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Psychologists in Pachuca de Soto

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Degree in psychology

I am Armando G. Fierro, Graduated in Psychology from the U.N.A.M. I am passionate about helping people by listening to them and guiding them towards a better version of themselves. I love my family and my peers. I am an attentive, kind and punctual responsible person. I like to laugh and joke. I like reading topics on psychology, business, biographies and personal development. Let me hear from you and be a guide to help you resolve the conflicts that arise from difficult times in life.

Doctor in Clinical and Health Psychology

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist specializing in the management of anxiety and mood disorders. I am also a couples therapist specializing in conflict management, infidelity, divorce. At IPSI, the institute that I direct, we offer online and face-to-face therapy in our branches in CDMX, Pachuca and Tulancingo. We provide psychological care to children, adolescents, adults and couples through the use of models focused on evidence that will allow you to achieve your goals and promote your well-being.

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Psychologist Specialist in Humanistic Psychotherapy

My professional profile allows me to accompany you in your process where together we will explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs and values. By developing an awareness of how these present and respond to the environment, it will allow you to identify behavior patterns, choices and obstacles that negatively affect your well-being and develop all your potential.

Mtro. in Clinical Psychology

Experience in the clinical field of psychology supports me. At a particular level, I have successfully dealt with various problems that afflict the human being and diminish his development in the areas in which he operates, thus preventing his self-realization. I am for you (and for those around you).


I am a psychologist trained in systemic therapy, an expert in accompanying and reconstructing family, couple and individual processes. I have experience treating adolescents and addictions. I am a psychologist with a gender perspective and a Human Rights approach. My main objective is to help you. I have worked in rehabilitation centers, preparatory schools in the psychological area, hospitals, civil associations and in private practice. I always try to constantly update myself to offer you the attention you deserve. Ethics is paramount, my patients are always my priority.

Social Psychologist Vianney Sánchez Cabrera

Psychotherapeutic care and support for people who seek an opportunity to understand themselves, and wish to focus their emotions and behaviors positively.

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