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The 10 best sun protection creams for this summer

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Now that the good weather is approaching and the sun begins to tighten, it is time to get hold of a good sunscreen to keep the harmful effects of UVA rays at bay this summer.

So that you can get the best product we have compiled the 10 best sun protection creams on the market, according to the analyzes carried out by the OCU.

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Why it is important to use sunscreen

The sun is good for our skin, but too much exposure can be harmful. To protect us from the harmful effects of UVA rays It is essential to use the best sun protection creams to take care of our skin.

It is not necessary to have white or sensitive skin to protect ourselves from the sun, since whatever your skin type, it can suffer damage if you do not use a good sunscreen. To properly protect your skin you must use a product that has at least a sun protection factor 15 and take care of your exposure to the sun.

There are different sun protection factors, which are those that indicate the time that someone can be in the sun without being burned by radiation. There are sun creams with medium protection, ranging from SPF 15 to 25; high protection, ranging from SPF 30 to 50; and those of very high protection, of more than SPF 50.

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The OCU has analyzed 15 products of SPF 30 to determine which are the best sun protection creams of this medium factor, one of the most used. To classify them, the effectiveness of the sun protection factor, protection against UVA rays, composition and other aspects such as their application or texture have been evaluated.

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The 10 best sun protection creams according to the OCU

Here is a classification of the best sun protection creams that you can buy both in supermarkets and large stores, as well as in pharmacies or herbalists.

10. Babaria Sun Milk Aloe Vera Solar Milk

In the top 10 of the ranking of best sun protection creams is one of the most popular sunscreen brands: Babaria. It presents a medium quality and has 62 points in the OCU ranking. The 200 ml container costs 10.05 euros.

9. Cien (Lidl) Classic Solar Milk

Another of the consumers' favorite low cost brands sneaks into the list, and is that the Cien de Lidl brand has very effective products at a very good value for money. This sun protection cream is one of the cheapest and the 250 ml container costs 4.98 euros. It has 64 points out of 100.

The white brand Cien de Lidl sneaks in as one of the best sun milks.
The white brand Cien de Lidl sneaks in as one of the best sun milks. Fountain:Pixabay

8. NIVEA Sun Protect and Tan

And a point above Lidl's white label we have the famous Nivea, a benchmark in sunscreen. The NIVEA Sun protects and tans has 65 points in the ranking and is already classified as good quality, but it has a higher price, since the 200 ml container costs 9.90 euros

7. VICHY Idéal Soleil Moisturizing Milk

Another brand that offers some of the best sunscreen creams on the market is Vichy. His Idéal Soleil moisturizing milk it has 69 points but it is one of the most expensive. The 300 ml container costs 23.15 euros.

6. BIOTHERM Lait Solaire Hydratant

Other quality sunscreen cream It is that of the prestigious Biotherm brand. It is positioned as good quality, with 70 points, and the 200 ml bottle costs 30.50 euros, being one of the most expensive in the ranking.

5. AVÈNE Lait - Milk

The Avène brand offers very good sun protection and it is also positioned in the ranking with 70 points. The 100 ml container costs 16.70 euros.

4. EUCERIN Sun Lotion Extra Light

In fourth place another brand of skin care is positioned. Eucerin Sun Lotion is one of the best sunscreens and it is also positioned with 70 points. The 150 ml container costs 16.95 euros.

3. APIVITA Suncare Sun Milk for face and body

And here we enter the top 3 best sunscreen creams, which earn the label of best products in the analysis, as they present the same score: 71 out of 100. The Apivita is a solar milk whose 150 ml container costs 21.95 euros.

2. GARNIER / DELIAL Protective Moisturizing Milk 24 H

In second place is the brand of sun protection creams Delial, from Garnier. The new formula for your milk offers protection and hydration for 24 hours. Its value for money is one of the best, as the 200 ml container can be purchased for only 13.95 euros.

1. LA ROCHE POSAY Anthelios Confort

La Roche Posay milk for sensitive skin it is positioned as the best sun protection cream on the market. The 250 ml container costs 25.35 euros. It is among the most expensive in the ranking, but it is also one of the most effective in terms of protection.

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