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The 11 best Child Psychologists in Almería

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The psychologist Veronica Valderrama She is a Graduate in Psychology from UNED, she has a Master in Clinical Hypnosis, another in Research in Psychology and has extensive experience in intervention in children.

Some of the therapies that she applies in an integrated way in her consultation are Brief Therapy, the Mindfulness, Neurofeedback and Cognitive-behavioral therapy, all of them with ample evidence empirical.

In addition to that, among her intervention specialties, cases of depression, disorders of anxiety, family conflicts, self-esteem problems and deficits in coping skills.

The psychologist Sergio Pallás Sanz She is part of the professional team of the Actívate de Almería psychological center, in which she offers herself quality therapeutic care for the child population, adult adolescent and also the couples who need.

This professional has experience intervening in cases of stress or anger management (such as constant tantrums), dependencies of all kinds, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and eating disorders.

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Degree in psychology from the University of Granada, Isabel Fernandez Medina she has an experience of more than 25 years in which she has been combining academic training with the practice of psychology. She is currently the coordinator of the clinical and health psychology section, and a member of the COPAO emergency group.

The main disorders that this psychologist treats in children are anxiety disorders, grief, panic disorder with agoraphobia, major depression, psychosomatic disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, sexual dysfunctions and relationship problems.

Silvia Lorenzo Encinas offers psychological care to children, adults and adolescents, and offers therapy to individual patients and to families and couples. One of the tools that you most frequently use in your practice is the cognitive behavioral therapy, which offers the most empirical evidence in treatment, and in addition to that, it also integrates other therapeutic approaches to obtain a personalized treatment adapted to each case.

There are many problems that this professional addresses in her consultation; Some of the most important are conduct disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety, enuresis, panic disorder with agoraphobia, addictions, trauma, self esteem issues, school failure, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, sleep disorders and social phobia.

Ana Isabel Almécija Alonso she is another of the best child therapy psychologists in Almería. This professional is specialized in various fields, both in early care in daycare, passing for individualized attention to children and also in the teaching of courses and workshops for boys, girls and families

The problems and forms of discomfort that she addresses mainly in the child population are the childhood depression and anxiety, behavior problems, ADHD, school failure, bullying, learning problems, self-esteem problems in boys and girls, enuresis, sleep disorders and lack of social skills.

Susana Martínez Sánchez She is an expert child psychologist in the application of contextual therapies, that is, the Acceptance and commitment therapy, analytic-functional therapy, comprehensive couples therapy and mindfulness-based therapy.

Among the main disorders that she treats in her consultation with this psychology professional, we can highlight: anxiety, behavior problems, low self-esteem, relationship problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondria, and stress.

Julio Alberto Torres Olivencia He is the director of the Royal Psychology Center, where he offers professional psychological care and specialized in patients of all ages, specializing in the treatment of disorders in children and teenagers.

Some of the psychological disorders in which he specializes are conduct disorders, poor child-parental relationship, anxiety disorders, social phobia, psychological trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosomatic disorders and addictions.

The General Health Psychologist Juan Llamas Alonso He is an expert in neuropsychology and in the psychological treatment of children and adolescents.

Among the services that he offers in his consultation, the treatment of: conduct disorders, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, bullying, sleep disorders and addictions.

The health psychologist Maria Ester Paredes Seville she is the coordinator of the emergency group of the Official College of Psychology and a specialist in application of EMDR therapy to treat anxiety problems that children may have developed and girls.

The therapy of this psychologist addresses problems such as depression, anxiety, childhood psychological trauma, low self-esteem, phobias and conduct disorders.

The psychologist Rafel Rodríguez Ibañez offers psychological care to children and adolescents of all ages, to treat any type of problem for which they need professional help.

Through cognitive behavioral therapy, this professional addresses the following disorders: anxiety, problems with self-esteem, grief, learning disabilities, depression, recurring thoughts, and relationship problems.

Manuel Raimundo Arriaza López She is specialized in neuropsychology and clinical child psychology, and for 20 years she has offered specialized psychological care for any problem that the patient may present.

There are many disorders and problems for which he offers professional support in his consultation, among which are the autism spectrum disorders, insomnia, depression, sleep disorders, bullying, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and depression.

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