known director “Star Wars”, a new fantasy universe opened up for a whole generation of children and adolescents.

4. When I was making "Star Wars," I wasn't restricted by any kind of science. I just said: I'm going to create a world that is fun and interesting, makes sense, and seems to have a reality.

With the first installments of "Star Wars" Lucas changed science fiction cinema forever, viewers who saw them were totally stunned by his films.

5. One of the amazing things about “Seven Samurai” is that there are so many characters. And considering that you have so many, and they all have shaved heads, and that you have good guys and bad guys and peasants, you can understand a lot of them without saying too much.

the movie called "The Seven Samurai" is a work created by the master of cinema Akira Kurosawa, a drama that came to light in the 50s and marveled an entire generation.

6. "Star Wars" is fun, exciting, inspiring, and people respond to that. It is what they want.

The films of this well-known film saga are tremendously inspiring, with them we will learn that if we try our best, everything can be possible in life.

7. The story told in 'Star Wars' is classic. Every few hundred years, the story is retold because we have a tendency to do the same things over and over again. Power becomes corrupted, and when you're in charge, you start doing things that you think are right, but really aren't.

Knowing the history can prevent us from making the same mistakes over and over again, something that the characters in the Star Wars saga still seem to have discovered.

8. Lots of people like to do certain things, but aren't that good at it. Keep doing the things you love to do, until you find something that you really seem to be extremely good at. Can be anything.

Dedicating ourselves to what is our great passion can make us great professionals. Find what you are most passionate about and soak up the maximum information about it.

9. I live a reasonably simple life, out of the ordinary.

This director is a quiet man outside the studio, when he walks away from the cameras he becomes into a completely normal person, sharing the same concerns with many of his fans.

10. He wanted to race cars. I didn't like school, and all he wanted to do was work on cars. But just before I graduated, I was in a very bad car accident and I spent that summer in the hospital wondering where he was leading me. I decided to take education more seriously and go to community college.

That accident showed him that the world of racing was simply not for him, thanks to it today we can all enjoy his wonderful movies.

11. Working hard is very important. You're not going to get anywhere without working very hard.

Our daily effort will be what allows us to achieve our personal goals, because if we don't do our best, we will never achieve anything in life.

12. A manager makes 100 decisions per hour. Students ask me how you know how to make the right decision, and I tell them: If you don't know how to make the right decision, you're not a manager.

Great directors usually have great mental agility, otherwise they could never successfully direct what we all know as a super production.

13. I loved photography and everyone said it was crazy because in those days nobody went into the movie business. I mean, unless you were related to someone, there was no way in.

The cinema is a sector with a rather complicated access, since only those who demonstrate a great capacity creating their art manage to be successful within it.

14. Before I became a film student, he was very into the social sciences, he had done a lot of sociology, anthropology, and I was studying in what I call social psychology, which is kind of an offshoot of anthropology/ sociology. culture as a living organism, why he does what he does.

The study of people has always been a very interesting subject for him. How the human being is able to develop a certain behavior is still something that escapes many of us today.

15. The secret is not to lose hope. It's very hard not to because if you're really doing something worthwhile, I think you'll be driven to the brink of despair before going through the other side.

Being able to achieve great goals can demand a great personal sacrifice, an idea that we will see reflected on countless occasions in his films.

16. I'm not very expert in math and science. I spent most of my time in school daydreaming and managed to turn it into a livelihood.

His imagination has been the tool that has allowed him to succeed, without it none of the works of this fantastic filmmaker would ever have come to light.

17. Whatever has happened in my search for innovation has been part of my search for immaculate reality.

His films have always sought to go one step further, new technologies have undoubtedly allowed him to achieve a better setting in his films.

18. A movie is kind of a binary: it either works or it doesn't. It has nothing to do with the good work you do. If you take it to a proper level where the audience goes with the movie, then it works, that's all.

To succeed in the world of cinema, luck must be with us, but above all it is our work that will allow us to achieve success.

19. If the boy and girl walk into the sunset hand in hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office.

The tender scenes sell very well at the box office, a trick that this well-known director has always known how to exploit.

