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Top 100 Greek Proverbs (and what they mean)

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When we think of Greek philosophy, the word that resonates the most in our minds is 'wisdom'. Not only for the great and appreciated philosophers who existed at their time of historical apogee, but for the teachings that the earth itself offers in everyday life and that ended up becoming Greek sayings.

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Best Greek proverbs and their meaning

In this article we are filled with wisdom with these great Greek proverbs and the teachings behind them.

1. Where fire is not made, smoke does not come out.

If you have not done something wrong, you should not worry about anything.

2. Where there is a poor man, destiny is absent.

Speaking of the injustice of poverty.

3. Know yourself and you will know the gods and the universe.

We must learn to love ourselves.

4. If you want riches and honor, don't sleep at dawn.

If you want something, you must work for it.

5. Even if you wake up early, it doesn't light up earlier.

The things you own are not who make you.

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6. Love, cough and fire cannot be covered up.

Things we cannot hide.

7. Where the heart leans, the foot walks.

We are guided by the things we want.

8. How much someone lives, so much does he learn.

Every year brings more and new knowledge to life.

9. Many opinions sink the ship.

Gossip can affect someone.

10. He who doubts nothing knows nothing.

To master something, we must know everything in depth.

11. Nobody dislikes their own bad smell.

Very few people are able to recognize their bad attitudes.

12. Silence gives consent.

Silence can also speak.

13. Love is blind.

We are dazzled by that special person.

14. God gives you torments, how many you can bear.

Although they seem impossible, you can with the obstacles that you have in front of you.

15. Tell me who you're going with and I'll tell you what you deserve.

Social relationships influence our personality.

16. The law of man changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the spirit always remain the same.

The more we know about people's capabilities, the more our morality changes.

17. Silencing the truth is like burying gold.

Not telling the truth can have serious consequences.

18. I only know that I know nothing, but I know more than those who claim to know everything.

Each one has a specific knowledge.

19. Who saves, finds.

The value of savings.

20. As mortal that you are, do not keep an immortal hatred inside you.

Grudge only kills us inside.

21. He seeks the best, expects the worst, and takes what comes.

An excellent way to face life.

22. They gave him a donkey and he looked at his teeth.

Do not complain about what comes to your hands.

23. Better late than never.

There is no time limit to do something you want.

24. Who does love you, will make you cry.

Only the people who really care about you. They will tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is.

25. He who has beheld beauty becomes beautiful forever.

If you view life with positivity, you will maintain a bright attitude.

26. From the thorn the rose arises and from the rose a new thorn arises.

Everything good has something bad and everything bad has something good.

27. A society grows when old men plant trees in the shade of which they know they will never sit.

Talking about the need to create a suitable future for future generations.

28. What shines, surprises the eye.

We tend to get carried away by superficial beauty.

29. Poverty requires a good time (so it doesn't take you down).

We must learn to laugh at difficult moments.

30. Always pay the righteous for sinners.

In conflicts, it is the innocent who suffer.

31. Every man is an abyss.

We all have a dark side.

32. Who sleeps, does not catch fish.

Do not miss the opportunities.

33. With patience, everything is achieved.

Perseverance brings excellent long-term results.

34. In life you never stop learning.

Every day we discover something new.

35. Success always finds too many friends.

When you are recognized everyone wants to take advantage of you, under the facade of being friends.

36. Where you want a lot do not go often.

Sometimes where they flatter you the most is where they use you the most.

37. From the still water, God save me.

Simple things have repercussions in the long run.

38. The thief screams for the robbed to tremble.

Tyrants threaten just to be in control.

39. Write down the advice of someone who loves you, even if you don't like it at the time.

Although it hurts us, it is necessary to listen to those who are more expert than us.

40. Better in your naked place than fixed abroad.

This same one refers to the saying "old acquaintance is better than new to be known."

41. Slowly, slowly you go away.

Life is not a race, but you shouldn't indulge in procrastination either.

42. Looks are deceiving.

Our appearance is our cover letter, but also a smokescreen.

43. The avarice breaks the bag.

Unbridled greed destroys us.

44. A gift although small, it has great grace.

Appreciate every gift they give you, because it is given with love.

45. On the appetite, pumpkin pie.

You are what you eat.

46. What costs little is appreciated little.

Unfortunately, the known things are the most expensive.

47. Gold is an invisible tyrant.

There are those who do unthinkable things for money.

48. Man is the measure of all things.

Man is the forerunner of the functioning of society.

