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The best 11 Psychologists in Sant Vicenç dels Horts

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The psychologist Mar Estevez He has a Master's degree in Clinical Sexology, Pathology and Personal and Couple Relationships, another in Neuropsychology and a third Master in Human Resources, in addition to a Postgraduate in Eating Disorders, Nutrition and Diet.

In his consultation he attends all kinds of demands in the field of sexology, both in person and online and applying different therapies from psychology and coaching, adapted to the needs of each person individually or in partner.

Their intervention consists of attending cases such as sex addiction, depression or stress, cases of sexual abuse, problems derived from pregnancy and also in dispelling false myths about sex and offering an education and guidance service sexual.

The Mensalus Psychology Center It has been serving children, adolescents, adults and the elderly for more than 30 years and today its services are offered online with all possible guarantees.

In this center you will find a quality Psychology service, as well as Psychiatry, Neuropsychology or Coaching, adapted to everything moment to the needs of each client and based on the joint application of the therapies that offer better results during the process.

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The main intervention specialties of the Mensalus center are the processes of personal growth and well-being emotional problems, addictions, anxiety, depression, family conflicts, relationship problems and problems labor.

The Center for Psychology and Mindfulness Psychotools It is made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in serving children, adolescents, adults and couples online.

The centre's interventions are based on the joint application of the most modern therapies and effective, such as Third Generation Therapies, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Coaching.

In this center you will find the professional that best suits your anxiety problems or depression, eating disorders, school difficulties, cases of ADHD, low self-esteem, stress or trauma.

The psychologist Esther Pichardo Dorado He has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and several specialized courses in emotional and anxiety disorders. His intervention is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and in it he identifies the maladaptive thoughts of the person to modify them and offer new ways of conceiving reality.

Its main objective is to achieve permanent change in people of all ages, and its specialties include find cases of depression, obsessive compulsive disorders and hyperactivity and deficit disorder attention.

The psychologist Ana Mª Sarrià is a clinical and forensic psychologist specialized in treating people of all ages, as well as couples and families who may have a conflict in the field of communication or coexistence.

In its therapy center it offers a psychological care service both in the clinical and school fields and in speech therapy, together with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, some of their specialties being cases of anxiety, depression or dependence emotional.

The psychologist Yolanda Ruz Muñoz offers a psychological care service for all ages, also couples and families who are going through a bad time. In his consultation he puts into practice all his knowledge and applies an integrative therapy of cognitive-behavioral basis, one of those with the most scientific evidence.

Some of the areas that she deals with most frequently are depression and anxiety, addictions, bullying at school and at work and also offers study skills and strategies to improve self-esteem.

The psychologist Patricia Quero Montero She has a Master of Clinical Practice in Psychotherapy and another in Sexual and Couples Therapy. She is currently a specialist in providing psychological care for adults and couples, as well as a service coaching for people who are going through a process of personal development and growth or professional.

Some of the specialties she successfully tackles are social phobia, depression, aversion to sex or sexual apathy, deficits in social skills, and self-esteem issues.

The General Health Psychologist Andrés Guillermo Palou Charlez Throughout her career, she has successfully treated all types of disorders in children, adults, couples and the elderly that may need it.

Some of her areas of intervention are phobias and panic attacks, grief processes, couple crises, conduct disorders and addictions.

The psychologist Monica Rodenas she is an expert in Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy. As a co-director and member of the Psiquespai team, she cares for all types of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Thus, some of her intervention specialties are attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, autism spectrum disorders and dementias.

The psychologist Isaac Penalba Font she offers a psychological care service aimed at adults, children and adolescents both online and in person.

In her consultation she treats all kinds of disorders, mainly cases of depression, autism, low self-esteem and sexual dysfunctions.

The General Health Psychologist Iris Tolosa Sola She is an expert in Sexology and Couples Therapy, which she offers both in person and online.

Thus, some of its main intervention specialties are sexual apathy, sexual dysfunctions of all kinds and anxiety disorders.

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