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Imime Psychology. Irene Milla Melero

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From Imime Psychology we offer specialized and effective care for each person and their problems or needs. We have a highly qualified team dedicated to helping our patients (at the center or online). Our way of working is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, as it is the one with the most scientific evidence, also using other techniques (mindfulness, ACT, motivational interview, Emotional Intelligence, polyvagal theory, Relational Therapy, etc.) to adapt to the objectives of each person. We have extensive experience in psychological counseling and in the treatment of disorders psychological, both in hospital care and outpatient consultations, and we have training specialized. We are accredited as health workers by the Department of Health of the Basque Government. We advise and carry out psychological intervention for adults, adolescents, youth, children, families and couples. In addition, we periodically hold workshops and talks. Imime's team is made up of registered psychologists, with experience in psychotherapy and in different specialties, to be able to ensure the ideal treatment for each person

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The entire team is specialized in the intervention in problems of depression, anxiety, stress, emotional regulation, obsessive thought management, insomnia, emotional problems, self-esteem... We also have experts in different areas: relational problems, family, trauma, couples therapy, harassment. Body image, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating), OCD, obsessions. Social phobia, Behavior disorders, abuse or addictions (alcohol, joints, gambling, gambling, social networks, video games). Chronic pain. Psi. Perinatal, infertility, assisted reproduction.

Psychologists Graduates or graduates, with Sanitary authorization or General Sanitary Master's degree. Specialists in Psychotherapy. Experience in psychological care in hospital, therapy and external consultations of up to 15 years. Team: Irene Milla Melero, Marina Ferreras, Virginia López.

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Imime Psychology. Irene Milla Melero

From Imime Psychology we offer specialized and effective care for each person and their problems ...

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