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The 68 best phrases of Tintin (and Hergé)

Tintin, one of the most beloved and funniest characters in 20th century classic comics, but still enjoyed by many today. Following the adventures of this intrepid journalist, his faithful dog companion Snowy and the legendary Captain Haddock, where they will solve various mysteries, they will discover the reality behind the most interesting myths and legends in the world and they will live the funniest and even dangerous events unexpected.

Did you know that this series has a French origin? It was created by Georges Prosper Remi, better known by his artistic nickname Hergé, and its original title is ‘Les Aventures de Tintin et Milou ’(The Adventures of Tintin and Snowy) being one of the most influential stories in Europe of the century past.

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Great quotes from Tintin

As a tribute to this great animated series, we have brought in this article a compilation of the best and funniest phrases of Tintin as well as the best phrases of Hergé, his creator.

1. Ha! I thought you were optimistic ...

There are moments where optimism disappears from us.

2. What is it about this mockup that could lead someone to steal it?

There are treasures that everyone knows their value.

3. The Haddocks did not run away.

It is brave to face problems.

4. I would say even more.

One of the most famous phrases of the twins Hernándes and Fernández.

5. My God! Why so many questions?

If there is something that characterized Tintin, it was his desire to know more.

6. Well, you are wrong. I'm realist.

Realism and negativism. They are similar?

7. It's my job, there may be a story here.

Another quality of Tintin, having an excellent story in his hands.

8. Never say that to yourself, never say that to yourself. If there is a wall, go through it.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.

9. Three brothers united. Three unicorns together.

The main theme of the film ‘The Secret of the Unicorn’.

10. That's what the timid always say.

A phrase from Captain Haddock.

11. How about your thirst for adventure? -Insaciable, Tintin.

An unstoppable duel.

12. Traveling to the noon sun they will speak of light.

You have to look for the light.

13. You can call me whatever you want. Do not understand? We have failed.

Because something does not turn out the way you want, it does not mean that you have failed.

14. The light will come and the cross of the eagle will shine.

One of the phrases from the movie ‘The Secret of the Unicorn’.

15. Four quintals of gold resting on the bottom of the ocean.

A tempting treasure.

16. Police work is not just glamor and guns, there is a lot of red tape.

There is also a monotonous side to police work.

17. Failed... There are always people willing to call you 'failed', 'frustrated', 'stupid', 'useless drunk'. But never tell yourself.

When we label ourselves negatively, it creates a detrimental effect on our confidence.

18. Fear not Tintin, the trials are safe with us.

Tintin was also a character with a lot of insecurity.

19. I don't think he realizes that he is about to enter a sea of ​​dangers.

There are those who love danger.

20. Nobody takes my boat from me.

A captain will always stand up for his ship.

21. You send the wrong signal, and that's what people pick up on. Do you get it? If you really care about something, fight for it.

Follow your dreams no matter what others say.

22. Tintin is a tough boy-scout!

Words of Hergé on the creation of him.

23. Only a true Haddock will discover the secret of the Unicorn.

A very personal mission for the captain.

24. What kind of dangers?

There are dangers that are attractive.

25. I am not a bad person, I am kleptomaniac.

There are people who are not able to recognize their failures.

26. There's something you need to know about failure, Tintin: that you shouldn't let it beat you.

The worst thing is not failure, but holding on to it.

27. Captain! That's medical alcohol, for medicinal use only.

A joke to the love of alcohol from the captain.

28. I warn you, get rid of the boat and forget it as soon as possible, those guys never play fair.

When is the right time to give up?

29. Calm down captain, there are worse things than being sober.

Sobriety forces you to face what you want to forget.

30. Do you think it is so ridiculous to do a good deed, to love and respect nature and animals, to strive to be true to one's word?

It is never ridiculous to give love and do good.

Great quotes from Hergé

As a bonus, we will show below some famous quotes from the creator of this epic story, Hergé, about Tintin and other aspects of life.

1. Look, I believe that all totalitarianisms are disastrous, whether they are "right" or "left", and I put them all in the same bag.

Opinion on politics.

2. So you had to make the whole family travel... (...) It was overwhelming, I left it. Tintin, at least, was free!

Talking about his other work that he didn't have much love for.

3. When I draw a character running, it generally goes from left to right, by virtue of this simple rule; and furthermore, this corresponds to a habit of the eye, which follows the movement and accentuates it; From left to right the speed seems higher than from right to left.

An interesting lesson on drawing.

4. Sometimes it happens that, by dint of insisting on an attitude, the paper gets a hole (A very good drawing paper, don't believe! ), because I want to give maximum intensity to the expression: fear, anger, ferocity, hypocrisy... Or to the movement of one or another character.

Hergé was very passionate about what he did.

