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80 great phrases about Sunset

Before the end of the day, the horizon shows us an incredible show of colors that gives us a feeling of calm, fullness and even melancholy and although this natural phenomenon occurs daily, we never tire of observing it and inspiring ourselves with this. Sunset marks an end and a beginning, announces that we can return home after an intense day of work and that the nightlife is about to awaken.

Many people feel a special connection to sunset, leading them to take this time of day to meditate, exercise, take a break, or be inspired to do something new. Maybe it's due to free time? Or for a more spiritual factor? We do not know, but we are sure of something. We all love the sunset.

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Thus, We bring in this article a lot of information about the sunset and the most inspiring phrases to reflect.

What is the sunset?

We can define sunset (also known as sunset) as the time when the sun sets on the horizon, giving way to dusk. This occurs after changing the position of the major star after the effect of the rotation of the earth, where the height of the sun reaches zero. Going from not being visible in one hemisphere to beginning to emerge in the opposite terrestrial hemisphere.

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The play of light that is appreciated is due to the amount of emitted solar rays reflected on the earth's surface and in the clouds. Which decrease their intensity at this time of day and become more opaque, in turn, affects the change in temperature, where you could see a hot afternoon, now you are beginning to feel gusts of cold or a decrease in temperatures high.

As a curious fact we have that the sunset occurs between the seasons of summer and spring in the West and North, and During the autumn and winter seasons, the sun sets between the West and the South, in countries located in the hemisphere North. While in the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true.


Why does the sunset fill us with emotion?

Many tourists look for the best place in the visited city to see the sunsetThey choose to have an open space in their homes for this and even choose just this time of day to do something special.

Others prefer this time, where the sun has lowered its intensity to exercise or do meditation, but... Is there a reason for it?

1. Spiritual reflection

Some claim that they have to do with a spiritual principle, where dawn is given a meaning of ‘rebirth’ by ​​the A new day begins, at sunset it is given the synonym of ‘reflection’ for the conclusion of the day and what we have done or learned from this.

2. Meteorological orientation

While, historians lean towards the theory of being an evolutionary genetic capacity, which our ancestors used to predict the weather. After analyzing the dust that was or was not ventilated from the ground, an effect that occurs thanks to the pressure levels in it and that affect climate changes.

3. Biological clock

Finally, there is the factor of the rhythm or biological clock, which is nothing more than the 'internal time' of our body that measures our mood and daily energies. Therefore, when the sun goes down we can feel somewhat melancholic, because there is a natural fall in mood, a product of fatigue and the demands of routine.

80 best and most beautiful phrases about sunset

These famous quotes will make you feel more connected towards sunset and perhaps find that inspiration that moves others. Let us begin.

1. "The more clouds you have in the sky, the more colorful your sunset will be." (Sajal Sazzad)

The clouds offer a unique landscape, united with the last rays of the sun.

2. "A sunset is the burning kiss of the sun at night." (Crystal Wood)

Metaphor to symbolize passion and the magic moment.

3. "The twilight of a great hope is like the twilight of the sun: with it the splendor of our life is extinguished." (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

The last thing you lose is that. The hope.

4. "Sunset shows us that life is too beautiful to cling to the past, so move on to the present." (Jennifer Aquillo)

A great lesson in life and persistence.

5. "On the threshold of sunset, the day breaks its mirrors to fall asleep." (Ali Ahmad Said Esber)

A poetic phrase of the Arab writer.

6. "Outside, the air is filled with the sound of crickets, while the sun reddened in its descent." (R. J. Lawrence)

The characteristic shade of the sun when it leaves us to visit us again in a few hours.

7. "The beautiful reunion of the sun, the sky and the sea, brings with it a perfect moment of love, peace and happiness." (Umair Siddiqui)

An irresistible and unforgettable landscape.

8. "I love that this morning's sunrise was not defined in terms of last night's sunset." (Steve Maraboli)

Everything changes, despite being close in time.

9. "Is it because you always yearn, sweetheart, that I always light a lamp in the orange of sunset?" (Akiko Yosano)

Our heart, always waiting for idyllic landscapes.

10. "There is a special quality to the solitude of the evening, a melancholy much more disturbing than that of the night." (Ed Gorman)

Something has the twilight that makes it unique, with that point of nostalgia.

11. "The sunsets are so beautiful that it seems almost as if we are looking through the gates of heaven." (John Lubbock)

It's true. They look like colors that are not of this world.

12. "When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul grows to adore the creator." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Relating the beauty of the sunset with the existence of a creative being.

13. "The sunset is so wonderful that even the sun observes itself every day in the reflections of the infinite oceans." (Mehmet Murat Ildan)

Phrase of great poetic content.

14. "Sunsets are proof that endings can also be beautiful." (Beau Taplin)

Not everything that ends does so with decadence.

15. "The sunsets are my escape from the reality in which I constantly live." (Rachel Roy)

A very special moment that you can take advantage of to reflect and be more positive.

16. "In the same place the woodpecker persists at sunset." (Kobayashi Issa)

We all succumb to the charms of this moment of the day.

