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20 Viking proverbs about war and life

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When you think of the civilization of the vikings, maybe the last thing that comes to mind is poetry, storytelling and wood carving.

Rather you associate them with movies about ships and bloody expeditions, with images of horned helmets, berseker warriors, drakares, the mythological hall Valhalla, the one-eyed God Odin and men who died sword in hand and drank from skulls, raising glasses with their beefy bodies. Today we have a compilation of Viking Proverbs.

What was the Viking civilization like?

And the reality is different: Viking civilization consisted of a legion of pirates raiding enemy ships and they looted, they killed and they spread their own law (and with it, the most absolute terror) along the European shores. But their reputation, as historians show us, is not entirely deserved: they were not only ruthless warriors who bathed the ocean with blood and guts, but also They were very good merchants, administrators and craftsmen of metal and wood, resources with which they produced valuable jewels and artifacts that have been preserved until today. days.

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They were, some of these Vikings, very recognized as storytellers in the north of the old continent and the Nordic sagas continue to attract the public today, eager to know the stories and teachings of this civilization. And, it goes without saying, Vikings did not wear horned helmets: as you might imagine, no sane Viking would want to look like a cow or a bull.

The best Viking proverbs

In today's compilation we have selected a good number of proverbs, phrases and sayings attributed to the Vikings, so you can know his philosophy of life in a few lines. Shall we start?

1. "Before entering a place, see where you can exit."

A phrase that honors the conquering spirit of this civilization.

2. "If you eat cherries with the mighty you risk the pits raining on your nose."

A reflection on power and dangerous friendships.

3. “The man honors the friend with affection, he responds to gift with gift. He responds to laughter with laughter and the trick with cheating. "

Such you do, such you receive. There's no more.

4. “There is no better luggage to carry with you than sanity and a clear mind. In distant lands, it is more useful than gold and it gets the poor out of trouble. "

Clear ideas can take you very far in life.

Vikings phrases

5. “Live with enthusiasm while you are alive, the agile always comes out ahead. I saw the flames of a mansion, but at the door lay a dead man. "

The vital energy is one of the great virtues that we can learn from the Viking civilization.

6. "The population was afraid of the Vikings because of their ferocity and cruelty."

This is rather a historiographical quote that shows us the fear that the Vikings aroused in the neighboring towns.

7. "If you can find a loyal friend and want him to be of use to you, open your heart to him, send him gifts and travel often to see him."

Oddly enough, friendship and camaraderie were also values ​​praised by these inhabitants of northern Europe.

8. “He who always talks and is never silent says many nonsense. The light tongue causes trouble and often belittles the man. "

Loose lips sink ships. If you want to be respected, don't speak without a clear direction.

Viking sayings and sayings

9. "A man without friends is like a bare birch, without leaves or bark, lonely on a bare hill."

Another reflection that accounts for the importance they attributed to friendship and loyalty.

10. “A guest must leave on time and not abuse his welcome; even a friend becomes annoying if he stays too long. "

The good things, if brief, twice good. A maxim that the North Europeans also applied.

11. “Do not praise the day until evening has come; do not praise a woman to her pyre; do not praise a sword until you have tasted it; do not praise a maiden until she is married; do not praise the ice until you have crossed it; don't praise the beer until you've drunk it. "

A phrase that is a vaccine against prejudice and preconceived thoughts.

12. "Who knows how many enemies you have around the table!"

Prudence, above all. Those who smile now can later be your most fearsome enemies.

13. "Near the king, near the scaffold."

Thank you very much for listening to this series of Viking Proverbs and we hope you liked it very much.

14. "The best thing in life is life itself."

A phrase that reflects a clear vitalist philosophy.

15. “The best load a man can carry is too much common sense; worst, too much drink. "

A phrase with a touch of humor and irony.

16. "The crumbs are also bread."

A simple Viking proverb about, precisely, the simplicity with which according to this perspective we should use certain resources humbly.

17. “A coward thinks that he will live forever if he avoids his enemies; but no man escapes old age, even if he survives spears. "

A reflection on the inevitability of old age and the loss of certain appreciated faculties.

18. "Outside of your home, don't stray an inch from your weapons."

A phrase that reflects the warrior character of this town.

19. "Neither poverty forces anyone to steal nor does wealth prevent it."

A reflection of a moral character about living conditions and the choices we make.

20. "A man of respect must be reserved, thoughtful, and courageous in battle."

This proverb clearly expresses the ideal of the Viking man.

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