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The best 12 Psychologists in Benito Juárez (México)

Maria De Jesus Gutierrez She is a licensed psychologist from the Universidad del Norte and has several diplomas among which Highlights include medical sexology, care for children of separated parents, and disorders of the state of cheer up.

This psychologist is an expert in treating people of all ages with problems related to attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, anxiety and depression, as well as other types of complications such as drug addiction and codependency in relational and partner.

Guadalupe Cruz She is one of the most outstanding psychologists in Benito Juárez and has a degree in Clinical Psychology from UNAM. This psychologist also has a master's degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy and a postgraduate degree in Brief Therapies.

She is a specialist in problems related to anxiety, depression, and conflicts that may occur in the family and as a couple. This is why she is also an expert in domestic violence and gender violence.

Raúl Reducindo Vazquez he is one of the most experienced psychologists that we can find in this city hall. He has a degree in Psychology from UNAM and a Master's degree in family therapy from the same institution.

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You can trust this therapist to work on any type of problem that affects you in your personal, family or work life.

Irma Malpica Batista He is one of the most recognized psychologists in Benito Juárez, with a really extensive career.

This clinical psychologist (graduated from ULA) can assist us to treat all kinds of emotional and relational difficulties. He is characterized by using an eclectic approach, based on different techniques and therapeutic approaches.

The psychologist Patricia Perez Serapio She has 16 years of experience in therapy for adolescents, adults, couples and also families who want to improve some aspect of their lives.

Among her specialties we find cognitive behavioral therapy, which is the one that presents the most scientific evidence. Thus, his therapy is based on reviewing and changing the way the patient conceives the reality that surrounds him.

Some of the treatments that this professional addresses are: anxiety disorders, depression, panic and agoraphobia disorders, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and eating disorders.

The psychologist Carlos Max Zavala He is an expert in couples and sex therapy, as well as treating a wide variety of disorders that he addresses efficiently and professionally.

Among the main problems that he treats in his consultation are anxiety disorders, psychological trauma, depression, hysterical neurosis, conduct disorders, specific and simple phobias, depression severe, gender identity disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, panic attacks and addictions.

The psychologist Mª Elena Salazar offers quality therapeutic care to children, adolescents and adults. As part of the professional team of the ELEIA Therapeutic Center for several years, he has a curriculum to take into account.

Among the main disorders and disorders of which he is a specialist, we find behavior problems, unipolar depression, school bullying or bullying, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, relationship problems and grief.

The psychologist Guadalupe Sanchez she specializes in the application of a wide variety of psychological tools and strategies, including brief therapy and humanistic therapy. On the other hand, her work as a psychotherapist is aimed at adults, adolescents and couples,

Regarding the disorders that she deals with, anxiety, self-esteem problems, depression, existential crisis, anguish, Burnout syndrome, motivation problems, and codependency.

Jorge Gomez Mancera He is one of the psychologists who attend Benito Juárez, since he has complete training and has more than 20 years of experience behind his back. He specializes in humanistic therapy, brief therapy, and techniques used from a psychodynamic perspective.

Some of the disorders that this psychotherapist dominates are phobias, depression, insomnia, anxiety, relationship problems in the couple, sexual disorders, self-esteem problems, sexual abuse and duel.

Ricardo Leon is a psychology professional who offers individual, group and couple therapeutic care to anyone who needs it, or needs to change some aspect of their life.

With 14 years of experience, this professional has specialized in treating all kinds of disorders and problems in an ethical and professional manner, such as work stress, phobias, dysthymia, and more.

The psychologist Ericka lopez He treats adults, adolescents from 17 years old on the basis of cognitive-behavioral therapy AND humanistic therapy.

In her day-to-day work with patients who have problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias, personality disorders, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress and trauma, both in adults and in teenagers.

Erica Medina He specializes in solving the problems of each patient through brief therapy, as well as a wide variety of diverse disorders.

This professional is especially recommended for those who need treatment for problems such as attacks panic, depression and anxiety, sleep disturbances, anguish and mourning the death of a being Dear.

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