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10 games in bed to share with your partner

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No one doubts that having a good sexual life as a couple improves the satisfaction of the members of the same. And it is that the connection that is created between both in the intimate moments helps to overcome many delicate moments.

Sex helps us in many ways, it not only gives us pleasure. According to some scientific studies, the benefits of sex are:

  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • It rejuvenates and helps the couple feel younger.
  • Extends life.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Improves self-esteem and mood by release endorphins.
  • Helps to have a stronger immune system.

You can delve into these benefits and learn about some more in this article: "The 13 benefits of having sex, according to science

Games in bed to share with your partner

Sexual relationships are truly enjoyable, but as time in the relationship passes and the monotony gains ground, some couples let the flame of passion go out.

Experts recommend that we be creative so that this does not happen. In the following lines you can find a selection of games in bed that will help you activate your sex life again.

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1. Sexual temperature

One of the classics of games in bed is playing with the sensations of our body. To do this it is simply necessary to grab an ice cube or have a hot drink.

it's possible apply ice directly to the body of the person we intend to stimulate, or put it in our mouth for a moment (as with a hot drink) so that when practicing oral sex or licking the partner the sensations are different thanks to the cold tongue or hot.

2. The detainee

Another of the classic erotic games It consists of handcuffing one of the members of the couple so that he cannot move. In this game, a stoppage or capture is usually simulated.

One of the two members of the couple is tied by the hands (and feet in many cases) and is at the mercy of the other person who is responsible for giving pleasure. This situation is very encouraging for many.

3. Dice game

The game of dice is a variation of the previous one. It consists of the two members of the couple being assigned different numbers.

One the two even and the other odd. Then a die is rolled and the person who wins is the one who will be tied for 5 minutes and you will receive the pleasure of the couple.

4. Sexual flavors

If the sensations of cold heat can be very pleasant, so can the flavors. There is nothing better than being with the person you love and also delighting the palate with chocolate, strawberries or ice cream.

Each person's taste can change, although some classics are smear parts of the body with chocolate and clean them with the tongue. Also eat strawberries and champagne with the partner in an erotic way. The important thing is not to use your hands but everything else.

5. Oil massage

Massages are always pleasant and relaxing, and are ideal for increasing sexual arousal and cause an ideal climate for the sexual act. The massage can be carried out in the same bed, where the person who receives it must be comfortable face down.

There are different types of oils with different aromas that produce different sensations. The touch, smell and feel of the oil can be very stimulating and a massage ideal for foreplay in bed.

6. Sex bomb

The sex bomb is a juice in bed that provokes dynamite of pleasure. It is a simple game, which consists of taking a clock and setting a time interval in which it is not allowed to enter. If, for example, the time without penetration is 20 minutes, only caresses, kisses, bites, etc., are allowed until that stipulated time has passed.

7. Choose a piece of paper

A game that can be very erotic and can excite your senses. It consists of taking two jars or jars (for each of the two) in which to put a series of pieces of paper. Different verbs are written on each piece of paper that have to do with sexual and exciting acts, for example, sucking, licking, biting, etc. In the other bottle will be the papers with the written parts of the body. The combination of the two pieces of paper will tell you what you should do to your partner so that he feels great pleasure.

8. The blindness

Another mythical game is the blindfoldFor when one cannot see, the other bodily senses are intensified. The operation is simple; blindfold and let the couple do their job to satisfy us. Imagination plays a fundamental role in this game, which is ideal when combined with the detainee's game.

9. The battle

The bed can be turned into a fighting ring with this game, where it is not necessary to be violent, but it can be fun. The two members of the couple must undress and hold a cushion with which they must start a battle. It's not about hurting but about having a good time. This can lead to a relaxed atmosphere that can end in love rather than war.

10. What does my mouth taste like?

This game in bed is ideal to combine with the game of blindness. Well, when one of the two members of the couple is blindfolded, then the other places different foods in his mouth: chocolate, ice cream, strawberries, liqueurs, cream, etc.

The goal is for the person who is blindfolded to guess what the other person has in their mouth. If it is not correct, then the person who was not blindfolded will smear his body with the food and the person who has lost has to lick it and clean the body without using his hands.

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