17. 'Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on the sunsets and makes the smell of the night air better. ' (Henry Rollins)

Phrase of great lyrical beauty.

18. ‘It is impossible to explain what human preferences are. Despite being made of the same material and both are very beautiful, (which of them is more beautiful), the sun at sunset has always had more public than that star that rises at dawn. ' (Millor Fernandes)

It will be because of the laziness of waking up early, or for some deeper reason.

19. "When the sun goes down, no candle can replace it." (George R. R. Martin)

The film director is clear that the sunset has no possible imitation.

20. "We always have only one day left, which always begins anew: it is given to us at sunrise, and it is taken from us at sunset." (Jean-Paul Sartre)

Birth and death of the solar day.

21. "There is nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day." (Rachel Boston)

Knowing how to enjoy each stage of the day makes us happier.

22. "Let's make the sunsets something unforgettable, the mornings something beautiful, and the nights something we always want to repeat." (Leo Romsog)

Brief definition and desideratum for each phase of the day.

23. 'It is incredible how in each sunset, the sun is of a different color. No cloud is in the same place. Every day is a new masterpiece. A new wonder. A new memory. ' (Sanober Khan)

Each sunset has indecipherable colors and nuances.

24. 'For me, optimism is two lovers walking arm in arm walking in a sunset. Or maybe at a sunrise. Whatever you want. '(Krzysztof Kieslowski)

This is how you define positivity.

25. "Meditate at sunset, looking at the stars and stroking your dog, it is an infallible remedy." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Against sadness and melancholy.

26. ‘Very Spanish sunset: the Sun tends the cape of sunset before the horns of the Moon’. (Diego Chozas)

This is how sunsets look from the Iberian Peninsula.

27. "Dawn comes slowly, but sunset is fast." (Alice B. Toklas)

Perhaps it is a metaphor for the speed at which time passes.

28. "Observe the beauty of the sunset to enjoy the passion of life." (Debasish Mridha)

They are similar and vibrant.

29. ‘How strange is the fear of death! You are never afraid of a sunset. ' (George MacDonald)

And they can symbolize the same thing.

30. "Lovers are like sunset and sunrise: there are those kinds of things every day but they rarely see them." (Samuel Butler)

So are some fleeting loves.

31. "The darkness that follows a sunset will never be so dark as to change the inevitability of dawn." (Craig D. Lounsbrough)

There always comes a new hope and a reason for joy.

32. "When a sunrise or sunset does not cause us any emotion, it means that the soul is sick." (Roberto Gervaso)

They hardly inspire us with something positive.

33. "Trips are like sunsets, if you wait too long, you miss them." (Anonymous)

The train does not usually pass twice.

34. "Don't forget, beautiful sunsets require cloudy skies." (Paulo Coelho)

Clouds, like life's obstacles, make the landscape even more beautiful.

35. "Sensual pleasures have the fleeting glow of a comet, a happy marriage has the tranquility of a beautiful sunset." (Ann Landers)

Very wise comparison on marital relations and the twilight.

36. 'Go up a hill at sunset. We all need perspective from time to time and you will find it there. ' (Rob Sagendorph)

Higher heights, greater views and greater spectacle.

37. "The sunset is like a child who opens a box of plastidecores and amuses himself by smearing the face of God." (Fabrizio Caramagna)

The magic of the colors scattered on the horizon is of infinite beauty.

38. ‘A few hours later the sunset sun, emerged between the horizon and the lower line of the roof formed by clouds, bathed the island in a fiery light, without the rain diminishing its violence'. (Michel Tournier)

French writer phrase.

39. "It is the sky that makes the Earth so pleasant at sunrise and so splendid at sunset." (Thomas Cole)

Our blue and black curtain, always present on our horizon.

40. "How sensitive is the sun!: blush every night the moment the sun sets." (Fabrizio Caramagna)

Poetic message about the colors that are painted every sunset.

41. 'Everything changes and nothing remains. And there would be no beauty, no dance, no movement if the seasons did not disturb the colors and the foliage of the trees did not turn yellow at sunset. ' (Gioconda Belli)

Everything is changing, whether we like it or not, as Heraclitus said.

42. "The clouds have been floating in my life since other days, no longer to throw rain or to make way for the storm, but to give color to my sunset." (Rabindranath Tagore)

Famous quote from the Hindu author.

43. "Observe the beauty of the sunset to enjoy the passion of life." (Debasish Mridha)

The relationship between the two is more than clear.

44. 'What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in winter. It is the small shadow that runs through the grass and disappears into the sunset. ' (Crowfoot)

Phrase of great bucolic content.

45. 'The sun is never alone as long as the light always remains with it. Even when he's hiding, the light sinks with him. ' (Munia Khan)

Light, darkness and contrasts, essential ingredients of the sunset.

46. 'The twilight seems to be an ingrate. You just can't let the sun go down when darkness is just another name for night. ' (Munia Khan)

There is a kind of competition between them.

47. "Sunset is the beginning of something beautiful: night." (Juansen Dizon)

The night is another phase of the day that allows reflection, thanks to its intrinsic silence.

