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Valencia Center for Clinical and Health Psychology

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My name is Sara Navarrete, an expert in SELF-ESTEEM, EMOTIONAL DEPENDENCE and COUPLE THERAPY and director of the Center for Clinical and Health Psychology. General Health Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Legal Psychologist, I work with Adults, Couples and Children. As for my career, I have specialized in the Area of ​​Couples Therapy, Emotional Dependence and Self-esteem. My work is part of the Center for Clinical and Health Psychology, a center that I have the pleasure of directing and which is accredited by the registry autonomous community of centers, services and health establishments in the Valencian Community, located in the heart of Valencia and where I share work with a great human team and great professionals from Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, as well as Psychology Legal and Forensic

Both my colleagues and I are specialized in different areas ranging from treatments specific psychological treatments for adults, adult couples therapy as well as psychological treatments with teenagers and children. In my work, I also perform specific psychological treatments that encompass both individual and personal development projects, advice for decision-making and well-being, both personal and labor. I think that each person has needs and therefore it is essential to find a good professional who can help you.

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As you have seen, in the area of ​​psychotherapy, from the private consultation, you can benefit from psychological treatments for adults, children and couples; because I have the pleasure of sharing my work with great specialized professionals so my patients always benefit from comprehensive work (my motto is that two minds think better than a). Treatments range from anxiety, depression, attention and hyperactivity, tdh, development of self-esteem, bulimia, agoraphobia, anorexia, social phobia and other pathologies that you can consult in the section of services.

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