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The 80 best phrases of Gandalf

One of the most iconic characters, remembered and loved by many fans of the stories of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" is, without a doubt, Gandalf. The wizard who recruited and guided Frodo on his adventure and whose inspiring phrases have crossed the screen and books to stay inside our hearts.

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Great quotes and musings from Gandalf

Gandalf the magician brings us in this article the most iconic and motivating phrases of his authorship about life.

1. Courage will now be his best defense against the coming storm, that and the hope that I bring.

Courage is what we need most to face adversity.

2. It is not important to know how much time is left, but what to do with the time that you are granted.

Do not focus on what you lack, but on what you have.

3. Run fools!

One of the most iconic phrases of this magician.

4. If we are to be successful, this must be handled with tact and respect, and with no small degree of charm... that's why he will let me speak.

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You have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each person.

5. Danger comes at night when you least expect it.

The night brings great mysteries with it.

6. The gray veil of this world is lifted and everything turns to silver crystal.

Always, after a storm, comes tranquility.

7. A traitor can betray himself and unwittingly do good.

Whoever does wrong will end up doing wrong to himself.

8. I won't say don't cry... for not all tears are bitter.

Sometimes we cry out of happiness or relief.

9. So do not be too quick to adjudicate death or judgment, for even the wisest cannot discern these extremes.

Wait a moment before pointing and criticizing someone.

10. Darkness for dark affairs.

The darkness does not bring anything good.

11. Because I was talking out loud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak; the long explanations that young people need are wearing thin.

We have to talk to ourselves from time to time.

12. It is useless to speculate what tomorrow will bring.

It is not helpful to worry about what has not arrived.

13. It is then when you see... the white shore and beyond, the immense green countryside stretched out before a fleeting dawn.

Behind every storm is a beautiful landscape.

14. It's the little everyday actions of ordinary people that keep the darkness at bay. Little acts of kindness and love.

They may be small but they have great meaning.

15. It is not the physical strength that matters, but the strength of the spirit.

Motivation comes from within.

16. You can not pass!

Another well-remembered phrase from Gandalf.

17. It will be very good for you and the most fun for me.

He shares good times with your friends.

18. A magician is never late or early, he arrives exactly when he proposes.

Sometimes we do not have to rush because, in fact, we are on time.

19. I consider you a great person, Mr. Baggins, and I appreciate you very much; but ultimately you are just a simple individual in a huge world!

We are a small part of a great machinery.

20. I am looking for someone with whom to share an adventure.

And what an adventure it turned out to be!

21. The burned hand teaches better. After that advice about fire reaches the heart.

There is no use going through something if we do not learn anything from it.

22. You can find the things you lost but never gave up.

If you don't give up something, it will come back to you.

23. Hobbits are amazing creatures, you can learn all their customs in a month and after a hundred years you are still amazed

People always surprise us with their cultures.

24. The world is not in the books and maps. It's out there!

Do you want to see the world? Then get out.

25. Do you wish me a good day or do you want to say that today is a good day whether I want it or not?

Sometimes it is necessary to clarify what we say.

26. Don't tempt me Frodo.

Frodo and Gandalf. An excellent pair.

27. The visitor who escaped through the roof will think twice before going back through the door.

When someone runs away, they hardly come back.

28. I am Gandalf, and Gandalf is me!

Gandalf knew very well who he was.

29. Well, all good stories deserve an ornament.

We tend to add a few extra things to our stories.

30. I know many things that only the wise know.

We will all get to this point.

31. He cannot be both a tyrant and a counselor.

Dualities found at different poles.

32. I guess you think he was terribly smart?

There are people who surprise us with their skills.

33. Shut up. Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth. I didn't go through fire and death to play crooked words with a stupid worm.

We should never let a person with bad intentions influence us.

34. Even the very wise cannot see all roads.

Being wise doesn't give you extrasensory powers.

35. Many living deserve death and some who die deserve life.

A reality that we also live in this world.

36. It is dangerous, Frodo, to walk through your door.

There are decisions that completely change our course.

37. And why shouldn't they be fulfilled? Won't you stop believing prophecies just because you helped them come true?

Although the destination is, we are the ones who decide how to carry it out.

