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Where is Hawaii on the world map

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Where is Hawaii on the world map

Have you ever wondered where is hawaii? This remote island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in an area very far from the coast but which is also part of the United States of America. It is an archipelago that has more than 100 islands, among which eight stand out for being the largest and those that are home to the largest amount of population. Many different ethnic groups coexist in Hawaii, but the most prominent are the Japanese, the American and the mestizo. In this lesson from a teacher we are going to discover you where is Hawaii on the world map so that you can learn to place this archipelago within the world map, we will also discover interesting facts about its climate and its territory.

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  1. Hawaii on the world map
  2. Hawaii: General Information
  3. Native Hawaiians: A Brief History of the Conflict

Hawaii on the world map.

We are going to place Hawaii on the world map so you can discover exactly where you are on our planet. In the

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central pacific ocean, in the southwestern part of the United States, is where we find the 50th state of the USA since 1959. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu and it is located on the island of O'ahu, one of the largest that is part of this archipelago.

Hawaii's location on the map is included within Polynesia and it is found in the central Pacific as part of the United States. It is a large archipelago that brings together different islands where more than one million one hundred thousand inhabitants reside.

Being a member state of the US for a short time, in Hawaii we find a great variety of ethnic groups that coexist on these islands. Next we are going to discover the different cultures that exist in Hawaii as well as their percentage:

  • Japanese: 30% of citizens are of Japanese ethnicity
  • Americans: 25% of the population
  • Mestizos: 27% of the inhabitants
  • Filipinos: 7.2% of the population
  • Chinese: 6.5% of citizens
  • Portuguese: 3.3% of the inhabitants
  • Polynesians: only 1% of the population

Due to the annexation with the USA, the official language of Hawaii is English although it also coexists with Hawaiian, the language of the indigenous people who live in this archipelago.

In a teacher we give you a list of United States statesso that you know the other states that make up this great country.

Where is Hawaii on the world map - Hawaii on the world map

Hawaii: General Information.

Now that you have been able to discover the location of Hawaii on the world map, we are going to tell you a little about this peculiar archipelago that has been the scene of multiple films such as Jurassic Park or television series such as Lost ("Lost"). We begin by talking about the way to write Hawaii since there are two forms: the Anglo-Saxon (Hawaii) and the Spanish (Hawaii), both are correct.

The archipelago of Hawaii or Hawaii is made up of 8 main islands which are called:

  • Oahu
  • Hawaii
  • Maui
  • Kaua’i
  • Lana’i
  • Moloka’i
  • Kaho’olawe
  • Ni’ihau

You should know that the location of Hawaii on the world map is 3,700 kilometers away from the American continent and the way to get there is by boat or plane. Although there are 8 largest islands, the truth is that the archipelago is made up of a chain of 132 islands in the middle of the Pacific.

The island baptized with the name of Hawaii is what is known as "Big Island" (The big island) and this is where one of the most active volcanoes that currently exist on our planet is located.

Due to its geology, in Hawaii you can find different climates although, in general, it is a moderate climate, that is, you do not suffer from too much heat or too cold. Of course: the closer you are to sea level, the warmer the temperatures will be and the opposite, the higher you are, the colder it will be; keep in mind that, in winter, the tops of the archipelago's mountains are covered with snow.

Seasons of the year in Hawaii there are only two: summer (from May to October) and winter (from November to April). Within this we must take into account the Hurricane season Since, being in the middle of the Pacific, this archipelago is hit with winds and strong storms from June to November.

Where is Hawaii on the world map - Hawaii: Overview

The Native Americans of Hawaii: A Brief History of the Conflict.

Within the history of Hawaii we find that the first settlers that are known in said territory were the Polynesians who settled in this area between the 4th and 6th centuries. They developed a social hierarchy of castes strongly linked to religious and social beliefs, all this ideology is known as the "kapu system".

But Hawaii was discovered by Europeans with the colonialism of the Modern Age. There are some doubts in relation to whether the island was discovered by Hispanics or British but, the truth is that it is known for sure that James Cook arrived in this area in 1778 and distributed the influence of the British crown to this indigenous people.

English became the vehicular language and the clans that ruled different islands disappeared so that only one governor would have power in the archipelago: Kamehameha I. But in 1941, with the attack on Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), the United States entered the archipelago, something that ended with the annexation of the territory to the USA in 1959 with 94% of the votes in favor.

The current situation of the indigenous people of Hawaii with respect to their territory is a constant struggle. The United States has imposed its only language (English as the official one), its laws and its religion, leaving the entire indigenous and mestizo population residing on the islands in the background. This has caused indigenous movements in favor of the discredited culture and against American imperialism, the defense of their customs, their lands and traditions is the first premise on which they want to work. There is even a secessionist movement that he wants Hawaii to be a country of its own and thus separate itself from the United States.

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