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The 62 best phrases of Thales of Miletus

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Thales of Miletus is recognized as one of the Seven Sages of Greece. In the same way, he is considered one of the most important philosophers in the Greek tradition. He had the facility to explain natural phenomena and objects through science and was the first to teach using deductive reasoning applied to geometry.

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Best quotes and reflections from Thales of Miletus

Here we bring a compilation with the most iconic quotes from Thales of Miletus about different aspects of life.

1. Hope is the good that is common to all men, those who have nothing else still have hope.

Hope is an everyday thing in life.

2. The ultimate pleasure is getting what you want.

When what has been fought for is achieved, happiness is very great.

3. "Because," he said, "there is no difference!"

Seeing the difference can be difficult.

4. The happiness of the body is based on health; that of understanding, in knowledge.

We must maintain the health of both the body and the mind.

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5. Water is the beginning of everything.

Water is life. We all need it.

6. Hide your domestic ills.

Family problems must be solved at home.

7. Death is not at all different from life.

Death is a kind of life, as it is part of the same cycle.

8. Nothing is faultless, but all things have flaws and imperfections.

Perfection does not exist, because everyone has their own perception of it.

9. Always looking for a chore; When you have it, don't think about anything other than doing it well.

In what you want to stand out, you must do it to your full potential.

10. Everything is animated and everything is full of gods.

Life is constant, never static.

11. The most difficult thing is to know ourselves; the easiest is to speak ill of others.

Just as it is difficult for us to get to know each other, talking about another is the easiest thing in the world.

12. Beauty does not come from a beautiful body, but from beautiful actions.

A person is not beautiful because of his physique, but because of his attitude.

13. Use your words carefully; that they do not build a wall between you and those who live with you.

Words are double-edged weapons. They can help us, but they can also harm us.

14. To the question, "What came first, night or day?" "Night," he said, "for a day."

There are situations that are difficult to understand.

15. If there is neither excessive wealth nor immoderate poverty in a nation, then it can be said that justice will prevail.

When all the inhabitants have the same purchasing power, justice has prevailed.

16. The hardest thing in life is knowing yourself.

There is nothing more complicated to do than to understand yourself.

17. Take for yourself the advice you give to others.

Put into action what you advise others.

18. Take the time to close.

When you have to finish something, you have to give us the time to close properly.

19. Many words never indicate wisdom.

Words do not necessarily mean that someone has knowledge.

20. The past is true, the future dark.

The past has already been lived, the future is uncertain.

21. One who is healthy in body, resourceful in soul, and of an easily teachable nature.

Taking care of our health is the most essential thing in our life.

22. What man is happy? The one with a healthy body, a resourceful mind and a docile nature.

When you have health, you have everything.

23. The biggest thing is space, because it encloses everything.

It refers to the importance of space.

24. How could one bear misfortune? See your enemy doing even worse things.

When you are prudent, you know how to keep quiet. Sometimes silence is the best answer we can give.

25. What is divine? What has neither beginning nor end.

There are things that have no explanation.

26. What is the easiest? - Give advice.

Giving advice is very easy for us, but following our own advice is a challenge.

27. The easiest thing is to speak ill of others.

We have a tendency to criticize, but not to listen to criticism of us.

28. If envy is natural in men, better hide your prosperity and thus avoid provoking envy.

Envy does not bring anything good.

29. How could one bear misfortune? See your enemy doing even worse things.

There are people who are experiencing worse situations than the one we went through.

30. Isolate yourself in your inner world and reflect on the system of the universe.

It is important to have a moment to reflect on our actions.

31. Of all things the oldest is God, because he was not created.

It refers to how supreme God is.

32. If you are looking for a good solution and cannot find it, consult time, since time is the maximum wisdom.

It is necessary to let time pass so that our actions achieve the necessary results.

33. I am grateful to my destiny for three things; because he was born human, because he was born a man not a woman, because he was born Hellene not a barbarian.

There is always something to be thankful for.

34. Time is the wisest of all things; because it brings everything to light.

Time always brings the truth with it.

35. All things are full of gods.

There is always something in life that we blindly believe in.

36. I'll be rewarded enough if when you tell others you won't claim the discovery as your own, but say it was mine.

It is important to honor who deserves it.

37. Pick only one good thing.

You have to follow the right path.

38. All things are made of water, and all things dissolve in water.

Water gives life, but it can also wash everything away and become dangerous.

39. The strongest is the need that dominates everything.

The need is always present.

40. Many words do not give proof of the wise man, because the wise man does not have to speak except when the need demands, and the words have to be measured and corresponding to the need.

Speaking at the right time is synonymous with wisdom.

41. We do not actually live on top of a solid earth, but at the bottom of an ocean of air.

There are things in life that are only an illusion.

42. Work increases virtue. He who does not know how to cultivate the arts, work with the hoe.

There is no bad or unworthy work.

43. Thus he will break the tongue of charlatans.

Those who speak ill of other people are not trustworthy.

44. Avoid doing what can be blamed on others for doing.

Don't blame others for something they are not responsible for.

45. As shine is for oxidation, so work overcomes idleness.

Work drives away laziness.

46. What method should we take to lead a good life? - Do not do anything that we would condemn in others.

Do not do anything to other people that will harm them.

47. If there is a change, there must be something that changes, yet there is no change.

Despite the opportunities, there are people or situations that are impossible to change.

48. Ay Tales! you are not able to see what is happening at your feet and perceive the sky at the same time.

We have to be aware of everything around us.

49. Let your oracle be moderation.

Prudence must be our north.

50. The most beautiful thing is the world, because it is God's work.

God gifted us with a wonderful world.

51. Nothing is more active than thought, because it travels through the universe, and nothing is stronger than need because all needs are subordinate to it.

Thought is powerful.

52. "To the adulterer who wanted to know if he should swear that he had not committed adultery," he said, "Adultery is no worse than perjury."

Swearing in vain is a show of cowardice.

53. I did not become a father because I am too fond of children.

Being a parent requires commitment, responsibility and dedication.

54. The fastest thing is understanding, because it runs through everything.

To have knowledge is to have everything.

55. Intellect is the fastest of things, because it runs through everything.

Knowledge can do everything.

56. What is the most pleasant? Succeed.

Nothing gives greater pleasure than achieving what you dream of.

57. The wise man should speak only when necessity demands it.

If you have to talk, do it, if not keep quiet.

58. Safety (Dogma) is the harbinger of ruin.

Dogmas do not allow to have an open mind, therefore, it prevents people from moving forward.

59. Placing your staff at the end of the shadow of the pyramid, you made two triangles out of the sun's rays, and thus you proved that the pyramid was at the height of the staff as the shadow of the pyramid in the shadow of the walking stick.

Everything has various points of view.

60. Seek only one wisdom.

Focus on a single skill that you master perfectly.

61. Someone asked him if it would be possible to hide evil from the gods. He said, "Not even in your thoughts"

Thoughts can be a focus of evil.

62. Statesmen are like surgeons; their mistakes are deadly.

It refers to politicians.
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