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The 50 best phrases of Clara Campoamor

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Carmen Eulalia Campoamor Rodríguez, better known to all as Clara Campoamor, was a women's rights activist who did not she was afraid to express not only her opinion on female freedom, but to express all the injustices to women in Spain. Under this premise She founded the Republican Women's Union, which prompted her to give rise to women's suffrage in the country in 1931, thus achieving the vote for women in 1933.

Becoming an image of struggle and victory for all those people and movements that were not heard, but thanks to Clara, they discovered her own voice.

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Great reflections and quotes from Carmen Campoamor

To learn more about this heroine of female history, whose life was dedicated to the inclusion of minorities in political affairs that we they concern everyone equally, we bring below the best quotes by Carmen Campoamor that can inspire you and make you see the world of another way.

1. How can it be said that when women give signs of life for the Republic, they will be awarded the right to vote as a prize?
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The right to vote is just that, a right for everyone, regardless of our race, sex, religion or culture.

2. I am as far from fascism as I am from communism, I am a liberal.

Clara Campoamor had her own ideology, which was very far from communism.

3. Freedom is learned by exercising it.

We cannot appreciate freedom if we do not use it as it should be.

4. No one has cared to teach the peoples that death and war are much easier than peace and life.

Chaos and destruction are always an easy way out with dire consequences.

5. I defended women's rights in the Constituent Courts.

This women's rights activist went so far as to change the political history of her country.

6. Solve what you want, but facing the responsibility of bringing that half of the human race into politics.

Why is one group benefited and the other not?

7. Is it that when you speak with praise of working women and university women, you are not singing your capacity?

Women deserve respect and rights regardless of their social status.

8. But also, gentlemen, those of you who voted for the Republic, and for whom the Republicans voted, meditate for a moment and decide if you voted alone, if only the men voted for you.

Segregating women from politics is limiting the chances of victory.

9. First of all I am a humanist.

Everyone should maintain their humanistic spirit in their struggles.

10. You cannot come here to legislate, to vote taxes, to dictate duties, to legislate on the human race, on the woman and on the child, isolated, outside of ourselves.

Women also care about matters of politics, as they affect them.

11. All the behavior of the Spanish husband seems to aspire to be synthesized in a motto: Love or marriage.

A sample of the marked machismo of old Spain.

12. The indeclinable duty of a woman who cannot betray her sex, if, like me, she considers herself capable of acting, by virtue of a simple feeling and a clear idea that they reject equally.

There is no reason to condemn a woman not to participate in something, just because she is a woman.

13. For politics to be a matter of two, because there is only one thing that only one sex does: illuminate; the rest we do all in common.

We must support each other.

14. You close the door to women in electoral matters.

A clear point that they tried to hide.

15. In addition, when speaking of female workers and university students, are we going to ignore all those who do not belong to one class or the other? Do they not suffer the consequences of the legislation?

In the female community itself, there must be equal conditions.

16. The total, complete, overwhelming victory of one side over the other, will burden the victor with the responsibility of all mistakes made and will provide the loser with the basis for future propaganda, both within and outside our borders.

Reflections on winning and losing.

17. Feminism is a courageous protest by an entire sex against the positive diminution of its personality.

A sample of the emergence of feminism.

18. I've always wondered why not marriage and love?

Every marriage must have love in order to survive.

19. The hypothesis of constituting an exceptional, phenomenal entity; deserving, by exception among the others.

The main purpose of not including women in the vote, according to their detractors.

20. Here is the tragic balance of a repression, which, had it been severe, but legal, clean and fair in its methods, would have caused much less damage to the country.

Strong criticism of the government of his time.

21. Do you have the right to do that? No, you have the right that the law has given you, the law that you made, but you don't have the right fundamental natural, which is based on respect for every human being, and what you do is hold a can.

The law should not be created to benefit only those who can modify it.

22. Don't they pay taxes to support the State in the same way as the others and as the men?

Women also contribute to the state.

23. Republic, always republic, the form of government most in accordance with the natural evolution of the peoples.

Hoping to establish an equitable Republic for all.

24. Do not make a historical mistake that you will never have enough time to cry by leaving women out of the Republic.

Thanks to her, Spain did not make this mistake.

