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Maria Elena De Filpo Beascoechea

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I graduated as a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires in 1980, having previously been a primary school teacher. Since my student days, I carried out my training in study groups with Psychoanalysts that I recognized and admired. I also did a postgraduate specialization at the University of Buenos Aires: Coordinator of Scenes in Psychoanalytic Psychodrama. Since 2001 I began my hospital residency combining it with my private practice that I continue today here in Madrid, with my degree approved by the Autonomous University of Madrid, collegiate by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid Col M-18413. My Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy center is registered as a Health Center, by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid with the registration number CS 12527. Completing my long training in Argentina, I obtained two postgraduate degrees in Spain: University Specialist in Clinic and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. University Specialist in Clinical and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: the child / and her family. Elipsis, Comillas Pontifical University, Spain

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My theoretical referential framework is psychoanalytic, framed in the line of relational psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I have specialized in the E.M.T model: Modular Transformational Approach, by Hugo Bleichmar, which promotes an active, flexible and integrative Psychotherapy, specific for each particular case. People will be treated in a framework of respect and sensitivity. Each patient has its specificity, and as such it will be approached, with a particularized treatment.

The psychotherapy that I promote is active, flexible and inclusive, specific for each particular case. Interventions: with adults, adolescents, couples, and parents to discuss parenting [email protected] I also work in RED with Juan Walsh, from what we call RED PIUQUÉN, a network of assistance in Psychoanalysis. The lic. Juan Walsh attends in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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