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Francisco J. Garcia Molera

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I am Francisco J. García, Health Psychologist, specialized in psychogerontology, and therapist in private practice since 2014. From 2012 to 2018 associated with the Service of Attention to Diversity and Volunteering of the University of Murcia, teacher at the Red Cross in Skills workshops Labor, Technician in the Inclusive Campus, Campus Without Limits from 2014 to 2019, Director in 2019 of the Mimaye Day Stay Center and professor in the private sphere since 2015. I rely on a cognitive-behavioral approach in my health practice, always having an eclectic and personalized view of all my patients, adapting to their needs and circumstances. My goal is to help you achieve your goals and equip you to build your own happiness.

I specialized in anxiety, emotional problems, phobias, behavior disorders and ADHD, as well as in educational counseling and personal growth.

I am a professional who adapts to the needs of his client, seeking the most appropriate treatment for each person. I am a very empathetic, intuitive and effective person, my clients usually conclude their treatment quickly and successfully.

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