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The 91 best phrases about destiny

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Destiny is the place we're headed. For some, that future that one day will be present is already marked (by some supernatural force) so our passage through life consists of waiting for it to arrive.

On the other hand, for others, destiny is built by oneself, so the actions and the direction we take will mark one or another destiny.

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Phrases of destiny

There are many authors who have mentioned fate in their works. So, below we have prepared a list of phrases about the destination so you can enjoy them.

1. Fate is written by you and your choices

It is common to hear that destiny is written. In reality, we are the authors of our own destiny.

2. I don't believe in fate. I believe in the signs

A great phrase from Elisabet benavent, the well-known writer.

3. The only destiny of which we are really sure, is that of death

A phrase that can be harsh when heard, but you have to see it with a certain ironic touch.

4. Narrow rope separates chance from fate

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Although there are people who think that destiny is already written, we are the ones who create it.

5. Once an object has been incorporated into a painting, it accepts a new destination

A curious quote from Georges braque, which invites the reader to deep reflection.

6. Fate always takes its share and does not withdraw until it gets its share

The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, leaves us this phrase that deals with the destination and its correspondence.

7. What will become of our destiny when someone steps on our path?

An existential question that arises when goals get clouded.

8. If you do not find your way, do it to yourself

It is not always easy to move forward in life, but with effort and attitude it is possible.

9. Few manage to be masters of their destiny ...

Only those who are sincere with themselves and fight for dreams manage to be masters of their destiny.

10. Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values ​​become your destination

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi. We are the masters of our destiny.

11. You must seek your destiny, it does not come alone

We cannot wait for things to happen, we have to go out and look for them.

12. Find yourself a destination soon because you will never know when you will reach the destination of death

Life is two days so we must fight for our dreams and create the destiny we want.

13. Destiny: Connotative word for superstitious and a word to be forged for rationalists. You choose…

A phrase that tries to define what the term destiny means.

14. We create destiny with every step we take

Destiny is being built little by little, in each movement we make.

15. I do not believe in destiny, for me destiny does not exist, I believe in the inevitable but not in what they call destiny, it cannot be that everything I do is a crude game of chance

What we do has an intention, so we can direct that intention towards the path we want.

16. We are slaves only if we let fate control us. There is always a choice

Julie Kagawa It reminds us that we are the ones who control our destiny, so we must strive to direct it where we want.

17. When we least expect it, life challenges us to test our courage and willingness to change; At that point, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or saying that we are not ready yet. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time to decide whether or not we accept our destiny

Paulo Coelho, life presents challenges that must be overcome to achieve what we want.

18. Chance or causality? The true source of life is found in your own destiny and if you think that this is not the one you deserve, do not give it more thought because by chance or causality your destiny is written

Undoubtedly, causality is what determines fate. Our facts control our life.

19. Destiny is not written, you help me write it and you help me finish it

The people around us also participate in our destiny.

20. It was inevitable: the smell of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of disappointed loves

Gabriel García Márquez leaves us this beautiful quote in which destiny is all about.

21. Hold on to dreams, because if they die, life turns into a bird with its broken wings that stops flying

Dreams are everything in our life, they are our great motivation.

22. Two beings, one path, two hearts, one single destination

A phrase with a poetic touch, about two people whom destiny has united.

23. It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is formed

Tony robbins, destiny is created in every decision we make.

24. When you least expect it, the past can come to stir up the present, and you never know where it will take you, you can only trust that it is a place you want to go.

The future is the next destination. The past is gone, so you have to look ahead.

25. It is not what is happening to you today or what happened to you in the past that determines who you will become. Rather, it is in your decisions where you should focus, what things are important to you, and what you are willing to do for them, it is what will determine your final destination.

To achieve what you want, you must know your priorities and, if necessary, you must let go of the less important things.

26. Don't waste time waiting for your destiny, look for it

Fate is not going to come by magic. If we want something, we have to go out for it.

27. The best years of life are those in which you decide that your problems are yours. He does not blame his mother, ecology or his president for them. You realize that you are in control of your own destiny

A phrase spoken by well-known cognitive therapy psychologist Albert Ellis.

28. Any destiny, no matter how long and complicated, actually consists of a single moment: the moment when man knows forever who he is.

To go out and find the goals you want, you need to know what you want.

