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90 phrases of tenderness to understand this feeling

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Perhaps there is no feeling more recognized as a source of inspiration and exaltation of the most sublime that the human being can contribute. And it is that in the different phrases of tenderness that we find we can recognize that facility to connect with others empathically.

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The most honest phrases of tenderness

Next a review of the tenderness phrases that have been created with great sensitivity.

1. That the other person considers you his is not tenderness, that is possession. Tenderness is when a person takes care of you so well that it seems that they are caressing you and then you feel that you are protected by a stone castle (William Srekit)

Tenderness will always make you feel safe and calm, if it is the opposite, we must review our concept of tenderness.

2. When you feel tenderness towards another person, you could spend the rest of your life with them doing absolutely nothing and still feel like you are in heaven (Sara Halles)

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This phrase of tenderness shows us how this feeling influences relationships.

3. Imagine that the whole world was something more tender, something kinder, something more affectionate. With that small effort we would change the world from one day to the next (John Kazebic)

Tenderness as a source of harmony between peers.

4. Love is an endless act of forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit (Peter Ustinov)

Tenderness as a way or channel that accompanies an action.

5. The most powerful symptom of love is an almost insurmountable tenderness (Victor Hugo)

when tenderness is a powerful expression of love.

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6. I will never hurt you, I will always help you. If you're hungry, I'll give you my food. If you are afraid, I will be your friend. I love you now and love never ends (Orson Scott Card)

This phrase expresses care and attention.

7. The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard; they must be felt with the heart (Helen Keller)

That is why tenderness is experienced independently in each person.

8. The bravest are the most tender; Those who love the most dare the most (Bayard Joseph Taylor)

There is a power that hides within tenderness.

9. There never was a really big and generous heart, that was not also tender and compassionate (Robert Frost)

The power of tenderness has existed in great men.

10. We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a hard mind with a tender heart (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Tenderness as part of a diverse range of what is the human essence.

11. Beauty is not how you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you give to give to other struggling souls, like you (Shannon L. Alder)

Tenderness also means patience and teaching.

12. There is no such thing as tough love. Love is kindness, compassion, tenderness (Heather Wolf)

tenderness appears again as a trait of love.

13. Be tender with the mistakes of others, be strict towards yours (H. h. Swami Tejomayananda)

Tenderness as part of the learning process.

14. Propose to be tender with the young, compassionate with the older, understanding with the one who strives and tolerant with the weak. Sometime in your life you will be one of them (Dr. Robert H. Goddard)

Everything you give to others comes back in some way.

15. Friendship is a perfect agreement of the feelings of human and divine things, united to goodness and mutual tenderness (Cicero)

tenderness as an expression of friendship.

16. Pray for a tough skin and a strong heart (Ruth Graham)

Tenderness is usually the strength of any heart.

17. The most precious possession that ever comes into the world is a woman's heart (Josiah G. Holland)

This phrase of tenderness is dedicated to women.

18. One day you will ask me what is more important, my life or yours. I will say mine and you will leave without knowing that you are my life (Khalil Gibran)

This phrase manages to express tenderness in a very simple way.

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19. At this time somewhere in the world there is someone who would be happy to have you (Walter Riso)

The tenderness expressed by this phrase by Riso manages to cheer up a lonely heart.

20. Because you always exist anywhere, but you exist better where I love you (Mario Benedetti)

A person who is capable of inspiring tenderness may be able to extract other expressions of affection from you.

21.Love is not only phrases full of tenderness, it is the whole heart that is delivered without measure (Anonymous)

Tenderness is not enough, you have to know how to express it as a shared feeling.

22. Frida spread tenderness like flowers, yes, like flowers. A great tenderness, an infinite tenderness (Chavela Vargas)

A peculiar way to describe the painter by one of her best friends.

23. Harden without ever losing tenderness (Che Guevara)

A phrase of tenderness to avoid losing it.

24. Have you seen a gesture of tenderness on the face of a sleeping madman? (Jaime Sabines)

Nice phrase of tenderness by Jaime Sabines.

25. Tenderness is the central column that sustains life José (Víctor Martínez Gil)

Tenderness as an important basis for the human being.

26. Tenderness is the repose of passion (Petrus Jacobus Joubert)

In this sentence, tenderness is seen as a deeper and more serene feeling.

27. Love without tenderness is pure desire for domination and self-affirmation to the point of destruction. Tenderness without love is soft sentimentality incapable of creating anything (Fernando Savater)

On the honest expression of tenderness depending on which feeling is accompanied.

28. My heart is white with tenderness (Jacobo Fijman)

About a heart that is always approached by tenderness.

29. In the maternal breast we absorb tenderness for a lifetime (José Narosky)

About maternal tenderness.

30. I want things, like a great wave of tenderness making me undo a snail noise, a school of fish in my mouth, some of that fragile and naked, like a flower about to give itself up in the first light of the morning, or simply a seed, a tree, a bit of grass. (Gioconda Belli)

Beautiful expression of what this emotional state means.