49. You can not have it all.

Don't settle, but don't be obsessed with having things either.

50. The hungry donkey ignores the sticks.

Talking about exploitation.

51. Feed the crow to get your eye out.

If you insist on keeping negative people around you, you will never bring benefits to your life.

52. Pride is the mask under which we hide our flaws.

There are proud people who are actually extremely insecure.

53. He who lives on hopes dies with the wind.

It is not enough to be hopeful, but you also have to take action.

54. Donkeys prefer straw to gold.

An interesting saying about settling down.

55. He enjoys more loving than being loved.

A great reality, has it happened to you?

56. Hear what is well said, even if it comes from the mouth of your enemy.

We must also learn from our rivals, as they teach us how not to act or what we should take advantage of.

57. The will moves mountains.

If you believe power and act for it, you will conquer anything.

58. The tongue has no bones, because bones break.

Not controlling what we say can bring us many problems.

59. No one is a prophet in his land.

Sometimes we have to leave our place to improve.

60. Like what is alien, more for alien than good.

A reference to envy.

61. Many few do a lot.

Small actions, when accumulated, make a big change.

62. Everywhere of everything.

Things that can happen in your country also happen in another.

63. Better five and in hand than ten and waiting.

Do not let go of what you have insured by going after an illusion.

64. Illiterate king, crowned ass.

When someone leaves, another takes the opportunity to take his place.

65. Even honey he ends up getting tired.

The charm of things does not necessarily last forever.

66. Who is ashamed, does not eat or eat lunch.

Shame prevents us from moving forward.

67. Every cook praises her pout.

We are all proud of our creations.

68. The poor man's word carries little weight.

Very few times the poor are listened to.

69. The beginning is the beginning of the ending.

Everything that is started must be finished.

70. The one-eyed man reigns over the blind.

He who knows how to analyze his situation has the ability to lead.

71. Let him tie the knot and let the people say.

There are those who live to underestimate others.

72. The die is cast.

You get to a point where you just have to wait for the best to happen.

73. Time is the best advisor.

Time makes memories more valuable and diminishes the concerns of the past.

74. The spinning wheel does not get moldy.

Those who take advantage of the changes have the upper hand.

75. Old age of an eagle, youth of a sparrow.

Youth is an emotional state.

76. The first hundred years are the hardest.

There are tough times, but they don't last forever.

77. Whoever gets mixed up in a lot, gets little out of it.

It is better to master something specific than to do a lot of things halfway.

78. Spoiled child, spoiled child.

We must take care of what we offer to the little ones, as they may have wrong beliefs.

79. We don't have a son and we name him.

Talking about people who criticize the raising of other people's children.

80. The camel does not see his hump.

Seeing our weaknesses is a challenge.

81. Whoever stops being your friend never was.

Friends are for good and for bad.

82. Sloths spend their lives scratching the guts of crawfish.

Lazy people complain without doing anything about it.

83. The truth comes out in the mouths of children.

Children never tell lies. Unless they are taught to do it.

84. Many know how to flatter, but few understand how to flatter.

It is not the same to speak to gain interest, than to speak out of admiration.

85. While the shy one reflects, the thrown one goes, trumps and returns.

Sometimes it's not about creating the perfect plan, but about taking spontaneous actions.

86. The one that a lot runs soon for.

Those who are in a hurry can fall in multiple places.

87. When the cat is away, the mice dance.

Those who take advantage of your absence only seek to use you for their benefits.

88. For likes there are the colors.

Everyone has their own tastes.

89. A good name is better than many riches.

Prestige speaks louder than what you possess. You cannot buy integrity.

90. The beautiful appearance and inside is something else.

Beautiful people can be unscrupulous creatures.

91. Think slow, act fast.

More than a proverb, a mantra of life.

92. The swans will sing when the crows are silent.

Good things always come after bitter moments.

93. Each owl to his olive tree.

They all belong to one place.

94. Money you loaned, enemy you earned.

The money you lend becomes an eternal war.

95. Don't stir fire with your sword.

Do not meddle in matters that do not concern you.

96. A truth told ahead of time is dangerous.

There are truths that have a background that we do not know.

97. Grano does not make a barn, but helps his partner.

It does not matter that it is little. Help is always welcome.

98. Union make force.

The better you work as a team, the more likely you are to conquer a goal.

99. Happy is the man who finds a generous friend.

If you have a valuable friendship, protect it.

100. Whoever is outside the circle of dancers is the one who knows the songs best.

You don't need to get carried away by fashions to stand out.
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