48. ‘Love should be like a kiss at sunset…, like the last kiss, the real one, the real one, at the end of the romantic stories from the Harlequin collection… Love should be like the scent of roses at twilight! ’. (Stephen King)

Nothing more authentic than the shared sunset.

49. "Know what you want to do, stick with the idea, and do what needs to be done every day, and every day you will see the goal much closer." (Elbert Hubbard)

Every day is an opportunity to keep moving forward.

50. "If you allow it, people are as wonderful as sunsets." (Carl Rogers)

Phrase of the great American psychologist.

51. 'You don't try to control a sunset. You watch it in amazement as it unfolds. ' (Carl Rogers)

In its grandeur and in its daily life.

52. "Twilight is the aperitif of the night." (Ramón Gómez de la Serna)

A kind of vermouth, the prelude to darkness.

53. ‘This is another of the relaxing aspects of nature: its immense beauty is there for everyone. No one can think of taking home a sunrise or sunset. ' (Titian Terzani)

They are there but they are ungraspable.

54. "Watching a sunset makes you feel stronger." (Anamika Mishra)

It gives you the strength to carry on one more day.

55. 'The morning sun is always a promise. The one at noon, relentless, judges us. And that of the sunset, irremediably, has already condemned us. " (Lorenzo Oliván)

Three suns and three moments to be lived with intensity.

56. 'You know, it's clever about the days ending. It's a great system. The days and then the nights. And again the days. It seems so natural but it is very ingenious. And where nature decides to set its own limits, the show explodes. The sunsets'. (Alessandro Baricco)

Endings and beginnings, so close and so far.

57. "A sunset points to the sky as if there were no tomorrow." (Anthony T. Hincks)

But that morning always comes.

58. ‘Autumn sunset. Loneliness is also well-being. ' (Yosa Buson)

Being alone does not mean being bad.

59. "Every evening brings with it the promise of a new dawn." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

It never fails, there is always a new day that we can enjoy.

60. "We see the orange and purple evening light because it comes too tired of fighting space and time." (Albert Einstein)

Famous phrase of the great German scientist.

61. "All sunsets are an opportunity to start over." (Richie Norton)

An opportunity to resurface.

62. "When I've been working all day, a good evening meets me." (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

A form of catharsis at the end of a hard day.

63. "I could lick the sunset, I bet it would taste like Neapolitan ice cream." (Jarod Kintz)

A phrase that borders on synesthesia.

64. "But, imperfect and all, there is no setting so beautiful that it couldn't be more." (Fernando Pessoa)

The Portuguese author describes the setting sky in this way.

65. ‘When the sun sets on a serene afternoon, it is representative of a new day full of virtue for having lived it is about to end, but the greatest thing is yet to happen, that another new day with new challenges and goals will be about begin'. (Pedro Pantoja Santiago)

Summing up the metaphorical potential of this phase of the day.

66. "What incredible evening light, made of the finest dust, full of mysterious warmth, heralds the appearance of snow!" (Xavier Villaurrutia)

An indescribable light for its beauty.

67. 'I studied them for weeks. It is not easy to understand a sunset. It has its times, its measurements, its colors. And since there is not a sunset, not a single one, that is identical to another, then the scientist has to know how to discern the details and isolate the essence until I can tell this is a sunset, the sunset'. (Alessandro Baricco)

Each sunset has its own measurements.

68. "Admire the efforts of failure, just as you admire the beauty of the sunset." (Amit Kalantri)

Everything can be learned to improve.

69. "Hold my hand at sunset, when the daylight fades and the darkness makes its constellation of stars slide ..." (Hermann Hesse)

A declaration of love of exceptional beauty.

70. "It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." (Bernard Williams)

It gives rise to deep thoughts and emotions.

71. ‘There are souls that decay like a sunset if the light surprises them…’ (Aida Cartagena Portalatín)

No one is immune to the beauty of the sunset.

72. "The sun was extinguishing itself on the watery horizon." (P. W. Catanese)

Poetic phrase where they exist.

73. "Even the longest day ends in a sunset." (Marion Zimmer Bradley)

Nothing is bad enough to last forever.

74. 'And so, sometimes we remember, for example, what we felt before a sunset many years ago, but we don't remember anything about that sunset. Nothing. Everything has disappeared except the emotion. ' (Luis Landero)

Emotions, always contained in our memory.

75. "Sunset is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate all the great things that the sun gives us." (Mehmet Murat Ildan)

The sun is certainly the origin and cause of life.

76. ‘There is electricity in the air of Paris in the evenings of October, at the time when night falls. Even when it rains. ' (Patrick Modiano)

The capital of France is a unique setting to watch a sunset.

77. "Twilight lowers the curtain and fastens it with a star." (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

And with the moon as host.

78. "The sunset in spring walks on the tail of the golden pheasant." (Yosa Buson)

A metaphor of great poetic beauty.

79. 'Bursts of gold on lavender, melting into saffron. It is the time of day when the sky appears to have been painted by a graffiti artist. ' (Mia Kirshner)

The art of the sunset is difficult to describe.

80. "The sunsets are so beautiful that it almost seems as if we are looking through the gates of heaven." (John Lubbock)

Will you now take the time to sit and admire the sunset?

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