5. If others took up Tintin, they would do it perhaps better, or perhaps worse. But one thing is for sure: they would do it differently, and then it would no longer be Tintin!

Nobody can do something the same way as you.

6. Exactly, up to there (The Blue Lotus), the adventures of Tintin (as well as those of Totor) formed a series of gags and suspense, but there was nothing built, there was nothing premeditated.

Suspense was part of the charm of Tintin's adventures.

7. I made this story, I have already told you, according to the perspective of the time, that is, with a typically paternalistic spirit... Which was, and I affirm, the spirit of the whole of Belgium.

The approach he gave to Tintin.

8. I draw furiously, passionately: I erase, cross, glare, add, rage, curse, sketch a different attitude.

Talking about his way of drawing.

9. I went on an adventure myself, without any script, without any plans: it was, really, a weekly job.

The whole story of Tintin was spontaneous.

10. Tintin is me, just as Flaubert used to say: 'Madame Bovary is me!

Our creations are part of us.

11. He did not want others to continue to Tintin, it would not be the same.

It is normal to want to have our work just for ourselves.

12. I did not even consider it as a real job, but as a game, a joke... Hey, Le Petit Vingtième went out on Wednesday afternoon and many times it had happened to me that on Wednesday in the morning I still did not know how to get out of the mess in which I had gotten Tintin the week previous.

If you love what you do, you will always enjoy it.

13. So that it is understood; be it exciting, sad or funny, it must have a backbone first and foremost.

A story is not made up of a single element.

14. Drawing a comic is above all telling a story.

The real essence of a comic.

15. Chinese philosophy teaches us a great lesson, with its notion of yin and yang, negative and positive, shadow and light.

Lessons from the ancient orient.

16. I wondered many times what is more important: the text or the drawing. For neither the one nor the other; in my case, text and drawing are born at the same time, the one complemented and explained by the other.

The text and the drawing complement each other.

17. I belong to the camp of those who practice their trade with the greatest possible conscience, and I salute all the victims of the war, whoever they belong to.

Without a doubt, Hergé gave everything in his work.

18. They are my eyes, my senses, my lungs, my guts ...

Talking about his connection to Tintin.

19. I recognize that I also believed that the future of the West could depend on the New Order.

An error of belief that he admitted.

20. They better be pretty, sure, but that's not their goal.

A comic must have visual appeal, but also a plot that engages the reader.

21. And so, from that Jocko, I founded a little new family, really to satisfy those gentlemen of Coeurs Vaillants, telling me that perhaps, on the other hand, they were right.

Talking about the real reason for his other work.

22. Without a doubt I was not very qualified for such rigor; and that was in part the cause of our disunity.

Speaking of his break up with Germaine.

23. I had the malicious pleasure of confusing the reader, of keeping him incognito, depriving me of the panoply traditional "comics": there are no "baddies", no real suspense and no adventure in the proper sense of finished.

There is always a pleasure for the writer to see the intrigue of his readers.

24. For many, democracy had been disappointing and the New Order brought new hope.

Sometimes, when something already used does not work, those interested find your business.

25. My naivety at that time bordered on stupidity, we could say even stupidity.

We all go through this stage at times.

26. Couldn't you create a character that has a dad, a working man, a mom, a little sister, a pet?.. At that time I had toys at home for an advertising job, and among them a monkey named Jocko.

The 'recommendation' that changed everything for Hergé.

27. First, the father had to be given a profession, a profession that would lead him to travel: well, an engineer was doing well.

On The Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko

28. In short, I was not cut out to be a saint, nor a hero

No one is really cut out for it.

29. It is a personal work.

Tintin was his baby.

30. The perception of China in Europe during the first decades of the 20th century was far from being based on dialogue or understanding.

Reflections on the European vision of the 20th century.

31. The sense of the smile and an extreme finesse to understand and appreciate others, a lively tolerance towards people.

Expressing himself from Tintin.

32. The goal is to explain the story as clearly as possible, so that it is understood.

The purpose of the comic as history.

33. But on top of that, this mom and dad spent most of their time crying and wondering what was happening to their children who were disappearing in all directions.

The direction the Jo, Zette and Jocko adventures were taking.

34. Despite the success and the money, I was not right with myself.

Material goods do not alleviate the sorrow of the soul.

35. I do believe in some kind of higher intelligence that makes everything in the universe... work.

Referring to God.

36. In view of everything that happened, it was naturally a great mistake to have been able to believe in it.

Mistakes are heavy, but it's always better to acknowledge them.

37. In the address of this newspaper they had told me roughly the following: Do you know? His Tintin is not bad, we like it. But it turns out that he does not make a living, he does not go to school, he does not eat, he does not sleep... It is not very logical.

An accurate but strange criticism of Tintin.

38. Tintin was born from my unconscious desire to be perfect, to be a hero.

The origin of Tintin.

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