29. Your destiny is in yourself, not in your name

You may be lucky enough to be born in a privileged place, but your destiny is influenced by what you do.

30. Fate has a lot to do with it, but so do you. You have to persevere, you have to insist

You do not have to give up because you are the owner of your destiny and, therefore, you have to move on.

31. I no longer care about your destiny, I just want to find mine, I no longer feel that my life is worth less than your absence ...

When two people break up there are two paths to take: move on or relive the past over and over again.

32. Each person comes to this world with a specific destiny, he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some jobs have to be completed. You are not here by accident, there is a purpose behind you. The Whole has an intention to do something through you

In reality, destiny is not written, one can write it by oneself.

33. You are the master of your own destiny

A short phrase that we have heard many times, with great meaning.

34. Realizing one's destiny is the only obligation of a person

We must all be on the move, fighting for a better tomorrow.

35. In life, destinies are almost always separate: those who understand are not the executors, and those who act do not understand.

A quote from Stefan zweig that invites deep reflection.

36. Remember this: nothing is written in the stars. Neither in these nor in any other. No one controls their destiny

Gregory maguire, fate creates it yourself, it is not written anywhere.

37. We blindly believe in something that is already written. Then he stops mortifying you and walks blind, or not. Your destiny is the same, you just have to believe

A phrase that can help you in some moments, but the important thing is that you move and fight for the destiny you want.

38. Dreams are like the stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow in their footsteps, they will guide you to your own destiny.

A nice phrase from Liam James, which sends a positive message.

39. You can't become anyone without having a bad time

Negative experiences mark us, but they can be a great learning.

40. …What are you looking for? Maybe he is looking for his destiny. Maybe your destiny is to search

A date that can make you think. Pronounced by Octavio Paz.

41. Do not dream your life, live your dream…

An incredible reflection. Short but very true. Take action.

42. Searching for my destiny, I spend my days and my nights

The purpose of every human being is to fight for their own destiny and to follow their own path.

43. The destiny of men is made of happy moments, all life has them

What counts are the moments in which we feel happiness. That is the best destination.

44. Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny

Our thoughts are the first step. Then you have to act.

45. It is a mistake to look too far. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time

Winston churchill think that you have to go step by step to create our destiny.

46. Each man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow him, accept him, no matter where he takes you

Each of us must do what he believes he should do. Of course, after speaking from his heart.

47. Man must choose, not accept his destiny

The decisions we make are what make us achieve what we set out to do.

48. People believe that destiny is like a river that flows in only one direction. But I have seen the face of time and it is like an ocean in the storm

Life is not a bed of roses. There are hard moments and delicate moments.

49. We have come to this world with a specific and personal destiny. We have a job to do, a call to enact, a self to transform. We are who we are from the cradle and we're stuck with it

Each person is different and has different motivations and behaves in a unique way. That is what makes our future different.

50. People don't want words, they want the sound of battle: the battle of destiny

Fate has to be fought. One must do his part to achieve what he wants.

51. Destiny is not there, we forge it

Destiny is not something that is predetermined, you have to create it.

52. I want to define success by redefining it. For me it is not just the mythical definition: glamor, seduction, source of wealth, and the privilege of attention. Any definition of success must be personal because it is transitory. It's about shaping my own destiny

Anita roddickWith this phrase, he explains that there is a relationship between success and destiny.

53. Don't live as if you have a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is one step away, make yourself good while life and strength are still yours

We do not live forever, so we must do our best to achieve what we want.

54. You always have to take risks. That's our destiny

To get out of the comfort zone, you have to fight against adversity.

55. Destiny is our will and our will is nature

Benjamin Disraeli, a phrase that deals with the theme of destiny and nature.

56. You have to trust something: your instinct, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This perspective has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Steve Jobs, the founder of apple, talks about looking ahead with confidence.

57. Fate is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not something to be expected, it is something to be achieved.

Destiny is determined by the decisions we make.

58. It is not in the stars to contain our destiny but in ourselves

The great William Shakespeare. We are the creators of our own destiny, no one else.

59. Everything that ever existed, exists, or will exist will be destroyed. We were created to be destroyed

The world is constantly changing. Things are created and then destroyed.