20. I am a great defender of the giant screens. But I accept the fact that most of my movies will be seen on phones.

At present, many people consume audiovisual content on their smartphones, a very comfortable medium which deprives us of being able to see their works in their maximum fullness.

21. The influence of “Hidden Fortress” comes out a lot because it was printed in a book once. The truth is that the only thing that inspired me was the fact that it is told from the point of view of two peasants, who are mixed with a samurai and a princess and with many people of very high level.

Fantasy worlds have always enchanted him, thanks to them his films have such intense storylines.

22. I thought "Star Wars" was too crazy for the general public.

A thought he was undoubtedly wrong about, "Star Wars" is a timeless, intergenerational saga that will most likely outlive himself.

23. I was going to go to a four-year college and be an anthropologist or art school and be an illustrator when a friend talked me into learning photography at the University of Southern California. Little did I know it was a school that teaches you how to make movies! It had never occurred to me that I would ever be interested in making movies.

The most wonderful things in our lives can come at the most unexpected moment, proving that you never know what the future holds.

24. Even in high school I was very interested in history: why people do the things they do. As a child, I spent a lot of time trying to connect the past with the present.

The history of humanity is a really interesting subject, thanks to it we will be able to discover where we come from, in order to be more aware of where we want to go.

25. I started out in anthropology, so for me, how society works, how people come together and make things work, has always been a big interest.

Society has really complex mechanisms, the sociology it may be the science that helps any of us to deepen its discovery.

26. The secret to the movie business, or any business, is to get a good education in a subject besides of cinema, be it history, psychology, economics or architecture, so that you have something to make a movie. All the skill in the world won't help you unless you have something to say.

If we don't have a theme, we'll never have a movie. Every movie begins as a simple story, which we think is worth telling.

27. Digital technology allows us a much greater scope to tell stories that were more or less the foundation of literary media.

Today's digital technology can help us create a movie that otherwise could never be made. New technologies are undoubtedly the key to a new type of cinema.

28. If you really love movies and really want to get the full impact, there's a big difference between watching something on a screen small with a mediocre sound system and seeing it on a giant screen in a giant theater with a huge sound system and beautiful. I mean, the difference is electrical.

In order to see a movie at its best, we must always see it in a movie theater. Small screens often don't do big movies justice.

29. Everyone seems to think that digital technology lacks the medium of content, but that is not true at all. In any case, he expands the content.

Lucas has always sought to innovate in the creation of his films. Some of the technologies that he himself invented in the past are used in almost all the works that come to see the light today.

30. It was the money from “Star Wars” and “Jaws” that allowed theaters to build their multiplexes, which allowed more screens to open.

"Star Wars" and the well-known "Jaws" were the two most successful movies of the 70s. Both achieved box office success like never before.

31. “Young Indiana Jones” was one of the happiest moments I've ever had, so I love television.

Television has also given him great opportunities which he has always known how to take advantage of. The small screen seemed like it could also be a good place, where George Lucas would triumph with his works.

32. There wasn't much as a kid that inspired me in what he did as an adult, but I was always very interested in what motivates people and telling stories and building things.

Like a novelist with his books, this director uses cinema as a tool to tell his own stories. Something that shows us that cinema can be an excellent medium to be able to express what we feel.

33. Making a movie is like putting out a fire with a sieve. There are so many elements, and it gets so complicated.

Creating a movie is a really huge job, if we want to be successful with it we must pay attention to even the smallest detail.

34. Being renewed is everything. What more can you ask for than to recover your youth?

Many people throughout history have wished to be forever young or simply immortal, an idea that Lucas has also imagined on more than one occasion.

35. In 3D cinema, I can take images and manipulate them endlessly, instead of taking still shots and layering them one after the other. I move things in all directions. It is such a liberating experience.

3D cinema offers this director new ways to innovate with his films. After his long career as a filmmaker, this is a dream come true for him.

36. Football matches are on TV and do not affect stadium attendance at all. It's the same with movies. People who really love movies and like to go out on a Saturday night will go to the movies.

The experience of going to the cinema will not be obtained by watching a movie at home, a fact that allows us to intuit that movie theaters as we know them will most likely never close.

