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The 10 best Coaches in Valladolid

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Jose Martin del Pliego He has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and has more than 20 years of experience, working non-stop within the exciting field of mental health.

In the consultation of this specialist we can successfully face a great variety of our personal difficulties and we can also treat some of our most annoying psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, very high levels of stress or a possible disorder of the feeding.

Jesus Maria Perez Santos She is a coach specialized in the attention to individuals and professionals, and has a Master's degree focused on Couple Psychology as in Family Psychology awarded by the Higher School of Techniques and Studies Advanced

This professional has experience in dealing with cases of poor time management, lack of skills of emotional modulation, low self-esteem, relationship crisis, work or family conflicts, and more.

Ruth Fernandez He graduated in Psychology from the Pontifical University of Salamanca and later, carried out a Master's degree that allowed him to specialize in both Health Psychology and Psychology Psychosocial.

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With the support provided by this specialist, it is easier to improve in areas such as the development of good self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-motivation skills, and skills related to communication and problem solving conflicts.

Javier Mata Roman He is a Personal and Executive Coach expert in the use of NLP Therapy in addition to Emotional Intelligence. If we decide to go to the consultation of this Coach we should take into account that in it they can be treated from children who suffer problems on an emotional level as adults who need to receive some guidance in order to boost their professional career.

Together with coach Javier Mata Román we can try to improve our professional life, we can learn techniques that help us fight insomnia and we can also be correctly advised in the event that we are going through a possible conflict family.

Psychovitalia It is a multidisciplinary psychological center in which in addition to being able to perform therapy or receive coaching, we can also be treated by a speech therapist or a physiotherapist in the event that we may need the help of these types of professionals.

If we decide to receive personal coaching from the professionals of this center, we will be able to discover what our greatest virtues are and how we should exploit them. They will teach us to relate in a more effective way and will also give us some keys so that we can feel much more secure when making certain decisions complicated.

Rachel Rodriguez Vela She has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Pontifica de Comillas and also has extensive experience in the practice of psychotherapy specifically in adults.

In her consultation, this psychologist also offers her patients the possibility of being advised by her at the coach level with what we can achieve, improve so much our staff as a professional and we will also learn some techniques that will greatly help us to communicate in a more empathetic way with third parties people.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that since Raquel Rodríguez Vela is an experienced psychologist, she can also be of great help. if we suffer from certain personal difficulties such as depression, an anxiety problem or a very low level self-esteem.

Inés González Carballo She has a degree in Psychology from the well-known National University of Distance Education and has a Postgraduate degree, specialized in the application of Systemic Therapy in Couples. This specialist offers her patients the possibility of performing online therapy with her in the event that they eventually they will not be able to move, a very comfortable way of proceeding that nowadays is increasingly used.

We should also know that this psychologist treats children, adults or adolescents daily in her consultation and that she also offers the interesting possibility, of to be able to act as our coach guiding us with respect to any type of personal problem that may have unexpectedly appeared during our course lifetime.

Ana Ruano She is an expert clinical psychologist in the treatment of anxiety as well as in mood disorders and affective disorders.

As a professional of psychology, Ana Ruano offers her patients the interesting possibility both of being able to carry out online therapy with her and of being able to receive advice from her as a Personal Coach an orientation with which we will be able to make better decisions in situations as complicated as they can be a possible work problem, a crisis within our relationship or the making of a decision that may directly affect our training educational.

Angela Rico Vegas she is an expert psychologist in the use of child and adolescent psychotherapy.

If we decide to go to the consultation of this coaching specialist, we can improve with her both our personal confidence and our self-esteem, two characteristics undoubtedly very important that by improving them, we will probably also be able to lead a much more satisfactory life in the near future, both personally and labor.

Mer apple tree She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca and also has two Master's degrees, one focused on the practice of Psychotherapy and another specialized in depth in the optimization of Human Resources.

Visiting the consultation of this specialist, we can perform a very positive therapy that will allow us to obtain a second opinion on how we should act before some of our most personal problems and with which we will probably also be able to make a much more intelligent decision, about what our reaction should be when acting accordingly to them.

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