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The 80 best phrases to overcome a love breakup

A breakup can become a traumatic event and, therefore, very difficult to overcome. This is because we are so focused on our grief that we can't focus on looking for something positive to move forward. However, this is necessary to live, as all emotions must be experienced and assimilated, including the darkest ones, such as the pain, sadness and insecurity that can afflict us when a relationship reaches its final.

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Great quotes and reflections to help you get over a love breakup

Taking into account the aforementioned, we have brought in this article, a list with the best phrases to overcome a love breakup, that will help you have another perspective and be able to leave go ahead.

1. You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer good. (Nina Simone)

Although it is painful, it is better to leave a relationship where you will not get fruit.

2. If things happen like this, it is a sign that it is what has to happen for everything to improve.

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Think this, if you stay you will only be more unhappy.

3. Even the best and most generous person gets tired of moving mountains for those who do not move a single stone.

Love is not enough to keep a relationship afloat.

4. Get rid of everyone who doubts you, and join those who value you.

Don't waste your time being with someone who doesn't value you.

5. Do you know the best of broken hearts? That can only really be broken once. The rest are scratches. (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

A broken heart can always heal with dedication.

6. That it makes you "smile sometimes" is not an excuse to hold on to something that hurts you. (Alezandra Remón)

If there are more bad moments than happy moments. So you're only half happy.

7. If you cry because you cannot see the sun, the tears will not let you see the stars. (R. Tagore)

If you cling to an unhealthy relationship, you will never appreciate what you deserve.

8. There are times when we do not understand it, but a huge change is always necessary to keep moving forward after overcoming a marriage breakdown and forgetting a love.

Even in love it is necessary to make changes.

9. Do not cling to what one day was, let it go, because it is useless to retain a love that has long been withered.

Forcing someone to stay alone increases disgust.

10. If your ex tells you that you will never find someone like him, tell him that that is the idea.

Always keep going, never go back.

11. Those who hurry to leave are the ones who never intended to stay.

Nothing that is real is extinguished overnight.

12. Remember that he who leaves rarely decides to do so with the intention of returning.

There are people who leave forever.

13. No matter how hard the experience, no matter how costly the mistake, it is always possible to start over. (Jorge Bucay)

This also applies to romantic relationships.

14. Never compromise your happiness or make sacrifices for someone who wouldn't do the same for you.

Remember that a relationship is two and both must have the same conditions.

15. The road is very long and many loves can cross on it; although you have to know that not all get to stay.

Because one relationship didn't work out, it doesn't mean that the others are going to be the same.

16. Whether it happened or never happened, everything happens for a reason.

You may not understand it now, but eventually you will.

17. When they leave you without a reason, they don't come back with an excuse.

Never accept someone who only brought misfortune to your life.

18. Learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation, who deserves only an answer, and who deserves absolutely nothing. (Alexandra Remón)

Not everyone deserves the same from you.

19. Love how you can, love who you can, love all you can. Don't worry about the purpose of your love. (Loved nerve)

There are many types of loves.

20. Respect yourself enough to get away from what no longer serves you for anything, or makes you grow, or makes you happy.

Remember that if you don't love yourself, you will hardly be able to truly love another.

21. There is no use thinking about the past if it is going to haunt you. Keep the good times and always look to the future.

Great advice to follow.

22. Don't let yourself be lost by someone who doesn't mind losing you.

Cry only for those who are worth crying.

23. Suddenly, one day you will wake up and discover by surprise that you have already healed.

The pain of a breakup is never permanent.

24. Kisses that come laughing, then they go crying, and in them life goes, which will never return. (Miguel de Unamuno)

A sample of how painful a separation is.

25. Life constantly whispered to me that it would make me happy, but first of all it wanted to make me strong.

Even breakups teach us what not to expect from someone.

26. Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase her, the more she runs away. But if you turn your attention to other things, she comes and gently lands on your shoulder. (V. Frankl)

A great metaphor about seeking happiness.

27. You have within you everything you need to overcome life's challenges, whatever they may be, even how to overcome a separation as a couple.

A breakup is just one more hurdle to overcome.

28. The beautiful moments that you once lived with someone special will remain no matter that they have not followed their path together.

There are breaks that are not necessarily traumatic.

29. Roses lose their petals, but they bloom again.

Something good always comes after adversity.

30. When they don't love you, you'll know right away, even if they don't tell you. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

The changes of heartbreak are very noticeable.

31. Nobody lacks strength, what many lack is the will. (V. Hugo)

Getting over a breakup depends on how much you want to do it.

32. Remember that without the endpoints you could not continue writing your story.

That separation is just the end of a chapter in your life.

33. Dare to open your eyes to the new doors. And, above all, when you are in front of them, go ahead and turn the knob. (Jorge Bucay)

Don't get stuck in what happened. Instead, look for reasons to encourage you to continue.

34. Being an option is not among my options.

Never be anyone's choice.

35. Remember that true love does not hold back, it flows and comes back to you when you least expect it and in whom you least imagine.

Love is neither forced nor begged.

36. Before healing a wound, you first have to admit that you are bleeding.

It is never cowardly to admit that you are suffering.

37. If someone loves you, nothing can keep them away from you. But if he doesn't love you, nothing can make him stay.

A great way to explain how a person's interest works.

38. A man who has not passed through the hell of his passions has never overcome them. (Carl Gustav Jung)

To overcome a pain it is necessary to face it.