37. I was never interested in being powerful or famous. But once I got to film school and learned about movies, I fell in love. I didn't care what kind of movies he made.

Fame has never been something relevant to him, the fact of being able to create his works is already a prize for him in itself.

38. Storytelling is about two things; it's about character and plot.

The characters and the plot are undoubtedly the two most important factors in a story, in the works of this fantastic director both factors are always developed to the extreme.

39. A special effect is a tool, a means to tell a story. A special effect without a story is pretty boring.

Special effects are not everything in the creation of a movie, without an incredibly interesting plot no work can become a great success.

40. All art relies on technology because it's a human endeavor, so even when you're using charcoal on a wall or designing the proscenium arch, that's technology.

The only thing that has really changed over time is the means by which we express ourselves, but really being honest, the use of technology has always been there to help us.

41. Everyone has talent, it's just a matter of moving around until you've figured out what it is.

We all have the capacity to be very good at something, but first we will have to face the task of discovering what that something is for us.

42. The secret to filming is that it is an illusion.

In the cinema everything is a lie, so if we start from that base, anything that occurs to us can be artificially represented within it.

43. I'm just trying to fight for life; trying to do God's bidding.

Every minute of our life can be a new opportunity to do something new, human beings only have one chance to live so we must know how to make the most of it.

44. Learning to make movies is very easy. Learning what to make movies about is very difficult.

Finding the right theme can be the most complicated problem during the creation of a movie because it is from that main idea, from where we will later get the rest of the content.

45. None of the movies I've made were designed for a mass audience, except "Indiana Jones." No one in their right mind thought "American Graffiti" or "Star Wars" would work.

As Lucas tells us in this quote, Indiana Jones is undoubtedly the most commercial movie he has ever worked on. This film starring the famous Harrison Ford, was from its beginning a mass phenomenon.

46. The way I define intelligent design is that when people started, we wanted to make sense of the world we lived in, so we created stories about how things worked.

What better way to make movies than by providing useful information to viewers, something that shows us how movies don't have to only contain totally unnecessary data.

47. There should be a point for movies. Sure, you're giving people a distraction from the cold world for a while, but at the same time, you're passing on some facts and rules and maybe a bit of wisdom.

Films can be used to transmit very useful information to the population, they do not have to be completely sterile in content.

48. You can't do it unless you can imagine it.

Every great work is always based on a great idea. As artists we need to be able to imagine that great basic idea, from which we can later extract a complete work.

49. Although I write screenplays, I don't think I'm a very good writer.

His movie scripts are really wonderful, although from his particular point of view writing has never really been his forte.

50. I grew up in San Francisco. And so I'm informed in a certain way about, you know, believing in democracy and believing in America. And I am a very ardent patriot.

In the United States, patriotism is an idea that, as we all know, is widespread and in the particular case of George Lucas, he has always been a man with a deep sense of patriotism.

51. I have come to the conclusion that mythology is really a form of archaeological psychology. Mythology gives you an idea of ​​what people believe, what they fear.

Mythology was the way that the ancients used to explain all those misfortunes that happened to them, if we are observant Analyzing history we can realize that the human being has always tried to give a plausible explanation to all his problems.

52. Part of the achievement problem is being able to set realistic goals, but that's one of the hardest things to do because you don't always know exactly where you're going, and you shouldn't.

Many of us set ourselves objectives that in practice will simply be impossible to achieve, we must be cautious when choosing the goals that we will later set for ourselves.

53. Sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.

Music on some occasions can be really inspiring, as this famous director well knows, thanks to it we will be able to give a certain scene much more emotion.

54. I realized why directors are such horrible people, in a way, because you want things to be well, and people just won't listen to you, and there's no time to be nice to people, there's no time to be delicate.

Daily stress pushes directors to the limits of their capacities, a state that they will often share with their performers later on.

55. As a Westerner, "The Magnificent Seven" was a very good movie. But I don't think it was as interesting or as multifaceted as “Seven Samurai”.

The Japanese film "Seven Samurai" was adapted to Western cinema in the work called "The Magnificent Seven", a great film about which George Lucas tells us in this quote.

