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The 11 best Psychologists who are experts in depression in Lugo

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The Qualified Health Psychologist Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez she has more than 30 years of professional experience and currently serves children, adolescents and also adults, through a cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most used by psychologists around the world. world.

Graduated in Psychology and Pedagogy from the University of Santiago de Compostela, this therapist offers his services both in person and online, depending on the needs of the person attended.

In addition to that, some of her most notable intervention specialties are anxiety and depression disorders, low self-esteem, sexual abuse, cases of ADHD, stress, suicidal ideations and problems of behaviour.

For more than 20 years, the psychologist Mª Teresa Hermo López offers professional psychological care for patients of any age, as well as a specialized legal psychology service. In addition to that, she has experience in cases of gender violence, traumatic experiences and accidents of all kinds.

In your consultation we will find an expert treatment in depression disorders, in any of its manifestations, in addition to treating disorders related to chronic pain and stress disorder post-traumatic.

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The psychologist Iria Salvador offers in his private therapy practice specialized treatment in anxiety disorders in adult patients, in addition to a perinatal psychotherapy service, personal coaching and also sports.

The theoretical approach applied by this professional in her consultation is the humanist, within which she uses different technical resources of her own. this current, but also taking into account other therapeutic approaches in an integrated way and according to the characteristics of the patient.

The psychologist Ana Castro Liz She is an expert in professional treatment for children, adults and couples, with depressive disorders being one of the disorders that she most commonly addresses in her practice.

For 18 years, this psychologist has run her own therapy center, where you will find treatment for this and other mental health disorders, such as trauma or grieving processes.

The psychologist Juan Carlos Prados Moreno She is a specialist in the application of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to treat any type of disorder that the patient presents, especially those related to depression.

This therapy is based on modifying or eliminating the patient's thoughts and emotions that may be at the origin of the problem and establish a climate of trust and security between patient and therapist.

The clinical psychologist Alejandra Pillado Perez She offers specialized therapeutic care in the treatment of depression in adult, elderly, adolescent and child patients, both individually and as a couple.

In addition to that, in her consultation we can also find a comprehensive treatment for any other disorder that she may present the patient in conjunction with depression, such as anxiety disorders, sleep disorders or pain chronic

The psychologist Diana White She has an experience of more than 10 years in the field of private therapy in her professional practice, where she offers a service in therapeutic health care and in educational psychology.

Using a Cognitive-behavioral approach, this professional will address in adults, children, couples and families, any type of disorder that prevents the person to live fully, from depression disorders to learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

At the psychologist's office Esther Viña Gundín We will find a psychological care service to treat depression, based on the application of different modern psychological techniques.

Some of her treatment specialties are transactional analysis, EMDR therapy, and emotional education, consisting of providing the patient with tools and knowledge to control their own emotions and overcome disorders of anxiety.

The psychologist Carmen alonso She has over 15 years of experience treating depression in adult patients independently, as well as in couples and families.

This professional, she will offer in her consultation a complete treatment against depression, detecting her symptoms, analyzing the situation of the patient, their social and family relationships, and will offer solutions for any manifestation of this type of disorders.

The psychologist Sara Corredoira Darriba she offers treatment for any type of disorder in patients of all ages, especially anxiety disorders.

Some of her specialties are also post-traumatic stress disorder, grieving processes, and social skills problems.

The psychotherapist Leticia F. Rivero She is also an expert in the treatment of depression in adult patients, children and couples, through the application of different professional techniques.

Some of the techniques used in her consultation are Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

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