39. When one door closes, another door opens; but often we look so sadly at the closed door that we do not see the ones that are opened for us.

Remember that when something ends, something new begins.

40. Each of us is on earth to discover his own path and we will never be happy if we follow someone else's. (James van Praagh)

Your partner should have goals similar to yours.

41. We cannot accept as true that love is ever less. (R. Tagore)

Love must be a complete commitment.

42. It's hard to realize that there are moments that don't last forever. But the beauty of life is discovering what new things you have in store.

Keep this in mind, you can always move forward.

43. When you know how much you are worth, you don't lose someone; that someone loses you.

To understand the love you need, you must first work on yourself.

44. He fell in love with his flowers, but not with his roots, and in the fall he didn't know what to do. (The little Prince)

Superficial loves never last.

45. There are two alternatives: one that I call being alone and one that I call feeling lonely. The difference is the extent to which I am sufficient company for myself. (Jorge Bucay)

If we can't be comfortable with ourselves, we will never be comfortable with someone else.

46. It hurts me to have run not to get there, now I know that the road is the goal too.

There are relationships that do not last long, but they offer you great lessons.

47. I am moving away from who I love because I realize that in his life I have never been needed.

It is better to know when to withdraw than to continue to suffer from silence.

48. Breakups are painful, but staying with someone who doesn't deserve you hurts even more.

Sooner or later you will understand that the fairy tale you believed never existed.

49. A wise man said: "Don't be afraid of losing someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you."

Great advice to take into account.

50. The best thing is to surround yourself with those people who make you laugh. (Victoria Morris)

A relationship should make you feel good and never make you miserable.

51. Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure. (Pablo Coelho)

Never be afraid to try again in love.

52. Don't ask yourself what it was you did wrong. Ask yourself what you can do better not to close the doors on love.

If you made a mistake, acknowledge it and work to improve it.

53. You don't need to be someone's princess. You are already a queen.

Remember that you are worth a lot, so don't get trampled on by anyone.

54. It's funny, because the people who usually hurt you are those who once promised they would never do it.

This shows us that not everyone is capable of keeping his word.

55. Illusions fall one after another like the peels or skins of a fruit; This fruit is the experience, with a bitter taste, but it has some acrid that fortifies it. (Gerard de Nerval)

Illusions are just that: imaginary ideas.

56. If you forgive too much they get used to failing you.

Forgiveness does not imply granting permission for him to hurt you again.

57. If we are in a dark room and we say that there is no light, it is because we have ever seen the light. Something similar happens with happiness. (Swami Tilak)

Never hold back from experiencing new things.

58. Always choose what is best, no matter how difficult it may seem. Soon the habit will become easy and enjoyable. (Pythagoras)

Create a pleasant routine for yourself.

59. Believe it or not, there is someone better for you later. Don't close your heart based on a bad experience.

You can always find someone who makes you feel at ease.

60. Some storms come to make the path clearer.

Sometimes the most painful things are the ones that offer us the most important lessons.

61. There are loves that can only exist in your heart, but not in your life.

Not all loves are convenient for you.

62. It is necessary to have loved, then to lose love and then to love again. (Vincent van Gogh)

A reflection to never stop loving.

63. Silence also has answers.

When awkward silences are created in a relationship, something is going wrong.

64. Your vision will only become clear when you can look into your own heart. Because who looks outside dreams, and who looks inside wakes up. (C. Jung)

If you are not able to face things yourself, seek psychological help.

65. Bringing the bricks from your old relationship to your new one will end up building the same house. How to get by after a separation is also choosing someone different.

The past must be left behind, otherwise it will interfere with your next relationship.

66. There are things that break the heart but open the eyes.

Think that if that had not happened, you would never have known what you now know.

67. Someday you will meet someone who will show you why it never worked with anyone else.

Do not despair in the search for love.

68. Better to be alone than accompanied by someone who does not love you.

As the saying goes: 'It is better to be alone than in bad company'.

69. We should only love who we can have close to. (Pablo Coelho)

Emotional distance is the most damaging thing in a relationship.

70. If I write something, I fear it will happen, if I love someone too much, I fear losing it; However, I cannot stop neither writing nor loving. (Isabel Allende)

You cannot deprive yourself of things just out of fear.

71. We are the masters of our destiny and the captains of our soul. (Winston Churchill)

A fact that your partner must respect.

72. Some people in your life are meant to be temporary.

Not all relationships are eternal and that's okay.

73. You realize that life is a paradox when the only person who can make you laugh and smile the most is the same person who makes you cry.

Things can change to what you never imagined.

74. Trust in time, which tends to give sweet outlets to many bitter difficulties. (Miguel de Cervantes)

The best way to get over someone is to give yourself time to be with yourself.

75. You have spent half your life looking for your other half, to spend the other half trying to forget it.

The 'perfect couple' does not exist.

76. Hurry to live well, and think that each day is, by itself, a life. (Seneca)

This is why it is important not to get stuck in a past relationship.

77. The only fear that I would like you to feel in the face of change is that of being unable to change with it; believe yourself tied to the dead, continue with the above, remain the same. (Jorge Bucay)

Changes should always be for the better.

78. You cannot love someone who does not love you, or who does not care about you. True love is reciprocated. You receive as much as you give. (Erich Fromm)

The real nature of love.

79. It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving. (Richard Braunstein)

In a relationship it is important to both give and receive.

80. You can't turn the clock back, but you can wind it again. (Bonnie Prudden)

Your relationship is over, but not your ability to love.

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