31. Let me express to you like this, when words flee, oh, expression of touch, the only precise voice, let me express my tenderness to you like this (Vicente Gaos)

One of the many ways that poets approach tenderness.

32. I will make tenderness reach you between the waves and that the dew of dawn never finds you alone, that the foam lulls you asleep in my arms and be like the foam kissing your lips (Rosana)

About the tenderness that comes as a song.

33. It is difficult to maintain the necessary cruelty that allows us to be implacable in our judgments. The tenderness of memories is spreading everywhere; If we dissolve into it, it will be impossible to look at someone with the hard eyes of reality (Elias Canetti)

Tenderness as a desensitizer for hard hearts.

34. It is necessary to unbutton the hand, undress it in the street, break down the men's door, second floor to the left, file number tenderness (Roberto Jorge Santoro)

Great way to include tenderness in poetic expression.

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35. We think we guess the other's feelings, we can't, of course, we never can. It's not important. It's actually tenderness that interests me. That is the gift that moves me, that sustains me, this morning, the same as every morning (Raymond Carver)

Tenderness as the engine of life.

36. Never in life will you find better and more disinterested tenderness than your mother's (Honoré de Balzac)

this phrase of tenderness honors the mother.

37. Sails of love in gulfs of tenderness my poor heart flies to the wind and finds, in what it reaches, its torment, and awaits, in what it does not find, his happiness (Ramón De Campoamor)

Once again the lyric as a way of expressing tenderness.

38. Only tender people are really strong (James Dean)

On the power of tenderness.

39. When death comes, the great reconciler, we never regret our tenderness, but our severity (Mary Anne Evans)

Tenderness becomes the perfect companion of the memorable moments, thanks to its intensity and the sensation it produces in us.

40. My beauty satisfies me so much that in another love I will never think or seek tenderness (Giovanni Boccaccio)

When due to various situations we come to deny sharing the experience of tenderness with the other.

41. What is the reason that words like these seem so clumsy and so cold to me? Could it be that there is no word tender enough to describe you? (James Joyce quotes)

When we have run out of resources to express tenderness.

42. What music of touch the caresses with you! What deep chords! What scales of tenderness, harshness, joy! (Manuel Altolaguirre)

About shades of emotions.

43. It is not necessary that there be love in a book for us to love it, but there does need to be a lot of tenderness (Joseph Joubert)

Tenderness over any type of expression.

44. Life is tenderness. That is why we do not understand it and will never understand it. The stone does not understand the breeze We measure the orbits of the stars, and we are astonished before a flower (Rafael Barrett)

It is not easy to understand tenderness when we are not prepared to rock with it.

45. But when he was about to scream, the fear disappeared. It was replaced by a wave of tenderness, sorrow and an unexpected desire (Kate Morton)

About sudden outbursts of anxiety, and its solution.

46. To heaven and earth shake the spasms of tenderness. (Manuel Gonzalez Prada)

A very intense way of explaining the experience of emotional connection with someone.

47. I don't need the moon or even the foam, just two or three seconds of tenderness are enough for me (Luis Eduardo Aute)

When tenderness becomes a prevailing need.

48. Life has rewarded me with the most precious thing that exists. I have known tenderness (Miguel Mihura)

In this phrase of tenderness, the author has wanted to show it as the maximum expression of the divine.

49. Now that I had discovered what tenderness was, I put it in everything I liked (José Mauro De Vasconcelos)

When you've walked through their grounds and it's hard to leave them.

50. Life without tenderness is not worth much (José Mauro De Vasconcelos)

As an important part of existence.

51. I didn't know how to understand anything then! I should have judged her by her actions and not by her words. The flower perfumed and illuminated my life and I should never have run away from there! I did not know how to guess the tenderness that his poor cunning was hiding! The flowers are so contradictory! But I was too young to know how to love her (Antoine De Saint-Exupéry)

This author has many times successfully managed to convey the experience of tenderness in his works.

52. The few images that a man can or has the right to remember were not enough for him: he demanded dates, precise places, exact shades of light. and details of tenderness, enumeration of quotes, of words, and from thinking so much about Mariana, his memories were spent (Antonio Muñoz Molina)

When he accompanies the unease it is of life.

53. They were small discoveries full of tenderness (Takashi Hiraide)

And probably in them lay his greatness.

54. He felt the tenderness and respect of someone who kisses the one he loves (Dolores Redondo)

About the expression of affection.

55. (...) When his gaze stopped at Nicolás again, he smiled at him again, with a smile that was not distracted, nor was it insistent, but she addressed him personally, she enveloped him entirely with that celestial tenderness that emanated from her (Emmanuel career)

A way of describing tenderness from the divine.

56. My sad tenderness, what are you doing to yourself all of a sudden? When I have reached the most daring and cold vertex my heart closes like a night flower (Pablo Neruda)

Beautiful excerpt from a sincere and moving conversation.

57. You looked at me tenderly, that look when you detect that the other is having a terrible time (Mónica Carrillo)

As a sign of solidarity and empathy.

