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Discover the benefits of Tantra with Mensalus

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Although the word "Tantra" can be used erroneously in the West as it is associated only with sex, actually this practice is much more than that.

Tantra is a way of experiencing life and becoming it, thanks to its techniques that help to find liberation. However, it is true that Tantra, unlike other spiritual paths, does not renounce sex. Rather, the opposite occurs, since understands the body as sacred and sex as a source of pleasure, elevation and meditation.

During the month of January, Instituto Mensalus de Barcelona starts two six-week workshops with the aim of making known the secrets of Tantra and conscious love. The first one is intended for men and women, so that participants can benefit both in their sexuality and in their personal relationships. The second is oriented towards women, so that they learn to enjoy a greater Mental balance, emotional, energetic and physical. Without a doubt, an unbeatable opportunity to improve emotional well-being and intimate life.

Connect with oneself and with others

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Tantra It is a philosophy that was born in India and that has its origin in Buddhism. It is a practice that helps us to be aware of the energy that surrounds us and that which is born from within us. It is pure existentiality, it is being in the present moment, in the "here and now". It is a positive attitude towards life, including our sexuality, always from a non-judgmental and self-accepting mentality. In other words, it is living fully.

The self-knowledge that Tantra gives us and the non-judgmental way of thinking characteristic of this practice It gives us a greater understanding to live in freedom, develop ourselves and, therefore, love in a more pure way. The benefits of Tantra are simply based on experiencing life, connecting with yourself and with others.

Tantra and emotional balance

Tantric practice expands our perception of the world and improves our health, our sexual happiness, rejuvenates us and brings us positive energy for everyday life. As a path to self-knowledge and personal improvement, our self-esteem increases, as well as the ability to live each moment, to make decisions and seek harmony. It is a method to find emotional balance and inner peace, which dresses our life with love, fulfillment and enjoyment.

With Tantra we can focus and relax from our own center and from there connect with our body, mind and spirit, which are often forgotten in a society like the our. Therefore, pursues learning and effective management of our internal events, allowing us to react in a more conscious way both in our sexuality (which it teaches us to use with maturity) and in day-to-day eventualities. Tantra brings with it a renewal of our physical and mental energy, a deepening of our connection emotional, and an openness to the spiritual realm that puts our lives in a more realistic and serene.

If you are interested in this practice and are curious to know more, Instituto Mensalus de Barcelona gives you the opportunity to experience it yourself.

Tantra courses at Instituto Mensalus de Barcelona

Instituto Mensalus is a leading psychology center in the Barcelona area that, in addition to psychotherapy, offers different courses and psychology and personal growth workshops, both for professionals in this field and for people interested in improving their own wellness.

Knowing the benefits of the practice of Tantra on an emotional level and mental well-being, This center offers two courses that aim for participants to improve their sexual life and personal relationships, connecting with the joy of living, compassion, acceptance and awareness of your own body, your emotions and feelings. Both workshops will begin next January (2017).

Below you can learn more about these courses:

1. Workshop: "Sexuality and Tantra, the art of conscious love"

This workshop is aimed at men and women who are interested in improving their sexuality and quality of life, and It is ideal for those couples who want to grow in their intimate life (although it is not essential to attend with partner). Sexuality is necessary for our well-being and happiness, and with this course it is possible take a quality leap in moments of intimacy, because it helps to connect with one's own body and one's own essence, to be able to use sexual energy as a tool towards the spiritual path and the expression of love.

During the six weeks of duration, different techniques are put into practice that help to discover that sexuality and pleasure are the path to spiritual growth, without ties and without erroneous beliefs that affect our sexual and general health.

2. Workshop: "Tantra, living the woman that I am"

This workshop is exclusively for women, so that they are aware and enjoy their body and the expression of their sexuality, away from the prejudices and taboos that have characterized our society for years.

The methodology has been designed to empower women and allow them to connect with their feminine, spiritual, receptive, loving and even wild essence. In this course, participants will rediscover and explore places in their body, mind and spirit as once unknown to them All this through different exercises and tantric and Taoist rituals, what they will awaken their sensuality through their senses.

In short, with this six-week training they will improve their capacity for self-knowledge and sexual expression, they will free themselves from emotions that do not allow them to live a full life, they will be empowered in the face of life, they will improve their connection with themselves and, in general, their wellness.

For more information about the courses on the benefits of Tantra, Click here.

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