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The 6 best ART ACADEMIES in Barcelona

The best art academies in Barcelona

Do you want to get started in the fascinating art world? You should know that in Barcelona there are some academies that are ideal to learn to draw or paint or, also, to improve your technique and improve it. In this article by a TEACHER we have reviewed the best art academies in Barcelona that offer us courses and workshops very interesting and, all of them, related to the world of painting, drawing or sculpture. Bring out the Picasso that you carry inside and discover all the creativity that is inside you.

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  1. El Visor, art school in Barcelona
  2. Barcelona Academy of Art
  3. Taure Academy
  4. Art Workshop
  5. Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art
  6. Espaidart

El Visor, art school in Barcelona.

One of the best valued art academies in Barcelona is The Viewer which is located in the Eixample Right of Barcelona, ​​specifically, in the Paseo de San Juan. It is a school where you can enter the world of painting, drawing or sculpture from the hand of experienced teachers and with a great passion for what they do.

In this academy you will find Different programs so you can find the one that best suits your needs and preferences: you can start studying art from scratch or improve your technique. The teachers will be in charge of helping you find your own language and your particular style.

These sessions also teach some basic notions of art history to better understand this universe and the most interesting artists in history.

Direction: Passeig de Sant Joan, 142,

Barcelona Academy of Art.

Another of the best valued art schools in Barcelona is Barcelona Academy of Art, a center that is specialized in teaching drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art. This entity offers a complete study plan so that you can enter the artistic world from scratch and create your professional career in this field. Classical teaching methods are used here and their study plans are based on the same methods that were followed in the ateliers 19th century.

In this academy of painting and art, great artists such as Jean-León Gérôme, León Bonnat and Carolus Durán have their referents. In his classes a direct study of nature and, in addition, the works of the old masters to know their techniques and that students can be inspired. The BAA method is based on helping to improve the technique of drawing but also learning to educate the eye to be able to work on perspective.

Perfect methods to be able to understand figurative language and that the student can enter and perfect his skills.

Direction: Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 34,

The best art academies in Barcelona - Barcelona Academy of Art

Taure Academy.

Taure It is another of the most interesting art academies in Barcelona. It is located in the Gracia neighborhood and presents a warm and traditional decoration, an essence that reminds us of the old art schools. The space is located in a building over 150 years old that has been restored and that currently houses this academy managed by high-quality professionals with long experience. Among the corners of the center, it is worth highlighting its Andalusian patio that will transport you to another era and help you obtain greater inspiration.

In Taure you can learn a wide variety of artistic disciplines, both classical and current; For this reason, its training program highlights its drawing courses, painting courses but also courses illustration, manga, comic courses, of story board, and so on.

For the most current classes, in Taure they offer you a digital classroom equipped with tablets and I-MAC so that you have the basic tools to start working. In addition, the courses are designed for both adults and children from 6 years old.

Direction: Carrer d'Astúries, 59,

Art Workshop.

Art Workshop is another Painting and Drawing Academy of Barcelona best valued by students. It is a space designed so that you can develop your creativity and delve into the fascinating world of art. This workshop is committed to creating an optimal environment for concentration and imagination, two essential elements so that you can unleash all your creative potential.

One of the most interesting points of this school is that they work in a personalized way with students. Each person is unique and, therefore, they try to enhance the capabilities and style that everyone has inside. The teachers will help you to develop your skills and will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

In addition to the traditional courses, in Taller d'Art they also have specific activities and art therapy workshops for all audiences.

Direction: Carrer de Sagués, 35

The best art academies in Barcelona - Taller d'Art

Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art.

In the Eixample Izquierdo de Barcelona we find another school of fine arts in Barcelona with which you can promote your most creative side. Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art is an academy that specializes in teaching the realistic drawing and painting to provide training that specializes in this artistic subgenre. The objective of the teachers is to spread artistic realism and give the keys and techniques so that students can develop in this area.

During the classes the teaching of classical techniques but, also, knowledge is provided so that the artist himself can develop his potential: it will be shown how it can be seen life through observation, how you can awaken sensitivity and how you work to grow at an artistic level and personal.

The method that is carried out in this art academy in Barcelona is inspired by the academies of Italy, France and Spain of the 19th century: Observation methods such as abstract vision, constructive analysis, sight-size, etc. are worked on.

Direction: Carrer d'Entença, 40


And we conclude this review of the best valued art academies in Barcelona to talk about Espaidart, a drawing and painting school that is designed for students of any age and of both beginner and advanced levels. Classes taught at this school have a maximum of 15 people and are held in the Ateneu Barceloní, a space with more than 150 years of history and located in Gracia.

Therefore, if you were looking for art academies in Gracia, you should know that Espaidart is one of the most interesting. They offer you a wide variety of courses both annual, quarterly or monographic so that you can find the most suitable training for you. They also have different painting techniques and specific courses for it, such as, for example, acrylic paint, watercolor, oil paint, Chinese ink painting, etc.

In this academy the teachers have direct contact with the student and monitor their progress individually.

Direction: Carrer de Ros de Olano, 9,

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