56. I am one of those people who says: yes, the cinema died when they invented sound.

Over the years, cinema has absorbed all the new technologies that appear, some of which have changed it forever in the past. A situation that may repeat itself in the present.

57. “American Graffiti” was unpleasant due to the fact that there was no money or time, and I was committing myself to die.

"American Graffiti" was a great movie at the time, a great work with a simply incredible setting that no one should miss today.

58. Cinema is not an easy occupation. There are many occupations that are difficult and cinema is one of them.

Being able to succeed in the world of cinema is something really complicated, since many people try continuously and only a few manage to do it successfully.

59. There is no difference between movies and television. None at all. Except in many cases, TV is much better than movies.

Television can allow filmmakers to create a certain project with a much lower amount of funds, something that would be totally impossible if taken to the movies.

60. The changes are not unusual; I mean, most movies, when they're released, they make changes. But somehow, when I make the slightest change, everyone thinks it's the end of the world.

Lucas is always completely convinced that his final version of a film is clearly the best, otherwise the film could never be released.

61. It's hard work making movies. It's like being a doctor: you work long hours, very difficult hours, and it's emotional and tense work. If you don't really love it, then it's not worth it.

Only those who love this job become successful in it, we should all try to dedicate ourselves to the job that we are most passionate about.

62. If you look at "Blade Runner," it's been cut sixteen ways since Sunday, and there are all kinds of different versions.

"Blade Runner" was a cult film released in 1982, starring Harrison Ford and directed by the also famous filmmaker Ridley Scott.

63. I've never been a big money guy. I'm more of a movie guy, and most of the money I've made is in defense of trying to maintain creative control of my movies.

His money is only a means to continue working, his works are much more important to him than the money he may have.

64. Digital technology is the same revolution as adding sound to images and the same revolution as adding color to images. Nothing more and nothing less.

When digital technology arrived, movies acquired a new depth and thanks to it, really impressive scenes began to be filmed.

65. When you are a beginning filmmaker you are desperate to survive. The most important thing in the end is survival and being able to reach your next image.

Beginning filmmakers start out by taking all those jobs that no one else is in. interested, choosing a good script will be at that moment a crucial factor for our later development.

66. The film is a very tight little box. If you don't fit in that box, you're gone. Television, there is more space to move.

Television can be a much more lax medium through which a filmmaker can move, because like all we can intuit, the series and films that appear in it are created with much more humble.

67. The ideals and principles for which Dr. King fought have never been forgotten and are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago.

Martin Luther King was a man who fought throughout his life against racism, an evil that unfortunately we have not yet been able to eradicate.

68. I have always been a fan of silent movies. I see cinema as a visual medium with a musical accompaniment, and the dialogue is a raft that goes on.

Silent films were very different from the cinema we all know today, a curious fact about them is that the actors who played them obviously had to be much more expressive.

69. For "Star Wars" I had to develop a whole new idea about special effects to give it the kind of kinetic energy I was looking for. I did it with motion control photography.

“Star Wars” was a movie that drew a lot of attention for its special effects, since such successful effects had never been seen before in a movie.

70. I was afraid that science fiction fans and everyone would say things like: You know, there's no sound in outer space.

The sci-fi fan community tends to have a good knowledge base. scientists, an accumulation of data that allows them to know when a film has a good setting and when do not.

71. Every time you do something, people try to do it again and make a better version, especially if they are in another country.

If we create a very interesting work, many others will inevitably be inspired by it. Many of his biggest fans dream of one day being as good filmmakers as he is.

72. My life is too short to become a movie studio.

Life can offer us many things, it can always be a good time to live a new and exciting experience.

73. He commands your ships and may the force be with you.

One of the most famous phrases of this well-known filmmaker, the Yoda character is undoubtedly very loved by all the great admirers of his films.

74. Luke, there's no trying, there's a do or don't.

If we are not brave, we will never be able to achieve our goals. We must have the courage to act decisively when necessary.

75. I am also extremely grateful to have discovered my passion. I love the movies. I love to see them, I love to do them.

Discovering our greatest passion can be a great step in life, because perhaps thanks to it we can become the person we really want to be.

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