25… Of meddling in the male's private functions, and the safe conduct of the Greek hetaira, who would be forgiven for culture and intervention in exchange for mixing the sex trade with the spirit.

Women have also played a role in history.

26. We are the product of two beings; there is no incapacity possible from you to me, nor from me to you.

Her goal was not to place one group over another, but to have equality.

27. Let the woman manifest and you will see how that power cannot continue to stop it.

There is a real fear of female power.

28. Doesn't the whole consequence of the legislation that is drawn up here for both sexes flow back on them, but only directed and nuanced by one?

Although the laws were presided over by men, women also had to pay for it.

29. The simple and fallacious division made by the government between fascists and democrats to stimulate the people does not correspond to the truth.

Sometimes the government creates smoke screens to keep people from focusing on what's important.

30. The female vote was, from 1933, the best brand bleach to wash away male political blunders.

Thanks to the female vote, better political opportunities have emerged.

31. To me they could take all the imaginary political sins of the woman, and pass it on all the accounts of the small rancor.

Clara was the target of a hatred invented to defend women's rights.

32. Many times, always, I have seen that a female audience attended public events much higher than the male, and I have seen in the eyes of those women the hope of redemption, I have seen the desire to help the Republic.

A silent hope that finally the light came out.

33. The decline in illiteracy is faster for women than for men.

An impressive study.

34.... she represents a new force, a young force; that it has been sympathy and support for the men who were in prisons; who has suffered in many cases like yourselves, and who is yearning.

The role that women can take in politics according to Campoamor.

35. It is impossible to imagine a woman of modern times who, as a basic principle of individuality, does not aspire to freedom.

We all deserve to be free.

36. If left-wing politicians have passed through it, they have not been more resplendent and pristine… it will be the fault of the fabric.

Criticism of communism.

37. What I do not expect to happen is that a single voice will rise from that field of the left, from whom I had to suffer everything, because I am the only one who ideologically interests me, and whom I still serve in isolation.

For Clara, the worst betrayal is a woman who attacks another woman's right.

38. Since 1910 she has followed the upward curve, and women today are less illiterate than men.

Women can also be an example of self-improvement for men.

39. Why should man, at the advent of the Republic, have his rights and those of women have to be put in a lazaretto?

There are no justifiable explanations why a man has more rights than a woman.

40. The woman does not resign herself, she rebels, always revolts, and when everything seems lost, she believes in the unexpected, she believes in the miracle.

We all have the ability to resurface when all seems lost.

41. The heterogeneous composition of the groups that make up each of the sides (...) shows that there are at least as many liberal elements among the rebels as there are anti-democrats on the side governmental.

No one is completely right or wrong. Not all are completely good or bad.

42. It is not, therefore, from the point of view of ignorance from which a woman can be denied entry into obtaining this right.

An unfounded racist question.

43. Has the woman been absent from the vote? Well then, if you affirm that the woman does not influence the political life of the man at all, you are - look closely - affirming his personality, affirming the resistance to abide by them.

Why the fear that women have a strong voice?

44. Let's say it concretely: she believes in herself.

When we believe in ourselves, we can do great things that make a difference.

45. I feel like a citizen rather than a woman.

It is not about imposing one sex, but about giving the same opportunities to all people.

46. Do not forget that you are not only sons of men, but the product of both sexes is gathered in you.

We all come from a father and a mother.

47. I was never an element of the right, or even of the center-right, in the party.

The fact that she is not a communist does not imply that she was an extreme rightist.

48. … To that, a single argument: even if you don't want to and if by chance you admit female incapacity, you vote with half of your being incapable.

When women are repressed, men are also repressed.

49. The terrible national consequences of a struggle, which will open an abyss of hatred and resentment between two parts of the country, should have made it advisable to adopt, with diligence, a status quo formula that, leaving antagonistic ideals and interests intact, would have forced them to fight legally on the ground political.

Opinions towards the political system.

50. I and all the women I represent want to vote with our male half, because there is no degeneration of the sexes, because we are all children of man and woman and receive equally the two parts of our being.

Clear and forceful words of a woman fighter for equality.

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