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Center Terapèutic Gena Esplugues

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Center Therapeutic Gena is a center aimed at helping and treating addiction processes with the incorporation of a gender perspective as a sign of identity that has been established as essential for the fulfillment of personal and professional coherence and justice Social. The incorporation of this methodology allows the GenA therapeutic team to walk towards equality of gender in health that is essential to provide equitable care to all people with problems of addiction. Our motto is: ⚖️ [email protected] to accept the difference?

[email protected] to accept the difference. Addiction and gender specialists Do addiction treatments take into account differential aspects due to gender issues? The most generalized reality is that No. The GenA Esplugues Therapeutic Center was created with the intention of giving a positive answer to this question, and that is why We incorporate in our treatment methodologies and objectives specifically aimed at working on the differential gender aspects in the processes of addiction.

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