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Gay psychology: sexual diversity and its relationship with psychology

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On what sexual diversity is not and its relationship with psychology

In general terms, psychology is responsible for the study of human behavior for the understanding of it and its prediction. This can pigeonhole her into conditioning processes and a premise that is well supported by scientific evidence, but without reaching the reductionism, which in any of its areas is not very suitable.

The concept of gay psychology

Psychology is as broad as the complexity of the human being, not to mention the sexuality. Here we find sexual diversity, framed in a very varied range full of nuances. Therefore, beyond impositions, either by culture, society and religion especially. Possibly when we hear about sexual diversity think vaguely or exclusively about homosexuality, but many other aspects are involved. Regarding homosexuality, much is said about what is believed to be known to be, but very little is said about what it is not.

So what exactly do we mean: gay psychology or the psychology related to sexual diversity? Therefore, sexual diversity contemplates affective and sexual orientation beyond heterosexuality, which is given to us by the parameters constructed by our society according to gender and its direct correspondence. All this, as if it were a dogma, without taking into account its possible variants. Denying any option that opposes heteronormativity.

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We find a lack of flexibility that does not take into account components such as the biological, which becomes feasible together with the environment in the person, but those imposed by man in his opinion. Another point to take into account is affectivity, since we all feel the need to love and be loved, as far as a relationship is concerned. Then the inclination becomes known as the affective-sexual orientation, they can go together or separately, which is expressed with the attraction.

Homosexuality, therefore, will be the affective and / or sexual inclination for people of the same sex, regardless of gender, identity, role and its corresponding expression. We can often come across the acronym LGBTI (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Intersexuals). These initials encompass sexual diversity or the misnamed sexual minority, which is why it is given a connotation of stigma, but it does not always have to be that way at all. Curiously, many accuse the people who identify themselves as such, of being responsible for the patent rejection of discrimination, but it occurs due to the misconception of the environment.

Tags give a name and classifyAlthough they do not define the whole person, they instead make them visible. Being the testimony, the labels, that we are different but with equal rights. There are many aspects to be dealt with in this broad subject and its direct relationship with psychology lies in understanding the person in their individuality. Realize how it is built, developed and made aware of who it is. Offering support and help. Because all of us have the full right to be how we feel, even if what has been imposed on us by different conventions contradicts it.

Psychology then opens a field of possibilities available to everyone to understand and understand ourselves, this improves the quality of life and well-being. At some point we can act, think, feel and speak in a way that expresses homophobia or rejection of the different "options" or variants of sexuality that are not, precisely heterosexual, since we have grown in environments where in some way it is encouraged implicitly, but it is up to each one to be aware of whether or not it is Right. Above all, we are people worthy of respect, whatever we are or define ourselves. It is good that it is not possible to demand that everyone "understand", but more than tolerance we should offer respect for the different ways of being and feeling in terms of sexuality and affectivity.

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