60. Don't confuse bad decisions with fate. Acknowledge your mistakes. It's okay; we all commit them. Learn from them so they can help you!

It is impossible not to make mistakes in life. But learning from them is an opportunity to grow.

61. You don't carve out your destiny; supports it

A date with a touch of irony. Destiny is sometimes heavy.

62. Only through joy and pain does a person know something about himself and his destiny. They learn what to do and what to avoid

The harsh experiences in life are what make us grow and what make us change.

63. You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life the way you want it to be

Our future depends largely on what we do and the decisions we make.

64. We are destined to invent our destiny, with no second chances. That is why we men make mistakes and disappoint ourselves, and commit atrocities, but also, thanks to that, we can transform our lives, invent its contents

Fernando Savater it tells us about the good and bad things in life.

65. Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality

What is in the mind is just a thought. This thought must be put into action if we want to change something.

66. Don't forget your history or your destiny

A great quote from the famous Bob marley. We cannot lose sight of destiny.

67. Fate is a name often given to decisions that, in retrospect, had dramatic consequences.

Another one of those reflections that deals with how hard times allow us to grow.

68. What we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Whether through intention or ignorance, our successes and failures have been caused by none other than ourselves.

Whether it is good or bad about us, how we are and how we act influences our destiny.

69. Fate is not something we should see but something we should create

It is useless to contemplate what is happening around us. We must go out and create our future.

70. Destiny is a blank piece of paper where you write your own story

Some very successful words to define what destiny is and how we can change it.

71. I am aware of all your destinies... You'll all end up underground and bald

A phrase with a certain humor that deals with a very delicate subject.

72. To you, who ever thought of the magic of the spiritual, who cried for love, who believed in a dream. To you, who know how important it is to share with others the brightness of your star... I invite you to forget the words that do not understand the pain that is not expressed and not to forget that the best souls are made of impossible things

To achieve great things in life you must think big. You have to dream.

73. There are those who believe that destiny rests on the knees of the gods, but the truth is that it works, as a burning challenge, on the consciences of men

Eduardo Galeano. We are the ones who decide where to shoot. Nobody does it for us.

74. Each one makes his destiny

A short quote about fate, but one that says a lot in a nutshell.

75. I believed that the route passed through man, and that destiny had to come from there

The man creates his own route and decides the path that he must follow.

76. What will happen will happen

A phrase that may have some truth. However, it will not happen because it is already written, but because a series of actions and factors make it so.

77. We will have the fate that we deserved us

In other words, what we do determines what happens to us.

78. The destination is written, but I have "tipex"

A phrase with a great sense of humor. A mockery of those who think that destiny is written.

79. Many people are fascinated by the details and forget what they are looking for

When you can't see what's inside, you don't know where to shoot.

80. When traveling in pursuit of a goal it is very important to pay attention to the road. The path is the one that teaches us the best way to get there and enriches us while we are traveling it

We must live in the present, which is the only thing we can experience. The present is the destiny of now.

81. I will seize fate by grabbing it by the neck. Will not dominate me

A phrase by Ludwig van Beethoven that captures all the energy of living that characterized the composer.

82. We call destiny to everything that limits our power

This phrase about destiny was the brainchild of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who understood this concept as a mixed bag.

83. There is no other destiny than what we will become

thoroughbred, by hand

Pablo Neruda expresses the way in which we build our future.

84. A man is nothing other than what he makes of himself

Jean paul sartre he reflects on the human condition.

85. Even in the death of a bird an irresistible providence intervenes

William Shakespeare expresses in this way that destiny also reaches what seems least important to us.

86. Fighting against our destiny would be a fight like that of a bunch of ears of corn that wants to resist the sickle.

Lord Byron emphasizes the inevitability of destiny.

87. The sensible man believes in destiny; the fickle in chance

Benjamin Disraeli draws a distinction between two types of people.

88. Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking

One of the most famous phrases about the destination of Antonio Machado.

89. Fate mixes the cards, and we play them

Arthur Schopenhauer combines the inevitability of things with an idea of ​​freedom.

90. I don't believe in chance or necessity; my will is destiny

John Milton talks about how our actions create the future.

91. Whatever heaven has ordained to happen, there is no diligence or human wisdom that can prevent it

Miguel de Cervantes talks about the impossibility of undoing the plans that have already been decided by destiny.

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