58. Tenderness is, in these times, one way like another to fill the sandwich with barbecue smoke; One does not eat better but the illusion is not lost either (Yasmina Khadra)

Tenderness is an experience from which we are going to nourish ourselves in any way.

59. There is one thing that is always desired and sometimes obtained: human tenderness (Albert Camus)

About how hard it is sometimes to come across that feeling.

60. And for the first time since she knew him, her face showed what she always hid: tenderness, love... And pain (Cornelia Funke)

As a characteristic feature of sensitive people.

61. Your caresses wrap me like vines around dark walls. (Pablo Neruda)

A way to give texture to tenderness.

62. The weak and the tender overcome the hard and the strong. (Lao Tse)

Tenderness over aggressiveness.

63. Life is tenderness. That is why we do not understand it and will never understand it. The stone does not understand the breeze, we measure the orbits of the stars, and we are astonished before a flower (Rafael Barrett)

Emotions are unfamiliar territory.

64. In art, as in love, tenderness is what gives strength (Oscar Wilde)

As a source of sublime expressions.

65. May the breath of life make you tender and fresh as tender and fresh is a newborn child (Lao Tzu)

Tenderness is like water, it molds and takes different forms in different life experiences.

66. The condition of life is to devour what lives, and whoever evades it, due to that feeling they call tenderness, always succumbs (Wenceslao Fernández Florez)

When this feeling is our weakness.

67. Children are like God, full of tenderness, peace and with the universal language of love (Pedro Pantoja Santiago)

The divine tenderness of children.

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68. When will you understand that sometimes being tough means being tender? (Sam Huntington)

Interesting way of approaching strengths.

69. (...) Because all his passion, all his tenderness were within herself (...) He thought he had a lover when he only had love (Jacinto Octavio Picón)

When tenderness is in the deepest feelings but we don't know it yet.

70. It is more accurate to restrain children out of honor and tenderness, than out of fear and punishment (Terence)

It is the best way to educate a child.

71. The man gives tenderness to receive sex, the woman gives sex to receive tenderness.

A truly revealing summary of tenderness, which tells us about the differences between some men and women.

72. In the night full of stars there is more infinite tenderness than in all human hearts (José Vasconcelos)

The beauty of nightscapes can be truly tender and captivating.

73. The essence of humor is sensitivity, a warm and tender sympathy for all forms of existence (Thomas Carlyle)

People show tenderness when we treat the rest of the beings around us with respect.

74. Caresses are as necessary for the life of feelings as leaves are for trees. Without them, love dies by the root (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

A very accurate allegory about the need for tenderness that people have.

75. You can caress people with words (Francis Scott Fitzgerald)

Tenderness is something that can be practiced daily in the way we relate to others.

76. The bed the size of desire to try all the caresses and confuse the skins in the long sweat that shines in the half light of the afternoon curtains (Hugo Gutiérrez Vega)

A truly suggestive poem about the tenderness of couples in bed.

77. Come and delight us with love, with nectar of the palate, because your caresses are better than wine! (Yehuda Halevi)

A truly romantic appointment that we can dedicate with great tenderness to someone special.

78. The Christian knows how to be like Jesus, hard against evil, but tender with whom he is in need. (Father Gabriele Amorth)

One of the essential bases of the Christian religion.

79. Solidarity is the tenderness of peoples (Gioconda Belli)

A very successful allegory about brotherhood among the peoples of the world.

80. It is true that love preserves beauty and that women's faces are nourished by caresses, just as bees are nourished by honey. (Anatole France)

People in love always appear to be younger than they are.

81. Sweetness is not rented, pain is not sold, love is not borrowed, tenderness is not stolen, and even if the priest communes you, only God gives you favors (José Larralde)

A love poem about the tenderness of this great Argentine poet and singer-songwriter.

82. Love is not measured by the number of caresses, but by the frequency with which one and the other understand each other (Herbert Spencer)

Understanding is one of the fundamental pillars of any love relationship.

83. I loved Fernand because of the tenderness of his ignorance (Léolo)

Some people are really tender with their ignorance.

84. Manhood is more than just bragging, swearing, or climbing mountains. Manhood is also tenderness, delicacy and consideration

A perfect definition that encompasses the majority of men today.

85. The sad secret of every human being: that he needs a lot of tenderness, that he cannot live without love (Sándor Márai)

A recipe that without a doubt, many of us need.

86. I've called every flower shop in five states, told them it was the only way my wife would marry me (Big Fish)

One of the most remembered phrases from this Tim Burton film released in 2003.

87. Tenderness is that which vitalizes the old, puts the child to sleep and disarms the man.

An absolutely true phrase about the effects of tenderness in the human being.

88. Tenderness is in danger of extinction (Albert Espinosa)

This successful writer has based many of his stories on tenderness and love.

89. The "I love you" is a piece of soul that we give to the other

A phrase that perfectly sums up what love is.

90. I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees (Pablo Neruda)

One of the most tender and remembered verses of this great Chilean singer-songwriter

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