38. Many are the strange opportunities in the world, and many times help will come from the hands of the weak when the wise fail.

Sometimes help comes from where you least expect it.

39. Whoever hits first, if he hits hard enough, he won't have to hit again.

Take forceful action to create a firm foundation.

40. Or do you just claim that it's a feel-good morning?

Mornings should start in good spirits.

41. Death is just another way. One that we all must take.

Death is inevitable.

42. You put one foot in the way, and if you don't watch your steps, you never know where it may lead you.

Be proactive, but also careful.

43. The board is ready. The pieces move.

Things are at your disposal. What will you do with them?

44. A treacherous weapon is always a danger to the hand.

If you don't know how to use a weapon, you better not have one.

45. Hope is not victory.

Hope is rather the path to success.

46. May the dawn fall on all!

We all get into a new morning.

47. Pain? It was pity what stopped his hand.

People can regret their actions before executing them.

48. I have no advice to give to those who despair.

Desperation leads to foolish decisions.

49. Courage is not knowing when to take a life, but when to forgive it.

Some very wise words to ponder.

50. It is the deep breath before the dive.

We must prepare before taking a leap of faith.

51. It's raining, Mr. Dwarf, and it will continue to rain until the rain stops.

Nature acts on its own account.

52. Who knows? Be patient. Go where you need to go and wait!

Calm offers us a clear mind that can give the best result.

53. One ring to rule them all. A ring to find them. A ring to attract them all and bind them in the dark.

Would you dare to wear the ring?

54. I have not conquered fire and death to exchange fallacies with a mangy worm

Do not waste your energy or your time with people who do not deserve it.

55. Do not hit unnecessarily. And it has been well rewarded, Frodo.

It is better to analyze situations before giving an unnecessary blow.

56. When in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose.

There are times when it is better to pay attention to our instincts.

57. It is wisdom to recognize the need, when all the other courses have already been considered, even though it may seem insanity to those who are tied to false hopes.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that we need help.

58. If you want to change the weather, you should find another wizard.

There are things that we simply cannot do and that does not make us useless.

59. Good stories deserve a good ending.

The end is as important as the beginning and the development.

60. One must follow the path that need chooses.

We do not always have options to choose more than those that suit us best.

61. Send those beasts to the abyss.

Drive away all those who bring you negativity.

62. They have sent me back until I finish my homework.

Finish what you start.

63. This is often the case with the events that move the wheels of the world; Little hands do it because they must.

Very few things happen by chance.

64. You have been sitting in silence for too long!

Don't be tempted by procrastination.

65. You can ask what use my actions are when we have verified that they are completely useless.

Sometimes we have to wait a while for our actions to take effect.

66. Foolish tuk. Throw yourself next time and rid us of your stupidity.

A funny reaction to a dangerous moment.

67. Even the most skilled spiders can leave a slack thread.

There is always room for a mistake, but also to fix it.

68. If you come back, you won't be the same.

When we live something, we change.

69. Wait for my arrival with the first light of the fifth day, at dawn, look east.

An entrance full of mysticism and impression.

70. Fly, fools!

Short but great phrases from Gandalf.

71. The explanations that young people need are long and tiring.

There are young people who do not want to listen to the advice of the older ones.

72. Generous actions should not be controlled by cold advice.

Generosity has to come from the heart.

73. Hatred often turns against itself.

Bad acts are returned to the one who perpetuates them.

74. He who breaks something to find out what it is, has abandoned the path of wisdom.

That is not wisdom, it is greed.

75. Many people like to know in advance what is going to be served at the table; but those who have worked in the preparation of the feast prefer to keep the secret; because surprise makes words of praise louder.

It's great to see people's reactions after a surprise.

76. The journey does not end here. Death is just a path that we all have to take.

Death is part of the journey too.

77. Not all gold glitters, nor are all wandering people lost.

Things are sometimes not what they seem.

78. The kings made tombs more beautiful than the houses of the living, giving more value to the name of their ancestors than that of their children.

There are those who give more importance to the past than to the present.

79. Only those who see the end beyond all doubt despair.

Why despair over something we do not know?

80. The only thing that is up to us is to decide what to do with the time it has given us.

Take advantage of the time you have available.

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